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  1. progressivedem


    How incredibly unfortunate. This forum is probably one of the most intelligent and diverse group of political minds I've found on the internet and I enjoy it thoroughly. If there's anything we can do to change this, please let us know.
  2. progressivedem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    Gladly - phil_gardner@comcast.net
  3. progressivedem

    Prime Minister Stronach

    It's been months, but I think I just spaced barred the Grits and the Tories - thus the massive gains for the NDP and Bloc. IIRC the Green's got one and then an Indy got one... but it has been months.
  4. progressivedem


    Tom Harkin should have a massive lead in Iowa... Tsongas won New Hampshire IIRC...
  5. progressivedem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    My understanding is that the Florida and California decisions are still very much in the works... althought the California one is very likely to pass.
  6. progressivedem

    West Wing - Bartlett Term 1

    Nothing to do with the scenario itself, but was anyone else surprised by the complete lack of coverage on Walken's candidacy during the show? I thought he'd be a serious contender.
  7. progressivedem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    Well there you have it, I suppose in the months since I last looked something appeared. I still maintain that I don't think he's a factor.
  8. progressivedem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    I don't think Burns will be a serious contender... I can't even find a picture of him. I would make it a 4-way free for all between Stanhope, Kubby, Phillies and Smith... with the others behind but not terribly (after all, it is the LP. Anything could happen).
  9. progressivedem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    Are the populations supposed to be set really, really, low?
  10. progressivedem

    Louisiana leaning Dem in 2008?

    I would say that Louisiana is actually becoming more Republican. Recent election results have been very favorable for the GOP, and now with 1/2 of the Democrats NOLA base gone...
  11. progressivedem


    How is this any indication that he supports terrorism? All he posted was an article that hypothesized about what might happen. Doesn't mean he supports terrorism.
  12. progressivedem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    He's just basically a run-of-the-mill liberal Democrat.
  13. progressivedem

    Primary Battles

    If no one has a majority in the electoral college the Presidential election goes to the House of Representatives where they can vote on the top three vote getters. Each state delegation has one vote. Right now the Democrats control a narrow majority in states' Co-Dels. If a state's delegation is tied, it is considered in deadlock and abstains. Voting continues until one candidate receives 26 votes. And then the top two voter getters in the VP contest are thrown to the Senate where they are elected in a free vote.
  14. progressivedem

    Close Elections

    I made the same mistake in the begining... thought their logo looked cool.