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  1. Is there any way to switch these off during the general election itself please? They play no part here but my surrogates on automatic keep visiting them and thus wasting points and time. They are also a (minor) distration in the strategy board.
  2. Will the campaign editor allow for the addition and deletion of electoral divisions? These change every now and again and being able to change them in the game would allow the creation of, say, a 1996 or 1983 scenario.
  3. Any chance of making the game display a little larger - I have all of the games but they all get lost on my screen!
  4. Yes!!! Please do STV!! Double ballot would also allow France to be modelled.
  5. One thing missing I think is how much a candidate is liked. This was in President 2000 and was useful. As I recall, more Americans agreed with Al Gore's policy platform but more Americans liked George W Bush. 'Liking' seemed more important than 'agreeing'.
  6. claypole

    I wish...

    ... that 270soft would develop STV and run-off election engines. Then we could play the French presidential elections. Also, while I enjoy the attempts made to create Irish Dail elections, they are nowhere near the real thing without STV! Is it just me, or is this forum increasingly quiet? Come on 270soft! Things are dying here!
  7. I think the key is to target the urban seats and Tasmania - Sydney, Melbourn and SE Queensland have quite a few marginals and they can swing it. Beating Rudd is hard though, although perhaps easier than winning as Keating in 1996, Hayden in 1980 or Fraser in 1983. I've never managed to consistently win those.
  8. claypole


    Thanks for those. If you then move them back into the Australian engine will the updated version still work? After all, the electoral system is different in Canada.
  9. claypole


    Any chance? It is so limiting having just four parties, basic endorsers and an inability for events etc to change things.
  10. How about a patch that would allow different electoral systems to be used? For example, although I liked the Irish and French election scenarios that were created they would be so much better if we could use the real system. If a single transferable vote, top two run-off and a D'hondt highest average were created this would really open the options up. France, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, amongst others, would all be practical and realistic.
  11. Is there any chance that the core features of the various games could be harmonised? Here I mean things like more than four parties, coalition invites, multiple party coalitions and different ad types etc. It seems that the Australian game is severely lacking now given what has been changed in PM Forever Canada / Britain and Chancellor Forever.
  12. Yes please to the new version! k.r.toner@anglia.ac.uk
  13. claypole


    Looks good! Could you send it to me please? k.r.toner@anglia.ac.uk
  14. I prefer the historical or real world ones. So I like those done by Johnny, Ricky Fortunato and Kieron.
  15. I've just taken out Reagan in 1980 by 13% (53% to 40% with 6% for Anderson) It was 115 to 423 in the electoral college. I was lucky as a got two high damage scandals through research and another random one, with hardly any dirt on me. Don't know how to upload the image, but I've saved it if anyone can tell me how to do it.
  16. But wasn't DB all about minimum amd prevailing wage rates. At least about government intervention in the wage issue? Just for the record, how would you have worded it?
  17. frenchfisher, re 1932. It looked alright to me regarding issues. It talked about Smoot/Hawley 1930, Davis Bacon etc. Are you sure you're looking at the right 1932? re 1928. If memory serves me nothing really went on that year - it was all about prohibition and religion, and as the economy was strong it was pretty much a slam dunk for Hoover from the start?
  18. claypole


    Great ideas! I think too that crusaders should take less time to create, but should cost money each turn.
  19. Hi there kblagburn and welcome. The scenarios are found here http://www.80soft.com/pforever/updates/index.htm and they do indeed work with p4ever!
  20. I didn't think it worked properly. Hasn't it been removed pending a rethink by the author?
  21. So what about these user made scenarios?
  22. What is the point of this poll - it's nothing to do with scenario creation, P4E or anything. It's a waste of time and space.
  23. there are some good ones that are not included in this poll! Lots of people seem to think so looking at the vote for 'others'. What do other people think? What are the best ones not listed here? I like 1912 too, but 1860 is a good one.
  24. I thought that this scenario was not a good one I'm afraid. The issues were of the wrong time (i.e. post world war 2) and the issues of the early 1930s were ignored. As for FDR having top marks for all of the personal attributes and HH having the lowest! Hoover was a capable and honest man who assumed the White House at a difficult time - it is simplistic to assume that he was a useless corrupt president. 1932 was an interesting time... let's hope someone produces a scenario that does it justice soon.
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