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  1. What's the difference between "entrepreneurship" and "starting a business"?
  2. Publicly, Sanders said this https://twitter.com/ShoreForBernie/status/1216907706809966594
  3. What makes you think Gates is a Democrat?
  4. He's the most Republican candidate
  5. Iran has a much more formidable air force than Iraq did. Flying in to bomb infrastructure will result in significant US losses.
  6. It won't be as easy as Desert Storm because Iran has more than twice Iraq's population and most of their people actually hate the US thanks to decades of American misadventures that always worked against Iranian interests.
  7. Trump continues to do all the things he said Obama would do
  8. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dan Crenshaw Tim Ryan Ron DeSantis Beyonce Knowles
  9. Considering what happened to the Japanese economy in the 90's, Trump is pretty clearly wrong
  10. pilight

    Castro is out

    Williamson just laid off her entire campaign staff
  11. In other words, the exact opposite of leadership. He doesn't know or care whether these policies are good for the country, his only concern is being able to condense it to a soundbite and sell it to ignorant voters.
  12. pilight

    Castro is out

    What's the point of having someone mature as VP? VP is not a path to the presidency or anything else of note.
  13. 1 Joe Biden 2 Bernie Sanders 3 Pete Buttigieg 4 Elizabeth Warren 5 Amy Klobuchar
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