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  1. Canadian Provincial Scenarios

    It looks like we have some nicely made Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia scenarios for PI Canada. Anyone working on any other provincial races?
  2. Canadian Provincial Scenarios

    I'm definitely more interested in some of the more recent elections simply because there is more information available.
  3. Canadian Provincial Scenarios

    It seems as though people have stopped working on elections for the Canadian provinces. With the new game engine, I think there is only one scenario (Quebec 2014). I have scenarios for every province and territory (except Nunavut and the Northwest Territories). I'm happy to share what I have but they won't work on the newer engine. Is anyone interested in working on building out the more recent provincial elections? EDIT: I don't think any scenarios have ever been made for Prince Edward Island
  4. Game Errors

    Anybody? @admin_270
  5. Game Errors

    I've been having issues launching PI UK and PI Canada for Mac. When I click the "New Game" button, an error message stating "Error reading scenario.xml" pops up. When I click ok, I get another error message "Access violation at address 000F970B, accessing address 00000018." I've tried installing the games multiple times. This only started fairly recently. Any tips or help? @admin_270
  6. 2012 French National Assembly Elections

    This is stellar! Would love to test it out!
  7. Loading Bitmap Failed

    @admin_270 bump.
  8. Loading Bitmap Failed

    Bump @admin_270
  9. Hi all, I've been working on a fictionalized version of the 2016 election for a while now and it's nearing completion. I'm running into an error when it comes to adding VP options. I'm trying to change the photos and keep getting this error: Loading bitmap failed. Any idea how to resolve this?
  10. Considering they never even finished the last one, I doubt we'll get one for the 2016 election.
  11. I'm having the same issue with custom made scenarios.
  12. Fictional 2016 Scenario

    As previously mentioned, it is essentially done. I am just waiting for Anthony to update the game so I can fix the third party candidates.
  13. Fictional 2016 Scenario

    Just an update -- the scenario is complete but I do not want to release it until Anthony updates the game. I'm pleased with 99% of what I've done but there are just some minor kinks I want to work out. Notably, this concerns the strength of the third party candidates.
  14. Fictional 2016 Scenario

    It's still coming along. I'm almost there. I hope to get this out by the end of next week.
  15. Fictional 2016 Scenario

    The scenario is 95% done. I'm almost done with the endorsements but am having issues adding additional VP candidates. I keep getting some sort of error message.