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  1. I pulled that one off with Gary Hart once, mostly because Reagan wouldn't stop making gaffes
  2. Is confidence in Biden really eroding? RCP averages have him back up to a double digit lead in the national polls, with Warren fading fast.
  3. Buttigieg's war mongering isn't going to endear him to black voters.
  4. Also, what they did know about him wasn't positive. Major incidents involving South Bend cops and race have been a regular occurrence during his term. One of his first actions as mayor was to demote to city's first ever black police chief. South Bend, which has a 40% minority population, has an over 90% white police force. His "1000 houses in 1000 days" program almost entirely benefited white citizens.
  5. pi light = the number needed to find the area of a semi-circle đŸ˜‰ Actually, it's short for Pilot Light, a zine I published in the late 80's and early 90's.
  6. He's in https://devalpatrick2020.com/
  7. He better mull fast. He's already missed the filing deadline for at least one state
  8. Leading a company, successful or not, doesn't really prepare someone to be president. The process and objectives are too dissimilar.
  9. Some morons taking Trump's "civil war" rhetoric as an excuse to shoot people they don't like after he loses the election or the impeachment.
  10. Abrams did better than any Democrat since Mitch Skandalakis torpedoed the whole Republican party in 1998. She did spectacularly well considering she was virtually unknown outside Atlanta before the race and she was a black woman running for governor of a state that's never elected a black person or a woman to that position.
  11. One might ask the same about Beto O'Rourke
  12. I doubt her riding her 1.5% all the way to the convention would matter
  13. Having a leader with no leadership ability would also make for compelling drama. Anything would be better than more romanticizing of the Kennedys.
  14. I can see a series with a relatively guileless Pierce trying to do what's best for the country only to be undermined by people in his own party with separate agendas or circumstances beyond control. If not for the horrific consequences (Bleeding Kansas, Charles Sumner, Peggy Garner, etc.) it would almost play as comical.
  15. The Pierce presidency would make a great mini-series, if just for the way everything blew up in his face (Kansas-Nebraska, Ostend Manifesto, fugitive slaves, Samana Bay, Hawaii, transcontinental railroad, even the Gadsden Purchase).
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