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  1. Americans are terrible at foreign languages because the vast majority don't live near anyplace where they are spoken. When you get close to the Mexican border, virtually all the Americans speak at least a little Spanish.
  2. The Jefferson Davis presidential library (in Biloxi, MS) is sufficient to honor him, IMO.
  3. He didn't have to take the Confederate army position. Half of the officers from Virginia stayed with the union. Most of Lee's family was anti-secession. He had a job that was in no way dependent on remaining silent on slavery. Instead he quit and took a job defending that institution. These are not the actions of someone fervently opposed to slavery.
  4. In what way was Lee's job as a general in the US army dependent upon his silence on the matter of slavery?
  5. Why do people keep conflating Lee with US presidents? Lee is only known today because he was the leader of a rebellion in support of slavery.
  6. So is the press. This "big rally" of neo-nazis from all over the country drew about half the number of people that attend an average WNBA game. They're as fringe as fringe can be, but the networks handed them a giant megaphone for no discernible reason.
  7. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
  8. As I'm sure none of the major news outlets will report, the thing North Korea launched was not an ICBM http://breakingdefense.com/2017/07/was-north-koreas-july-4th-surprise-a-mobile-launched-icbm/
  9. Ask Smoot and Hawley
  10. The general opinion of Cruz was displayed when Trump called him a "pussy" during the primaries. People were aghast that Trump would say such a thing in public, but not a single one took issue with the conclusion.
  11. Is that not the majority opinion?
  12. The Georgia statute is about theft, which does not appear to apply here
  13. OMG, they launched a missile with no warhead that made it almost 2/3 of the way to Japan!
  14. Not sure why Button Gwinnett would be the only Georgian on the list. Lyman Hall or Abraham Baldwin would seem like more reasonable choices if you were only going to have one.
  15. IRL Washington died in 1799, so a fourth term would seem unlikely