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  1. Teddy Roosevelt visited Panama to inspect the Canal while in office, the first president to leave the US while in power.
  2. The Florida and Georgia flags say "In God We Trust". The South Dakota flag says "Under God The People Rule".
  3. Those designs are all too busy. I like Dante Johnson's or Qin Mobley's the best.
  4. OK, let's have the same standards. Police kill thousands of people per year and have since before BLM existed. They kill black people at almost three times the rate they kill white people. They are a danger to the public, and black communities in particular, and something needs to be done. There are no comparable stats for BLM or any advocacy group.
  5. Capitalism certainly isn't perfect, but it's a fair sight better than anything else we've tried. Communism isn't even in the same ballpark.
  6. A little, but the government (with help from a complicit media) has already shifted attention away from that. It's actually impressive how efficiently they moved the debate. Very few people are actually in favor of cops choking people to death in the street. The Powers That Be can't win an argument in favor of that, but they have no intention of doing anything about it. So they have to change the narrative. Next thing you know, the news is filled with stories of people demanding symbolic action. Removing statues, changing the names of military bases and sports teams, stuff like that. They can win an argument on that, and even if they don't it doesn't matter. The Redskins become the Cyclones or whatever and the power structure continues as is.
  7. You've got LBJ too low. People were outside the White House chanting "Hey, hey, LBJ. How many kids did you kill today?" 24 hours a day for his whole second term.
  8. You want more stable two parent families? The first step in accomplishing that would be to end the "War on Drugs". When you take 30% of the young male population out of poor areas for non-violent drug offenses, the result is predictable and more than obvious. The remaining young men act rationally, by using their scarcity as an incentive not to marry. They can obtain sex without making long term commitments because the pool of marriageable men is so drastically reduced, putting the women who might otherwise demand they stay home and change diapers into a miserable bargaining position. You might say the kinds of men who get arrested for drug possession or dealing wouldn't make good husbands even if they stay out of prison. Perhaps that is true in some cases. But these men still probably beat the alternative of single parenthood. Additionally, the issue of bargaining power is crucial here. If fewer men from these communities were in prison, there would be more competition between them in the dating market and thus stronger incentives for them to behave in ways that appeal to women. To the extent that women prefer men who don't get high to those who do, that might well include staying off the drugs as well as becoming better providers and fathers in other ways.
  9. But it was a big improvement over what his party did the election before!
  10. Slavery was the central cause of secession. The Confederates would have been perfectly content to secede and not fight the war, but Lincoln and company decided to fight to keep the union together. Whether that makes slavery the central cause of the war is open to debate.
  11. It's meaning is clear, but not particularly controversial
  12. What do you think that means?
  13. That's a radical interpretation of the text
  14. 1934, where the Democrats got a supermajority
  15. Confederates can be remembered in museums and books. They don't need to be venerated with statues and public displays.
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