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  1. Hulk hogan 2018?

    I suppose we should look forward to HHS Secretary Dr. Phil, CIA Director Jeff Probst, Press Secretary Kim Kardashian, and Senator Big Bird at the rate we're going.
  2. Canadian Provincial Scenarios

    How would Nunavut work in a PMI scenario? Aren't their elections nonpartisan?
  3. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Will the editors for CI and PMI be updated at some point to allow us to edit issue centers in individual seats rather than only for an entire state or province at a time? While the editor *appears* to let you do that, it seems that in fact the changes end up getting applied to the entire political unit.
  4. The simple fact that this does not involve the aftermath of a war with North Korea, 13 million people losing health insurance, a dissolving social safety net, and blue states forced to increase taxes or cut services makes it feel somewhat optimistic, all things considered.
  5. senator mitt Romney?

    Maybe, though I think the reaction was partly to his awkward phrasing - "binders full of women" as if the women were literally inside binders. I remember one of the popular memes was of Patrick Swazye from Dirty Dancing, with the caption, "Nobody puts Baby in a binder."
  6. senator mitt Romney?

    I'm not sure that was too big a deal outside of a brief flurry of internet memes. Of course, for me the highlight of that campaign was Biden exclaiming in response to Paul Ryan's BS, "This is a bunch of stuff!"
  7. :sigh: I'm sympathetic to democratic socialism, but I have zero time for leftists who want to romanticize people like Maduro or Che Guevara. That goes in the same category as Trump's mealy-mouthed response to the racist lunatics in Charlottesville as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Hamon left the Socialist Party? I didn't know that. Where the Socialists are still in power, is that based on elections that predate the rise of Macron and En Marche? If so, are they expected to retain power in the next elections?
  9. Austrian Election 2017 Poll

    Hmm. I guess I'd vote Green, though it sounds like their conduct during their first term in parliament was a bit...odd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Greens_–_The_Green_Alternative#Federal_level I don't know a whole lot about NEOS. If they are "market liberals" then I'd prefer they not be part of the government. Though my priority would be "anybody but the FPÖ."
  10. German Election 2017 Poll

    I'd vote Green and hope for a Red-Red-Green coalition, or maybe Red-Green with confidence and supply from Die Linke (who do sound a little "out there" on a couple things). I prefer Schulz to Merkel.
  11. "Jacindamania" in New Zealand

    Update: Apparently NZ has in fact allowed 1 or 2 overhang seats in recent elections. Though I recall ending up with something like 10-12 overhang seats whenever I tried to make a New Zealand scenario for K4E.
  12. senator mitt Romney?

    Romney was never a clear favorite once the campaign really got under way. Aside from the hiccup after the first debate, I was mostly confident that Obama would win throughout the last 4-5 months of that election.
  13. Dammit, France - political chaos with lunatics in the highest offices is America's thing, not yours.
  14. "Jacindamania" in New Zealand

    Well, it could be that the customer base for these games extends fairly far beyond those of us who post here and create scenarios, and that they are mostly American, Canadian, and British users who are happy just to play the "official" scenarios and/or make their own small changes through the built-in editors. I don't know anything about what kind of budget 270soft has and if it is the sole source of income for Anthony and whoever else is involved, but if we represent a small niche within their broader market, catering to our interests may not be especially cost-effective or profitable. (Dammit, now you've got me implicitly defending modern capitalism.)
  15. "Jacindamania" in New Zealand

    New Zealand's election this weekend is looking surprisingly competitive after a long period of National dominating in the polls: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/19/new-zealands-general-election-all-you-need-to-know This seems like it might be a fun scenario, but I'm not sure how to tackle it in terms of the engine. New Zealand has MMP, but even the K4E engine wouldn't necessarily provide a very accurate representation because there is a hard cap of 120 seats in NZ, i.e. there are no overhang seats. Also, I seem to recall from attempting NZ scenarios on K4E in the past that there are sometimes small parties that run much stronger in just a handful of electorates, e.g. wherever Winston Peters used to have his seat, and replicating this with the math of how primary/secondary votes in K4E work can be difficult. On the other hand, simply doing it in PMI and creating an Excel sheet to convert percentages to seats wouldn't necessarily work either, because voters do actually cast two separate votes - one for a party and one for a local MP - and there is sometimes a significant difference between the two totals. I'd probably have to write a more complex Excel formula that would derive the party vote from the constituency vote without simply replicating the numbers from the constituency vote (e.g. maybe make the Greens run 3-4% ahead of their constituency totals in the party vote). Thoughts?