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  1. RI Democrat

    Forum Political Compass

    Did you ever see the time Jack Layton passionately called for an end to "subsidies for big oil and big ass"? I think he just managed to correct himself ("big gas") before being drowned out by all the hooting and hollering.
  2. RI Democrat

    Forum Political Compass

    The U.S. Congress is actually the anomaly in English-speaking countries' legislatures. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all have their share of interjections and extraneous noise from what I've seen, though it isn't as loud in Australia and New Zealand since their legislatures are smaller. But there's certainly a level of showmanship and verbal combat that you wouldn't see in the U.S. House or Senate most of the time. One of my favorite exchanges was in Australia between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, before either of them had become party leaders - Gillard referred to Abbott as a "sniveling grub," the Speaker told her she had to apologize, and she promptly apologized if she had offended any grubs. (She did get thrown out for that, IIRC.)
  3. RI Democrat

    Quebec 2018

    Good point. Do you think the UCP will become another four-decades-long Alberta dynasty now?
  4. RI Democrat

    Quebec 2018

    The PCs in 1993 and the B.C. NDP in 2001 being Exhibits A and B?
  5. RI Democrat

    Quebec 2018

    Is there any consensus on what underlies the seeming volatility in Canada? Do voters just pay more attention to the campaigns? Or are they more attuned to strategic voting with the focus more on defeating a certain party than on who replaces them? It sounded to me like the Liberals won in 2015 partly because they'd won the preliminary "which one of us can actually beat Harper" contest with the NDP and then centre-left votes started flocking to their camp.
  6. RI Democrat

    Roll Call Conventions

    One thing that I've noticed every time I've gotten to a convention is that the eliminated candidates' delegates always seem to shift en masse to some other candidate. It seems more likely that they would divide up between the candidates still in the race - even if the defeated candidate endorses somebody, I don't think that's binding upon the delegates. If, for example, Biden had gotten into the primary and finished third with something like Clinton 45%, Sanders 30%, Biden 25%, my guess is that Biden probably would have endorsed Hillary, but some of his delegates would have still voted for Bernie in the next round.
  7. RI Democrat

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (May 2018)

    On North Korea I feel like he just stumbled into this more than anything. I doubt that his "fire and fury" comment was a conscious application of the Nixonian "madman theory," and even if it was, I think what might be happening is that the effect it had was not on North Korea but China, who simply don't want this thing to flare up and are using their influence with NK to urge Kim to cool his jets. I also just object in principle to the idea that you should get a Nobel Peace Prize by threatening to start a devastating war, or pretending to be willing to start one. I don't think Kim or Xi should get it either if this works out - if anybody should, it's probably Moon.
  8. RI Democrat

    Alberta - 1935

    I knew the background about the B.C. Liberals (though I wasn't aware that the Quebec Liberals were considered center-right - I thought that was the Coalition Avenir Quebec's territory). What I meant is that the B.C. Liberals seem to get a higher percentage of the vote in provincial elections than the federal Conservatives do in B.C. in federal elections. Is that because right-leaning federal Liberal voters prefer them to the NDP in the provincial context?
  9. RI Democrat

    Forum Political Compass

    Economic Left/Right: -7.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.33 I'm curious how the questions about astrology and people being "naturally unlucky" affect the scores. I answered strong negative on astrology, and I think I disagreed moderately on people being naturally unlucky. I do think bad luck plays a major role in people's lives, but I wouldn't say it's "natural" in the sense that they're some how fated to be unlucky. It's just something that happens. I actually consider myself a little more towards the middle on the social dimension - I think I have certain philosophical similarities to the Canadian Red Tories of the 1950s-1970s, even if my policy positions are mostly to the left.
  10. RI Democrat

    Alberta - 1935

    It seems like the B.C. Liberals are more consistently successful than the federal Conservatives in British Columbia. Have they been able to hold onto a portion of the center with their policies and/or their name, such that a number of federal Liberal and/or NDP voters back them in provincial elections? BTW Patine, is there any way Rachel Notley isn't a dead woman walking now that the Tories and Wildrose have united? (And is there any chance there might finally be a United Non-Conservative Party of Alberta?)
  11. RI Democrat

    The resistance game

    Will it be possible to get ye flask in this game? (Points for anyone who gets the reference.)
  12. RI Democrat

    Hulk hogan 2018?

    I suppose we should look forward to HHS Secretary Dr. Phil, CIA Director Jeff Probst, Press Secretary Kim Kardashian, and Senator Big Bird at the rate we're going.
  13. RI Democrat

    Canadian Provincial Scenarios

    How would Nunavut work in a PMI scenario? Aren't their elections nonpartisan?
  14. RI Democrat

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Will the editors for CI and PMI be updated at some point to allow us to edit issue centers in individual seats rather than only for an entire state or province at a time? While the editor *appears* to let you do that, it seems that in fact the changes end up getting applied to the entire political unit.
  15. The simple fact that this does not involve the aftermath of a war with North Korea, 13 million people losing health insurance, a dissolving social safety net, and blue states forced to increase taxes or cut services makes it feel somewhat optimistic, all things considered.