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    Kerry for President Forever

    No! You see, that sounds like rational analysis to me. Sounds like you are a member of the 'reality based community.' Everyone in Britain was mighty pissed off that Kerry didn't win. James
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  3. Illustrious86

    Updates for Scenario Compatibility

    Is there any way of us being able to download all of these in one go? James
  4. Illustrious86

    PM Forever UK: End Game

    I would back this up. It would be nice if you could have an option box to choose which seats pop up during election night. James
  5. Illustrious86

    Some Questions

    #1 I was given a link from which I can download the game five times. Is this normal? What is the purpose? #2 Are there any new scenario's? #3 How do issues affect my campaign? James
  6. Illustrious86

    Different Versions

    I just bought the British version (still hasn't charged my card :S). Can I get the Canadian/Australian versions free, or do they have to be bought seperately? James