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  1. RI Democrat

    Booker is out

    IIRC, Hillary was on the Senate Armed Services Committee during her time representing NY.
  2. RI Democrat

    Booker is out

    He'd be better than Pompeo.
  3. RI Democrat

    Booker is out

    I don't see anybody putting Marianne Williamson in the Cabinet. It's not like she brings a sizeable political following with her, whatever her successes as an author, and I can't think of any particular faction that would clamor for her appointment.
  4. He's not that popular in RI, though he'd probably still do better here than anywhere else. However, even if the Libertarians nominate him, I don't see him getting as much support as Gary Johnson did in 2016. The more conservative Never Trump Republicans would likely view him with suspicion - he was a thorn in the GOP's side when he was a Senator, and he finished his gubernatorial term as a Democrat. And he only fits the libertarian mantle in a very broad sense of being somewhat fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Unless he's changed his mind on some of the policy issues, he'd make more sense as a centrist Democrat than anything else. I wouldn't count on him even winning the Libertarian nomination in the first place.
  5. Did he actually state his support for Trump before the election? For whatever reason I don't think I heard about it until sometime in the period between the election and when Trump took office.
  6. Ideally no, but Biden's are mostly harmless and he hasn't shown any signs of erratic decision-making, which is what would concern me most about a "wacky" President. Like I said, I'm not sold on him, and I'm leaning towards voting for somebody else in the primary, but I wouldn't be worried that he's going to do something crazy if he does get elected.
  7. This is goofy, but it's also a couple years old and seems more like just one of his "Wacky Uncle Joe" moments than anything worrying about his mental sharpness. He's never been the most disciplined politician out there, and people pretty much know that he'll let out these head-scratchers from time to time. And I'm saying that as someone who's undecided about who to vote for in the primary at the moment and hasn't been impressed with Biden's debate performances.
  8. Maybe, though the disadvantage of the PM4E/K4E system is that you waste money on running ads in constituencies that aren't competitive. The ideal would be that you could just filter the list like you can on Excel, so that you could pull up, for example, all constituencies polling at 5% or closer and turn on an ad for them in one click rather than having to click each of them individually. Or, for that matter, if there was something like the old Congress Forever "watchlist" that allowed you to filter your key seats without necessarily investing the CP and cash necessary for targeting, then you could use the watchlist to filter for the purpose of running ads. (I don't know about everyone else, but in countries with a lot of seats like Canada and the UK, I don't find it practical to try to turn on targeting in every seat where I'm running ads.)
  9. I'd like some way of filtering seats by margin and/or a click-and-drag feature so that I don't have to click the mouse, say, 150 times to turn an ad on in 150 different political units.
  10. Just a question - do you plan to update the candidates in the new Canada 2019 scenario after the parties finish choosing their candidates? (Or maybe they already have, I don't know.)
  11. Georgia came closer to voting Democratic for Governor last year than Ohio did, IIRC.
  12. Is this scenario on the main campaigns page?
  13. Was anyone else thoroughly confused by the term "e-cigarettes" when it first emerged? I'm used to thinking of the "e-" prefix as indicating an online/virtual, non-real version of something, e.g. making fun of somebody who engages in online macho posturing as an "e-tough guy." So when I first heard it, I think on an airplane when the flight crew announced that they weren't allowed, I thought to myself, "What the hell is the point of a pretend online cigarette?"
  14. I believe that the MA Gov only gets an interim appointment and then they have to hold a special election. Unless Baker were to appoint himself, he'd have a hard time finding a Republican popular enough to hold the seat in the special.
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