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  1. Highland Call

    Anyway to get rid of EC

    It will probably be 2011 because of the primaries.
  2. Highland Call

    1968 (with Primaries)

    It would be nice to have a decent space-barring candidate. If you do it using Wallace, it causes the result to change in the south, which is a annoying
  3. Highland Call

    Version of President Forever 2008 + Primaries Released!

    This new scenario seems quite unbalanced towards the Democrats. I space-barred as Baldwin for the constitution party. The democratic primaries lasted into May/June when Obama finally beat Clinton. Huckabee did very well after taking a lot of Super Tuesday states. Just before Clinton pulled out; the Republican party had a large lead. The lead faded away quickly and Obama had very large positive momentum while Huckabee had between Neutral and lots of negative momentum. THe results were quite outstanding. Obama had 462 EVs, Huckabee had 76 EVs. Huckabee only had Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Carolina. It seems a bot odd that Obama would take a state like Texas (56.8%-40.3%) by greater by the Popular vote percentage (55.4%-42.1%). Also, Obama managed to win the entire south except Florida, Oklahoma and Missouri while somehow losing votes in Florida (52.8%-46% compared to 52.1%-47.1% in 2004). Also, Huckabee lost his home state which seems an add thing to happen.
  4. Highland Call

    What election would you like to see done?

    TheorySpark are apparently doing 1980 and 1960
  5. Highland Call

    My Scenarios Posted

    Obama should not have 0% everywhere. As I am not American, I am not the person to ask for accurate stats; but Obama is more powerful than that
  6. Highland Call

    Super Delegates

    A minor problem is what about the general election? How would it disappear before the General Election?
  7. Highland Call

    Major Update to 2008 election

    OK BTW I would advise you to start a new thread in the new P4E+P section of the forum
  8. Highland Call

    Looking Through the Forum

    It depends. If he continues to do it after we ask him not too over and over again; yes he should be. If he stops - he should not. I think that making some of the active forum members moderators of the boards would stop this problem because they could lock the threads as they come up. This is if TheorySpark trusts members not to delete threads because of personal grudges.
  9. Highland Call

    Nevada 1998

    This is an old thread; the scenario does not seem to exist; even if it did; bumping threads from 2006 is a very annoying thing to do. Some people (such as myself) want a clear board. Please don't post in this again
  10. Highland Call

    1964 - Kennedy Lives

    This was from a few years ago, but I believe that it is nothing to do with the Patriot Act, but someone threatened to sue them unless they deleted the political sections. Why they didn't just delete those threads I don't know!
  11. Don't use hotmail; it does not work due to the nature of the scenario files. I recommend switching to gmail
  12. Don't use hotmail; it does not work due to the nature of the scenario files. I recommend switching to gmail
  13. Look at the date the post was posted. 2006. P4E+P was not released at this time; you need P4E 2004. Some people don't like the current scenario threads being covered by millions of "Give me this scenario!!!" posts on threads bumped from 2006. This forum needs active members moderating the section for bumped threads so they can be locked and the post deleted.
  14. callum.lucas10@btibternet.com