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  1. Around ten downloads and no comments? Come on guys!
  2. I am also interested. How can I get it?
  3. Ok, I have done some more things. The version is still not finished but it is very well playable. I would be happy about comments. Link: http://www.file-upload.net/download-4304999/Electoral-Palatinate-2010-260412.7z.html
  4. Endorders Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Mannheimer Morgen Rheinpfalz Rheinlandzeitung Radio Regenbogen Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk Rhein-Neckar Fernsehen Freies Radio Rhein-Neckar SAP Heidelberger Druck BASF Bilfinger Berger Mercedes-Benz Weldebräu Sparkasse Volksbank Greenpeace ver.di IG Metall Industrie- und Handelskammer Arbeitgeberbund Christian Churches Mehr_Demokratie e.V. Heimatverband Kurpfalz
  5. There is already a playable version available but still there need to be some things done. Some details: Parties Christian Democratic Social Democratic Free Democratic Greens Left Free Voters Republicans Independent Regions Wiesloch Weinheim Sinsheim Heidelberg Mannheim Ludwigshafen Frankenthal Neckar-Odenwald Kaiserslautern Schwetzingen Bergstraße Südkurpfalz Neustadt Germersheim Südliche Weinstraße Bad Kreuznach Alzey Ingelheim Rhein-Hunsrück Nierstein-Oppenheim Some issues //Future of the Electoral Palatinate We do not need the Electoral Palatinate. Unify with others! Do not change the current state and stay separated within different "Länder". Become a regular "Land" inside the Federal Republic of Germany. Strong autonomy with own tax system und budget. Independence! Create a free country! //Language We do not need the Palatinate Language. Only talk standard German. Focus on standard German. Palatinate Language is for the everyday life. Palatinate Language and standard German are one equal levels. Focus on Palatinate Language but also teach standard German. Protect our Palatinate Language. Do not teach standard German. //Type of Government Grassroots democracy! Use referenda for all important decisions. A referendum is only allowed under some restrictions and when supported by a large part of the voters. Do not change the current system. Representative democracy works perfectly. Representative monarchy. Honor the achievements of the Electors. Monarchy! Get the Elector back into power! //Electoral Reform No cutoff limit at all. Small parties should be able to be represented. It should be easier for small parties to get into partliament. They should only need to reach 5% in one region. The current 5% level works fine. Increase the cutoff level to 10%. There are too many small parties. Introduce the first-past-the-post system. We need a strong government.
  6. I have some questions and would be happy for help /talking about Chancellor Forever). 1. Explanation of the real difference of leaning and committed voters. How do they change during the game and if I put 60 in the committed block does that mean that only 30 are committed (because somewhere there is written that numbers are divided by two)? 2. How does voter turnout influence the game? 3. Can I change the threshold level? 4. What does general_election_block_grant mean?
  7. Sorry that I have been off that long but I am now readfy to complete the scenario. How do I design region_variables i.e. how do I now what position each region has on the map?
  8. Exactly, the light green is the area of the historical Electoral Palatinate. The Electoral Palatinate would have inherited the dark green parts in 1799 but that never happened because the Electoral Palatinate was disintegrated by Napoleon before. It is quite late now but I will give you more information tomorrow. But you are quite right that the area is quite dominated by the CDU except for some regions like Heidelberg (Greens) and Mannheim (SPD). But I try to design the scenario in a way that it is fun to play even when you are not managing the CDU.
  9. The regions of Pfalz are as those of Baden-Wuerttemberg constituencies of elections on the state level (Landtagswahlen). At first I found only a map for those of Baden-Wuerttemberg which I gave to you but luckily I have now also found one for Rheinland-Pfalz: http://www.wahlen.rlp.de/ltw/info/wk/wahlkreise_ltw2011.pdf Page 7: Survey with all four areas Page 8: Area 1+2 Page 9: Area 3+4 Region X to XX correspond to them as follows: Region X: Area 3 --> 35+36 Region XI: Area 3 --> 34 Region XII: Area 4 --> 42 Region XIII: Area 4 --> 51 Region XIV: Area 4 --> 49 Region XV: Area 4 --> 43+44+45 Region XVI: Area 3 --> 33 Region XVII: Area 3 --> 31 Region XVIII: Area 2 --> 17 Region XIX: Area 3 --> 30 Region XX: Area 2 --> 16 I hope that helps you. In the end comparing the constituencies with the accurate historical map there are small parts that are (uncorrectly) not included and small parts that are (uncorrectly) included. But overall the picture of the Electoral Palatinate should be quite fine like that. You could refine the map by accounting for every single municipality but that would be quite an extra effort, particularly for creating the map, and I don't know if that's worth it. Ok, as an extra benefit I give you the participating parties: - Christian Democratic - Social Democratic - Free Democratic - Greens - Left - Free Voters - Republicans - Independent
  10. I will give you additional information when my work on the scenario is almost finished and the map is finished, too. At the moment, I have nearly finished all ridings for the regions.
  11. I am creating scenario of the Electoral Palatinate in the borders of the 18th century but with today's political parties and strengths. This is my first scenario and I put much effort in it. I would be very glad for your help and hope it is not too much work. The central guideline is the following map: http://www.kartografie.com/progr/bilder/kurpfalz2.swf Some province are quite easy to describe with a look at this map: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/68/XkDE-BW_landtagswahlkreise_kreise_2006.svg Region I: 34 Region II: 35+36 Region III: 37 Region IV: 39 Region V: 40 Region VI: 38 Region VII: 41 The next regions are again to be done with the first map: http://www.kartografie.com/progr/bilder/kurpfalz2.swf Region VIII: In the southeast --> the exclaves of about Bretten, Eppingen and Weingarten. Region IX: North of Mannheim --> about the towns of Viernheim, Lampertheim, Heppenheim, Lorsch and Bürstadt. Now west of the Rhine river: Region X: Ludwigshafen (city) Region XI: about Frankenthal, Heßheim, Lambsheim Region XII: about the area around Neustadt Region XIII: about the area around Germersheim Region XIV: about the area around Landau Region XV: about the area around Kaiserslautern Now the northwest: Region XVI: about the area around Alzey Region XVII: about the area around Oppenheim Region XVIII: about the area around Bad Kreuznach Region XIX: about the area around Ingelheim Region XX: about the area around Simmern I am ready to answer any question, of course.
  12. I am doing a scenario for C4E and would be very thankful for an assistant who would do the map for me. I am really bad at that and so I need some help. I think it would not take much time to create the map and I would provide the person with all necessary information. Thanks in advance!
  13. In fact I would like almost the same. I think something like a party manager would be great. You take over your party and have to handle it through regional and national elections. YOu may even chose who gonna be your top candidat for each election and which topics you concentrate on. Yearly budget and coalition negotiations after elections included. Maybe one would also be able to run the country (if elected) and being able to do decisions over the future of the country. But actually that would be much more complex than current game and last a long time to produce.
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