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  1. pilight

    2020 Conventions

    They're moving the convention up because states are requiring earlier ballot registration. In 2008 the deadline in Texas was before either larger party convention and there was speculation that McCain and Obama might both be left off the ballot.
  2. Google isn't a government agency. If they don't want to host a video they don't have to. If they don't want certain videos to come up in their search results, they can exclude them. No first amendment breach is created unless a US government agency tells them to do so.
  3. pilight

    Trump North Korea Talks

    North Korea is a regional threat at best. They're certainly not a world player.
  4. pilight

    I am Sorry,Hillary

    Your choice to not offer a defense of the system suggests you know how flawed it is
  5. pilight

    I am Sorry,Hillary

    It's an archaic mechanism that was designed to protect the political power of slave holders. You only like it because it gives your party a chance to win presidential elections they wouldn't have otherwise.
  6. pilight

    PI strategy/mechanics thread

    As far as research goes, state level scandals tend to last longer and be more effective than national ones
  7. pilight

    Truly dangerous territory

    One of the few consistent things about Trump is his admiration for dictators and desire to be like them.
  8. pilight

    Trump North Korea Talks

    North Korea doesn't have any reliable delivery systems. They've consistently had serious guidance problems with their missiles and despite the news reports do not actually have ICBMs. The only bombers they have are ancient Harbin H-5s. They might be able to get a nuke to South Korea within shouting distance of the target. They could theoretically get bombers to Japan if no one made an effort to stop them. They've never been a threat to the US.
  9. Is he going to pardon any of the other 15 members of her drug cartel that were convicted at the same time? Some of them have grandkids too. I guess dealing cocaine isn't so bad when you know the right people.
  10. At the behest of Kim Kardashian, no less. Past presidents consulted experts, the current president consults other reality TV stars.
  11. pilight

    Memorial day poll

    My father and both my grandfathers served in the army. My grandfather on my mother's side was killed in WWII. My other grandfather used to tell me stories about his grandfather serving in the civil war (not on the US side).
  12. pilight

    Presidential Election Board Game

    There's also this one, about the 1960 election, which is more similar to PI https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/27708/1960-making-president
  13. pilight

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    Ainsley Hayes was stated to be from North Carolina. Haffley was from Washington state.
  14. We stopped electing bearded candidates when women started voting. Most women don't like beards. Jimmy the Greek supposedly won $170,000 betting underdog Harry Truman against Thomas Dewey based on women's dislike for facial hair and all Dewey had was a mustache.