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  1. Anne Widdy as leader of the Conservatives would be more amazing than the map!!!! The Tories need to modernise not bring back the dinosaurs. I liked the woman and she spoke her mind not just what the focus groups told her was popular like most politicians. But she is associated with the John Major government {John Major the Kim Campbell of British politics} and the Tories need to bring in new faces, Davis, Fox or Cameron,in order to capture the younger voters.
  2. Sanford

    Technical Help

    Thanks again it all seems to work, as I am now trying to defeat Hilary in 2006 for New York Governor as Rudy. I have also loaded two senate races.
  3. Sanford

    Technical Help

    "Now create a folder (File->New) in your 'scenarios' folder named whatever you want to name your scenario. Eg. 'New Scenario' Now unzip the file you download into a different directory.. eg. my documents. Then go there and you should see a folder with your scenario's name. Now click on that folder. If there is a sub-folder click on that. If you can see the country.p4e, default_parties_on.p4e, electorate_trends.p4e etc copy all of them and the folders 'regions', 'issue_images', 'parties', 'ridings' and paste them directly into the folder you created earlier. Then go into scenario.txt in the 'scenarios' folder and add on a new line: New Scenario/ (or whatever you called it). Save. I don't know if this is the problem or not but all the times I have had problems it has been to do with directory paths." The Pennsylvania Gubernatorial loaded this time but one of the regions had not downloaded correctly? I will try again later. Many Thanks.
  4. Sanford

    Technical Help

    Thanks for your help I have got them in the scenarios.txt file but I am a beginner with computers How can I alter electoral_trends.txt line and why does this problem not arise with the simple dates eg I have since just loaded 1912mm and that is no problem???
  5. Sanford

    Technical Help

    I have been able to load some scenarios for President Forever eg 1968,1948,1860 but have had no success with others Kentucky Senate 2004, North Carolina Senate 2004, Pennsylvania Gubernatorial 2006. They list under scenarios but refuse to open, what am I doing wrong? I would be grateful for help?
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