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  1. How powerful is Brazil's presidency? Could the legislature put some constraints on Bolsonaro in the event that he does somehow pull off a win?
  2. RI Democrat

    Germany 2017

    Well, if I ever finish it, the spreadsheet will include a polling feature, and I will also set the seat and percentage goals to adjust for the fact that the computer thinks it's running an FPTP campaign. As for not being able to replicate the problem, I did post a screenshot at the following link: Any way you look at it, the CDU/CSU took a much larger percentage of the seats compared to their percentage of the party vote. The only reason I can think of is that the K4E engine is based on the old system with overhang seats but no leveling seats, and the CDU/CSU won the vast majority of the FPTP seats, far out of proportion to their percentage of the vote. So maybe this is actually what would have happened under the old system without the leveling seats. However, I actually have a different idea that I may try instead - an EU parliamentary election based on a modified French-style 2-round system, where you're essentially starting in Round 2. So, all the major EU parties would be included, but only 2 or 3 of them would be contesting any given seat. I'm just bored with doing the U.S., Britain, and Canada over and over again.
  3. RI Democrat

    Germany 2017

    I made one for the K4E engine, but it keeps producing all kinds of screwy numbers when awarding the seats proportionally. I'm trying to create one with the PMI engine that would require the player to enter the results into a spreadsheet to calculate the "real" outcome, but it's taking a long time with six parties and candidates to account for in almost every seat.
  4. He sounds like he'd be a total disaster if he won. I certainly don't support any kind of political violence and I hope he recovers quickly, but I also hope he doesn't get anywhere near the Brazilian presidency. Hopefully the two-round system will allow the other parties and candidates to coalesce around an opponent, assuming he makes it to the runoff.
  5. RI Democrat

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Could we have some version of the old "watch list" back from the early versions of Congress Forever? For the legislative elections with a lot of competitive seats, it can take hundreds of clicks just to switch on ads in the seats I'm contesting, and I rarely if ever try to use the "target" function on every last one of them, as that would cost too much and eat up a lot of EPs. A watch list that lets me filter the competitive seats in the ad screen would make running ads significantly less tedious. And I'll put in my usual plug for making the fluctuations more even on election night.
  6. RI Democrat

    Quebec 2018

    Are you going to put it in the Campaigns section or is it going to be an official scenario to download with the main game?
  7. RI Democrat

    PM USA - Massachusetts State Election 2002

    Sounds good. I do use the term "state" in my TL, though you are correct that I borrowed the Canadian term for seats. I figure that there would be something of a mix of terminology, with some of it closer to RL and some of it closer to the British and/or Canadian terms. What you'd probably see in the New England states is that some of the "liberal Republicans" from RL would simply be in the Liberal Party, which would be part of why they might team up with the Conservatives to unseat Labour in a traditionally Labour-dominated state like Massachusetts, whereas it would be nearly impossible for the Conservatives to win a majority on their own (requiring them to outpace Labour *and* the Liberals combined in terms of seats). Romney himself would still be in the Conservative Party, though my plan was actually to make him a federal Conservative MP from a riding in Utah rather than replicate his Massachusetts career. But feel free to run with your own canon as you see fit. If you want to try to follow mine, you'll pick up a few additional details if you read the timeline on AH.com - I know I had California under a Liberal/Labour coalition as of 2002 with the party leaders being Jane Harman and Phil Angelides, respectively, and I also specified FDR, Hugh Scott, and JFK as past Prime Ministers.
  8. RI Democrat

