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  1. Westmoorland

    Go, Ann, go!

  2. Westmoorland

    Canada Decides - 1993

    Great Game Seats Liberal 128 PCs 30 NDP 10 Reform 49 Bloc 59 National Party 18 Independent 1
  3. Westmoorland

    The USL Scinario. My closed election.

    Brown is a right wing as Tony Blair why people dont see the fact Brown has been funding Tony's right wing cronie ecnomony I dont know.
  4. Westmoorland

    Best & Worst Campaigns you've played

    Such sillyness.
  5. Westmoorland

    Other political games

    Problem with Socialism and Democray is change takes along time which in democracy people want quick action which is not feasible to do it with any form of stability.
  6. Westmoorland

    Canada Decides - 1993

    I won 22 seats with the National Party but I didnt get coalition me no happy.
  7. Westmoorland

    Monster Raving Looneys

    They should unite all the unionist left wing parties in the UK under one banner and march to victory.
  8. Westmoorland

    Monster Raving Looneys

    He only wins because the Lib Dems dont stand against him and in Wyre Forest has the most screwed up council the KHHC had most of it seats and Liberals have seats im not talking Lib Dem Im talking liberal .
  9. Westmoorland

    Canada Decides - 2000 v. 2

    3% with the Marxist Leninists on my third go.
  10. Westmoorland

    Some Questions

    You going to include university mps and irish seats.
  11. Westmoorland

    Prime Minister Forever - British Version Update

    I was playing the Independents and got 2 % of the vote but to my suprise the Tories got 410 odd seats
  12. Westmoorland

    Monster Raving Looneys

    The UKUP folded the Greens and Respect dont like each other to much as they stand against each other and Tories stand against the UUP .
  13. Westmoorland

    Conservative Doom?

    Yeah not sure how many seats they won by though think it was a few over me.