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  1. pilight

    Libertarian Purity Test

    I scored 58 on the Libertarian Purity test. I'm too much of a pragmatist to do better. For example, eliminating the minimum wage sounds good in theory. In reality, the one thing countries without a minimum wage have in common is starvation.
  2. pilight

    Argument about Geocentrism

    Of note from the linked articles: Over 1/3 of Europeans are geocentrists...
  3. pilight

    Thought experiment

    Sure they have. Why do you think they pay for all the faux-patriotic displays at sporting events?
  4. pilight

    Forum Amendments for Article 3

    Not everyone who kills people is a terrorist
  5. pilight

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    The meeting went so well that Trump wants a do-over
  6. pilight

    Confederate States of America play through

    He headed the Virginia secession convention and signed their Ordinance of Secession. At his funeral the coffin was draped with a confederate flag. He's the only president laid to rest under a foreign flag.
  7. pilight

    Proof of Climate Change

    Everyone agrees we're on a warming trend. You'd have to be pretty ignorant not to notice that. Whether it is unprecedented, how much (if any) of it is man made, and whether we can do anything about it are still being debated.
  8. pilight

    Proof of Climate Change

    Doesn't matter. You can do the same experiment with salt water and it works the same. The freshwater glacier will contract as it melts because that's what water does,
  9. pilight

    Proof of Climate Change

    Underwater melting won't raise the sea level. Unlike most substances, water expands when it freezes and contracts when it melts. You can test this yourself. Put some ice in a glass and fill it to the brim with water. As the ice melts, the water level will recede and it will not spill.
  10. pilight

    Proof of Climate Change

    Bear in mind that any CO2 measurements from before the 1950's are extrapolations based on tree rings and the like. Their accuracy is subject to debate.
  11. pilight

    EU hits Google hard

    You might think we would have learned something from the Hoover administration, but Trump seems committed to the track that led to 50 years of Democrat dominated congress.
  12. pilight

    EU hits Google hard

    This fine is retaliatory. It's part of the trade war going on between the US and the rest of the world.
  13. pilight

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    Except that Trump doesn't drink. He's told the story about his older brother's addiction problems and how they inspired him to avoid alcohol and tobacco many, many times.
  14. pilight

    Trump Approval Poll (July 2018)

    A curious quote to choose for someone who's been advocating leadership by committee
  15. pilight

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    Trump is nothing like Reagan.