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  1. please send it to tomastuscany@yahoo.it thanks a lot!
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    European union

    tomslee2001@yahoo.it thanks
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    Canada 2007

    tomastuscany@yahoo.it thanks
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    EU 2015

    tomastuscany@yahoo.it thanks!!
  5. Hi, I can't update President Forever 2008. When I run the program I've an error of 'list index out of bounds (0)'. Campaigns forever doesn't succeed in activation, maybe because of this. What can I do?
  6. The same to me (as I live in Europe). I have also a problem with the activation: it gives an error ( "does not exist! Failed sanity check for AutoUpdate! Ensure AutoUpdate has permissions to create directories."), and then the warning message about "the 14 days before activation required". I'm using Vista.
  7. I've received my copy but it doesn't work! It says "1.5 is not a valid floating point value"
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