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  1. Wow, how did Roosevelt win SC by 96%??? I know its a fact, just hard to believe.... That would be unheard of today....Even Al Sharpton couldnt beat David Duke by 96% in DC
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    King, I think thats how it will be like... Remember how it says when editing a scenario, primaries start date... Thats when the primaries start
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    Other Games

    I just got the Super Power Demo...its really confusing...how do I nuke a country??? And I can't select how many troop or missiles to fire during war, how do i do it?
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    Other Games

    Vols, is superpower at ost waltmarts/targetS? I live in Connecticut. Also, will it work for windows XP? It seems really cool....I'd love taking over the world.... BTW is Vatican City in the Game?? It would would be cool taking over the world..or nuking them just for fun...hehehehe
  5. Arent their seats in Prime Minister Forever??? He should just add that to P4E...but once again, i want the primaries, and I cant wait any longer!!!
  6. I think Zell Miller is a mental case.... I thought the points Cheney brought up vs. Kerry were fair, Miller was just making half of the stuff up by taking it totaly out of context... Remember how pre- Swift Boat ad, Kerry was running soley on his Vitenam Service?? Well his voting record is awful.... The democrats should have put Gephardt, and I think Joe Biden would beat Bush in the general election...He's not a liberal and unlike John Kerry, Joe Biden could have gotten McCain to be VP.... If I could vote I would vote for thAT TICKET... And kerry is running the worst campaign since Monadale...He's running on his Nam service...and he voting against the 87 billion....that vote right there put him down 2-3% I think Dean wouldnt win but would make it close.... Right now, Bush will have a Clinton like re-election win, which is a "weak" blowout.... like '80, '88, '96 '84 was a landslide.... And BTW, it also hurts Kerry that he has voted only 36% in 2004...100% part support...30% presidental support...all the worst in the Senate To comapre Biden: 92% attendence, 90% part support, 46% presidental support... Edwards: 67% attendence 97% part support 40% presdtial support AND FOR THOSE WHO THINK MCCAIN IS A MODERATE: McCain:Attendence:99% PArty Support:86% Pred. Support: 91% He's as conservative as Hillary Clinton is liberal....
  7. If you can help me add PR, separatly, Ill create a 2012 scenario and add the Virgin Islands too, maybe even more expansion
  8. Its fun to run as him, because even with 350 mill, its tough to win more than even a few small states.... And I just replaced D.C. with P.R. If you want to help me make a map with PR in it that would be awesome And PR is 7 EV since it has the population of Connecticut (actually 1/2 million more)
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    If you put a very sucessful add with 7 or 8 power, across the nation you can get an 5-10 bounce, w/ a major canidate, and a 8-12 bounce with a 3rd party canidate. Its costs about 10 million dollars a day though!!! the chances of getting an 8 power add are almost impossible (got it twice, in hunderds of games) 7 is rare, 6 is every few games, but you mostly get 2 or 4 strengths, they dont do much (1-3 dosnt do anything, except for select states_
  10. This is how it looks: Rep: McCain Powell Pataki Bush-not certain if ill put him in Dem: Edwards Clinton Kerry Dean Clark Ind: Bill Gates: 350 million dollars , hes an above average canidate, 1 experience hurts him alot. When you play it, i suggest turning Liber. off, He has 0% for every state... When I first started the game this is how it looked like (McCain-Edwards-Gates) 38-34-11 (mccain leads, 14% und.) When I finished the election (using gates) This is how it looked like: McCain: 36% 325 EV Edwards: 34% 214 EV Gates: 29% 3 EV (Vermont) -Gates was close in nearly every state He came 3 points short (or closer) in: NY, CAL, PENN, FL, WASH, ALASKA, S.DAK, VIR, ORE The only states where he failed to get 20% was Idaho, Georgia, S. Carolina, Alabama He never got less than 16% It looks like McCain killed Edwards with the EV, but Cal, Penn, Ohio, Fl, where all close. ******************************************************************* In this scenario I changed D.C. to Puerto Rico, the "new" 51st state... although PR is highly democratic. in the lecetion the republian has a chance to win since the conservatives in PR wanted and got to be the 51st state, courtesy Bush, and Republican house/senate. Gates, has a good chance in PR, with visits, adds.... If you want to play it put up email adress, and add suggestions, comment, etc, and tell em your intrest level!! Its really fun trying to win as gates
  11. Nader would have gotten 5-6 % in Oregon too. California, would have neen 3%-4%, but thats ALOT of votes
  12. Did you get the map yet? You should use the one posted...
  13. Link to Prediction Picture As you can see, Blue, Red are for Bush and Kerry solid states, grey are swing states, pink are slight Kerry leads, light blue is slight Bush lead. Note California is a swing state at this point, because of Arnold's speech and close polling pre-convention. If Kerry loses California, he will probably lose every other swing state as well.... However the Election stands like this.... Bush 313, Kerry 116, Undecided 109.... However if I would have to but the undecided states in favorof one canidate... Bush-334, Kerry-204, much closer And Bush's huge convention bounce may not last very long Conecticut is a slight Kerry lead because polls show Kerry up by only 7%...pre-convention. California polls showed Kerry up from around 5-12% pre-convention, but it will likely see a dramatic shift, at least for the next week. I predict California, will go back to Kerry by 4-6% by Nov. 2nd. I did this ONLY using the Time poll, and polls from pre-convention, so we wil see how accurate I am... a 10% margin, is a landslide 200 EV margin, so we will see how it comes down on paper.... Kerry may be down 10 points, but may still be Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio from victory...
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    The coolest part will be picking people to speak at your convention-its been confirmed
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    Other Games

