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    tomastuscany@yahoo.it thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I've just finished an Italy 2006 scenario with the NEW electoral system (proportional). The % are quite realistic, the bad thing is that items and platform are still in italian. sorry! if you are interested leave your address and i'll send you. NOTE: the new system is quite simple: the coalition that takes more votes, gains 55% of the seats in our "House of Rapresentatives". So you have to look only at the popular votes and not at the electoral votes (that are usefull for ads costs). NOTE 2: if anyone wants, i've also a scenario with the old electoral system for PRIME MINISTER FOR EVER, this system (first past the post) was running until last december. It's more funny because of the 475 ridings and a lot of events but it doesn't show the real candidates' names. figures are quite accurate. still in italian ciao T
  3. tomastuscany@yahoo.it tHANKS ps :YOUR SCENARIOS ARE THE BEST!
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