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  1. She didn't move to Arkansas until her late 20's and left in her mid 30's. Even while living there she spent a great deal of time in New York and DC, working withe the New World Foundation and the Children's Defense Fund.
  2. Hillary Clinton is not originally from the South
  3. pilight

    Gabbard 3rd party

    Gabbard is pro-choice, therefore she's a Democrat. Everything else is negotiable. Clinton buying into the conspiracy theory of Gabbard as a Russian agent is just the latest iteration of her inability to accept any of the blame for blowing the 2016 election.
  4. pilight

    Gabbard 3rd party

    Gabbard already said months ago that she wouldn't. Sore loser laws and simultaneous registration schemes make it unrealistic, if not impossible.
  5. Trump reminds them about himself every day. The Democrats need to present a reason to vote for them, not just a reason to avoid voting for Trump.
  6. Yang had it right at the debate. As long as the Democrats are talking about Trump, they're losing.
  7. That was Stealers Wheel and it is from the 70's
  8. Many people would take it. Maybe even most people.
  9. Alex Jones isn't really a fascist, he just plays one on his show. He even admitted, under oath, that it was a work of performance art.
  10. Christian Science Monitor
  11. That's probably not an argument in favor of low turnover. Hoover had a very stable cabinet also.
  12. Rudy made it a strategy after the polls turned against him in Iowa and New Hampshire. Rudy made about the same number of appearances in Iowa as McCain. The day before the New Hampshire primary Rudy said "We've actually spent the most time in New Hampshire". He made a ton of campaign stops there, Giuliani held 126. That's considerably more than McCain, who held 104, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who held 93. McCain, you'll recall, won the primary. A few months earlier he said “Our largest staff contingent is now in Iowa. ... We're going to make a big effort in Iowa. We're making a big effort and our strategy was to focus on the caucuses.” Right after the first straw poll, his campaign manager said “We are 100 percent committed to winning Iowa and I believe we will do so." The whole notion of Rudy skipping the early states was spin, trying to minimize the damage done by his poor showings.
  13. This is very similar to Rudy Giuliani's "Florida Strategy" from 2008.
  14. Of the election games I've played, President Elect is probably the most similar to PI
  15. Sounds like a poorly implemented line-item veto law. The way it's supposed to work is that the new bill, with the vetoed lines excised, goes back to the legislature for vote with no amendments allowed. It has to get a majority vote in its finalized form to become law.
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