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  1. A suggestion to make the game more intresting can't there be Pre Poll alliances (group of party fighting Together) made between like minded party's atleast at regional levels. And only the Party or Alliance which wins more than 51% of total MP's should be declared winner. And in case of no Party or Pre Poll Alliances gets 51% of total MP's, then a Post Poll Alliance option should be initiated, allowing back door bargaining with special financial assiantance to the other Party's Constituencies or/and Ministerial berth incentives, depnding on the Number of MP's support required to win the Election and the different aspects of the Party ideology for eg: Parties with a common ideology, goal,enemy etc are more like to get into a Pre or Pot Poll Alliances than others. This would be very similar to the Indian political system. May be you can make Prime Minister Forever - Indian Version.
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