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  1. I personally hate France as much as they do (regardless of what they say) but Vegeata, learn how to spell waste BTW, Phil the map is exellent, you should do a world map like tom was trying to do, eith political patys as Democracy (US, UK, parts of Europe, Japan, canada, S. Korea, etc.) Communisium (alot in russia, cuba, china) Muslim States (Middle East besides Israel, and little support from turkey) And facisim (N. Korea, etc.)
  2. Ceaser, Marc Anthony, Pmpey, Augustus, Brutus, A roman election would be awesome, and possibly somewhat realistic..... Ceaser, Pmpey were mortal enemies, Brutus and a young Marc Anthony could be 3rd party memebrs (strong) Yuo could also have a Marc Anthony- Augutus Ceaser election I say do the Roman !!!! The canidates are much more well known and Rome was more powerful than Greece (besides Alexander)
  3. Assination attempts?? A 5% chance means it will happen every 20 times.... When the last time there was an assination attempt??? 20 years ago....It's unrealistic in the present, because of tight secret service.... I think the idea is bad..thats my 2 cents
  4. (By D. Keylin) What did you guys think of it?? I'm thinking of either fixing the problems, or making a new 2008 scenario, in which Michael Moore runs for the Green Party, or runs for the Peace and Freedom Party.... Add I will add more canidates.... BTW, in the scenario, it is possible to sweep the South with Zell Miller, and he hs a Strom Thurmond (without the KKK and evil) factor, much like Perot In a new one I might also add Bill Gates, to be a Ross Perot like canidate
  5. Florida is in no way declining in population.... You should in fact add 1 EV for them, they are not getting smaller, in a few years they will be the size of new york
  6. Yup, I have to alt cont, delete the game away
  7. Hmm I did as you said, and did just one state, Ct, changed everyhting, and its still messed up
  8. French Fischer thanks!!!! Tony should add this to the create a new scenarion FAQ, great job!!! Now I can make single state races
  9. Is roy moore running for Gov of Bama? If so, this year? What are the polls showing?
  10. very true, but he cant just run for prez off the bat
  11. Jeb Bush might also run. He is moderate like his father, unlike Bush Jr. Although, he isnt very popular anymore in FL, that hurts him a lot. If he becomes popular like his brother was in Texas, in a huge, centrist state like Florida, he can beat Kerry too. At the current time he would lose. And when I'm old enough to vote in 08 and Giuliani is the Republican nominee, Ill vte Libertrian, unless he gets more experience. A mayor is not fit to be President of 300 million people. Rice is different because she was a NSA, and is a scholar, and is a highly intelligent and strong women.
  12. Well mcCain really cant run for president,a s well as miller. They would be in their 80's by their second term.... Plus, I would love to see a Hillary vs. Condi Rice Battle Royale. Condi would kick Hill's a$$, would win the female vote, the black vote. Thats like 58-40 right there. Also, I'd love seeing her giving a dirty look at middle east tyrants.... She's make a great VP for Frist too. A Frist-Edwards debate would be awesome.... Frist a former doctor vs. A former Trial Lawyer who sued doctors, raising the price of healthcare.... 2008 is going to be awesome... If Kerry wins, and has anyhting short of a good 1st term, he's out.... The people he might face (pending 04) McCain (likley not) Powell (likley not, but would beat anybody, and would make a fantastic president) Rice(great credintals) Frist(great experience) Giuliani(not alot of experience tho) Pataki Santorum (Im not a favorite of his) Romney (big fan) Arnold (HIGHLY unlikely) (and i think he wouldnt be a good prez) Simply put if Powell were to run in anytime, from the Gulf War, he would have won any presidental election. He would have beaten Clinton, killed Gore, and killed Kerry. The Republican party has needed a strong black voice for a long time, and as the party, moves more to the middle on social issues, he's the perfect man, because he has a brilliant mind, and he's a millitary genius.
  13. For god sakes we all know its going to be a McCain/Pataki ticket in '08 against John Kerry.... McCain will come in here and save our souls....thank god!!! McCain/Pataki '04
  14. Yuo csn see how many tim eht e president and VP visited a state by going to strategy
  15. Tom are you still doing the world scenario?
  16. It's not really his own site, he copyed and pasted everything on my site and posted it on his site.... He copyed my site WORD FOR WORD GET A LIFE
  17. Tony, later on in the game, you you create single state maps, and make the option to run for governor and senator? I know it would be impossible to get done by the primaries, but sometime, could you try it? That would be really cool, and add double the depth of the game....and you can create generic canidates for the races, we can just create them, since that would be ALOT of work
  18. BTW, this should eb posted in general, not scenario creation, use your brian next time.... (like Kerry should when he votes against the Laci Peterson Bill)
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    danieldlm, is that a joke????? I hope it is, because you copyed my site, word for word.... Please don't join his site, tell him to come up with his own work! (Compare mine, and his)
  20. Some people say the far-eligous right guys are mainstream republican....theyre main stream constitution party members.... I'm personally a reoublican but I can't believe how possessed some fellow conservatives are in the government, even if you live in the deep south, it's still way out of the mainstream...
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    Hey hardright, whenever i got to Home of the Underdogs, and try to download ShadowPresident, I type in the password (correctly) and press the Go button, at the bottom of the page is says "downloading from site" with no loading bar, and when i move my mouse it say "done" Is there something wrong? I really want to get this game...
  22. Im not letting you join because I want you kearn a simple lesson: Don't judge a book by its cover.... You should have visited the site before taking shots at me and accuse me of plagerizing. And then you ask me to join? LOL
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