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  1. pilight

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Me neither. Apparently he and Schultz have some sort of relationship.
  2. pilight

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Jolly is a former congressman from Florida who's apparently been doing political commentary on cable news networks the past few years
  3. pilight

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    David Jolly is a name I've heard mentioned
  4. pilight

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Trump stopped self funding once the primaries were over. He took money from all the usual GOP suspects, and they were all happy to donate it.
  5. pilight

    Democratic Primary Poll (February 2018)

    If you vote for someone who doesn't align with your views, your vote is just as wasted
  6. pilight

    "Swing" States

    Nevada - DEM Arizona - REP Minnesota - DEM (gone Dem 11 straight elections, no reason to expect a change) Iowa - REP Wisconsin - DEM Michigan - DEM Ohio - This is the bellwether. Ohio has gone to the election winner in each of the last 14 presidential elections . - DEM Pennsylvania - DEM Florida - REP North Carolina - REP Virginia - DEM New Hampshire - DEM Maine - DEM Georgia - REP Colorado - DEM
  7. pilight

    What is your political affiliation?

    I lived through most of that time. There was no more bipartisanship then than there is now.
  8. pilight

    What is your political affiliation?

    When were those days?
  9. pilight

    What is your political affiliation?

    I've voted in eight presidential elections and never voted for a Democrat or a Republican
  10. pilight

    RIP Lyndon LaRouche

  11. pilight

    Should Ilhan Omar have apologized?

    If she honestly regrets what she said, then she should apologize. Otherwise she's just pandering.
  12. pilight

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    Word here in GA is that Abrams is likely looking to make a senate run, maybe against David Perdue in 2020 or possibly waiting until 2022 if Johnny Isakson decides to retire
  13. pilight

    A Principled Republican Congressman Passes Away

    For the first third of his tenure he was a straight party line guy and proud of it. You may remember him as the leader of the "freedom fries" movement. After he realized the Bush administration had lied to congress to get authorization for the war in Iraq, he became one of it most prominent critics and was thereafter much more apt to break with the GOP.
  14. pilight

    A More Perfect Constitution

    What would you replace it with?
  15. pilight

    California and Wyoming Imbalance

    They self identified as such