    Vols, do you download Super Power or is it a cd, you buy at a store?? Do you have a link?? It sounds cool
  16. I'd like to know too...I suggest removing your pictures from your sig, or everyone will always make comments about your pics instead of questions.....
  17. Ill rate yours if you rate mine Id give it *** Some improvements could be made, like mine, which i will post today
  18. I am not blaming him, I'm telling him the truth... And charac is more liberal than conservative...And its clear he dosnt like america.... He was in America when Reagan died....He didnt go to the funeral..What an insult to the American people.... Even Schroder from Germany did, as a sign of respect. I think Europe should take the lead of the UK, because not only are they the strongest economicaly in Europe, they are also best friends with the US.... If I was in Europe, I would rather have the U.S. as our #1 ally (best friend) they have every single country in Europe as our ally.... The fact is, Socialism, & Communism are still strong in part of Eureope esp. Communism.... Heck the socailist part is like the Democratic party in France... And their communist party is very strong as well.... Europe is really 50 years behind the US.... A republic-democracy is the way to go, and if you disagree, regardless of the points you make, you are wrong. Maybe someday there will be a better form of government, but for now American-style and Brithish-style democracy is the best, most just and most effective in the world....
  19. The assement is mine..... The current standings in those states are from that site...I believe my predictions are orginal...
  20. Can you guys stop asking for these minor changes in the game???? Asj for those in 2008 not in this version, and let tony finish the primaries....
  21. http://www.electionprojection.com/elections2004.html Its shows bad news for Kerry, and although the creator is bush-biased, he dosnt make the predictions, he averages out major polls.... California is actually a close state... Oregon Minnesota Penn Michigan are all very close..... My prediction for post-convetion::: Bush 316-222 (Gains Penn, Mich) Worst Case...Gains 1/4 states Best case, wins all 4 states (unlikley) and makes Cali VERY close (likley) If he wins all 4 states: 343-195 (OUCH!!) And just to show how Cali is a MUST win for Cali.... If Bush loses Ohio, Florida AND Pennsylvania in this point of the polls but wins California from Kerry..... Bush still wins by a small margin..... Arnold may have made things intersting.... I predict in the end however Bush will come close in Cali (49-45) But will win Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Mich, winning the presidency anyways Ill post another topic explaining my crazy ideas
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    Sounds great but lets Anthony finish the primaries....the sooner we get it the better!!!! We were suppossed to be playing it already, so lets give Anthony some motivation!!!
  23. YoungCTrep


    I think we should let Anthony finish the primaries before we ask him to make unrealistic additions to the game... How often does this happen?? It dosnt decide whos the president..... And once agin, let Anthony spend his time creating primaries, instead of reading out pickey requests
  24. Gore or Hillary?? I'd rather have Kerry... And if you dont hate our president when a majorty of Americans dont hate him, you are not our friends.... Im afraid French Politics is more socialist that democrats/republicans.... Charac has created a liberal, secular, anti-religous nation in France.... Its apalling...and you wait and see how America will save your skin, when the terrorists attack France for their removal of head scarfs.... You president isnt smart?? Why make 10% of your country (muslims) mad, right after 9/11???? Hes a sorry excuse for a president.... We saved your butt for the past 100 years, freed you from the Nazis, and you elect a liberal crook, who was holding hands with Sadam before the Iraq War... Russia, France, and to some extent Germany, will see their economies (France and Russia has poor economy already) collapse and they will be begging America for help in the next 20 years you watch... Japan, Italy, Austraila, S. Korea, U.K., Portugal, etc. Greece, France, Russia, Germany, Spain and India should be ashamed for not supporting us, and I hope the US dosnt help them when they come crawling back for help, esp. India, their population control is awful. And Mexico and Canda arent helping themselves when they demand things from the US, then chant Osama!!! at a soccer game in Mexico, and in Canada house or AWOL and traitior troops.... The true democracy in this World is the United States of America.... The first sucessful democratic nation of the modern world... UK and Japan has followed our lead, and we are nations that have the respect, love and trust of the people.... We re-built Italy, Japan, Germany, France.... 2 of those nations arent even our friends.... I wish Bush and Powell would have brought up the whole WWII thing while we were convincing them...maybe they would have not slapped us in the face...
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