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  1. tippins@live.com, please. I'll get some feedback to you.
  2. Good list, though I would include Brown as being on by default as well. Most polls show him ahead of his most formidable challenger. Also, consider adding Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia for the GOP, and Martin O'Malley of Maryland for the Democrats.
  3. I played as Bush and won the 2004 election in a squeaker. Initially, I invested heavily in states like California and New York in an attempt to sever Kerry's electoral collage jugular. While I had to abandon this strategy in the last couple of weeks, it does explain my relative success in the popular vote. The final stretch of the campaign was frantic, with many states in play. I took the south for granted, and subsequently lost a few key states there, and barely managed to hold onto Virginia. I focused my remaining resources in the rust belt and the midwest. While my success in the midwest was mixed, I managed to earn a slim victory in Pennsylvania, which brought me to 270. I made numerous mistakes, but in the end the cheese-eating surrender monkeys were forced to endure another four years of incompetence.
  4. Jeb Bush, Haley Barbour. You could consider adding T-Paw, he was only briefly a candidate.
  5. When playing my first theoryspark game, I noticed that the interface/graphics are horribly outdated; it feels like I'm playing something that was made in the mid-nineties. Each subsequent release has made slight improvements, but still looks awful. A drastic overhaul of the visuals would be a worthwhile investment, due to increased sales. I've shown this game to a few of my politically-inclined friends, and they refused to buy it because "it looks like the Oregon Trail". The content is golden, it just needs to look more pretty. On an unrelated note, I found a typo in PM4E2011. The first news story says "Harper to Governor General's -- Election Begins". The apostrophe-s after General should not be there.
  6. Tippins


    This happened to me a few months ago. I never figured out what caused it.
  7. Regarding PFE2012: A) I would love for primaries to have a greater impact on the general election's electoral landscape. This plays a small factor in PFE2008, but I think expanding it would improve the game. For instance, a conservative Democrat with a right-wing position on gun control should receive a hefty bonus in the south if he runs against a moderate republican with left-wing position on gun control. Similarly, said Republican should receive a bonus in liberal strongholds. B ) This this relates to the previous point -- diversify the issue profiles between states. Immigration's profile should be low in Wisconsin, very high in Texas, ect. This doesn't need to be extremely complex, but different profiles on a few big issues including gun control (higher in south, lower elsewhere) and immigration (higher in border sates, lower elsewhere) should suffice. C) Add greater depth to the Vice Presidential selection. Currently, the sole strategy is to select a VP with high debate skill from a large swing state. Instead, the VP should be defined primarily by their ideology and attributes, both in relation to the nominee Each potential VP should have a general ideology -- akin to endorsers. This ideology should contrast well with the nominee. For example, a centrist Democrat would require a left-wing VP, or face increased levels of alienated Democrats during the general election. Conversely, he could select another centrist Democrat to solidify support among independents, while sacrificing a portion of his base. In regard to attributes, a good VP choice should pick up the slack of the attributes a candidate lacks. Ex: If the nominee has an experience attribute of 2, a VP with an experience of 4 would prevent support from falling. D) Overhaul footsoldiers via a state infrastructure system, or something similarly titled. This should function in a similar manner as the "how well established attribute, with higher levels of state infrastructure aiding GOTV, barnstorming, fundraising, along with automatically creating footsoliders (hundreds per state), which function as state-specific mini-crusaders. State infrastructure could be increased, with CP's, money, PIP's, or a combination thereof. It would deteriorate slowly over time, similar to debate and issue knowledge, and the nominee's existing state infrastructure would transfer over from the primaries. Do not hesitate to request further clarification.
  8. Tippins

    Canada 2011

    Some important issues will most likely be: Economy, ethics, Libya, LIB-NDP-BLOC coalition, military spending, and business tax (specifically the corporate tax cuts). Consider increasing Harper's experience to five (unless this is reserved exclusively for PM's with majorities) Consider decreasing Harper's integrity to two (This is a tough one. There have been several small ethics issues recently. Harmless on their own, but significant when combined.) Layton's stamina should be decreased due to his illness. I'd prefer a President Forever-style election night, with a map of all ridings flipping colours as the evening progresses. Something akin to this (except with metropolitan areas separated and enlarged): http://www.blogto.com/tech/2008/10/cbc_maps_election_results/
  9. I have also pre-ordered PFE2012, and would love to try out the beta immediately. However, I understand that 80soft is an independant software publisher, and may lack the resources or personel to consistantly realease their products in a punctual manner. I have devoted more time playing my theoryspark titles than any of the "big developer" games games I own; I would prefer that 80soft continues to favour quality over haste. The beta may be slightly late, but it's not like the election is going to happen any sooner. Go easy on the little guy.
  10. I've played on medium and easy, with the large amount of scandals occuring on each difficulty level
  11. I'm playing as the democrats for the 2008 scenario, and I've been having scandals launched against me every day since early october. They're always have 3 power, and literally occur every day. Is this a known glitch, or can I do something to prevent this?
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