    PM USA - Massachusetts State Election 2002

    Fine with me, wolves. The one suggestion I'd make is this: part of the history is that, while Labour and the Liberals are allies at the federal level, they aren't always allies at the state level, especially in states where one of them is dominant and can typically win majorities without the other assisting, and at times there have even been Liberal-Conservative coalitions in Labour-dominated states. Massachusetts would probably be very Labour-dominated under most circumstances, so I'd suggest that, rather than trying to win a majority for the Conservatives for Romney to become Premier, the goal should be to reduce Labour to a minority and have the Conservatives win more seats than the Liberals, such that a Conservative-Liberal coalition would take power with Romney as Premier and leader of the state Conservative Party. (Even when Romney won IRL, the legislature remained heavily Democratic, so an outright Conservative majority in MA might be stretching plausibility a little.) I'd leave John Kerry out of the picture, as my history has him as a federal MP going back to at least the early '90s, and given the close Labour-Liberal federal cooperation, he wouldn't want to be associated with a possible state-level coalition with the Conservatives. (In fact, this becomes an issue between him and Howard Dean when the two square off for the Liberal leadership and Kerry criticizes Dean for having led a Liberal-Conservative coalition in Vermont at one point.) I ended up making the scenario into a timeline for alternatehistory.com, though it's on hold at the moment while I work on a British timeline. Here's the link if you're interested: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/america-as-parliamentary-democracy-2002-present-rebooted.415091/
  9. RI Democrat

    Australian Party Leadership Change #2,714

    There'd also have to be an issue called "Internal Party Drama," with the centrist position (and regional center for every state) being, "Enough of this crap already."
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/aug/24/scott-morrison-to-become-australian-pm-as-turnbull-denounces-insurgency 270soft should make a spinoff game where you're the leader of an Australian political party and the object of the game is to get through a single term of parliament without your own party turning against you and kicking you out.
  11. RI Democrat


    This looks like a pretty old chart. And I'd be curious to see what the statistics were like before 2001 - it's entirely possible that the anti-Muslim crimes spiked after 9/11, hence the high number in 2001. If you look closely, the count from 2002-06 appears about level, with some decline the following two years.
  12. RI Democrat

    Alex Jones Poll

    This is mostly my view as well. I'm not sure if I'd ban him if I were in charge of a social media platform - it would depend on what exactly the terms of service are and which ones he's alleged to have violated. My general view is that if some random schmoe wants to believe that aliens secretly rule the earth and stand in the middle of Central Park ranting about it all day, hey, it's a free country, so have at it. If you want to say that Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi are conspiring with the aliens to enslave children and should be assassinated, then we have more of a problem. Jones is in sort of a gray area because he doesn't, as far as I know, say specifically that public figures X, Y, and Z should be harassed, assaulted, or killed, but he indulges in such over-the-top vituperation that it's not hard to see how someone might get that idea from him. That in itself probably still falls within the boundaries of constitutionally protected speech, but in turn, a private platform is well within its rights to decide that they aren't going to host it any more. It's not "censorship" any more than it is when somebody writes a screenplay and no movie studios are interested in producing it. Regarding the 2020 scenario, I'd say just award less momentum, footsoldiers, funding, etc. for getting his endorsement. (Unless the NWO has taken over by then, in which case it won't matter. 😉)
  13. I think this is the best I've ever done playing as the Lib Dems on the PMI engine: Labour completely collapsed and lost some of their most prominent MPs in the process, though I also took a few seats from the Conservatives. Among the prominent MPs defeated were the brothers Miliband, Jack Straw, and David Davis. I actually got Brown to pledge confidence and supply in the post-election negotiations, but it took all my remaining PIPs and a change of issue stance, and there seemed no way to break the impasse after that, so eventually the Conservatives took office in a minority government. Oddly enough, the Conservatives didn't even secure the support of the 2 UUP MPs in the negotiations, which would have given them a working majority since Sinn Fein took 5 and 323/645 = majority of 1. Though I suppose the engine doesn't take account of Sinn Fein's abstentionism.
  14. RI Democrat

    C4E Proportional Representation

    I thought that might be the case, but the most recent anomalous result was with the official 2009 scenario, not with mine.
  15. RI Democrat

    C4E Proportional Representation

    I understand, but if K4E can't even reliably award the largest number of seats to the party with the largest number of votes, I just don't feel like there's much point. Plus, it seems like not many people are interested in K4E scenarios.