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  1. lol, u guys have been doing this for a few days...this isnt really serious...plus THIS IS NOT THE SITE FOR YOU GUYS TO BE DOING THIS My site has been up since August and its growing quickly and it is organized.... There is an actual place to run for senate, and vote Im inviting every one to join Everyone starts off in the senate, ince we get ebough people (maybe 40-50) we will start the House of Reps and then have Governers We are about to start the primaries so apply for your parties!!
  2. Dont do this on this board... join our site already in progress..... This dosnt belong here.... On my site we will use P4E for elections so please join!!! http://excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=7423 We have 25 members, and 10 who are active so join up!!! Its primary season! But when u join the form is Your Name (Party inital) Ex- John Smith ® Ham Sandwich (D) You can also be an independent , libetarian and green!
  3. For me: Party: Republican Leadership: 5 Integrity: 3 Experience: 3 Issue Familiarity: 3 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 3 Debating: 4 Homestate: Connecticut
  4. For me: Party: Republican Leadership: 5 Integrity: 3 Experience: 3 Issue Familiarity: 3 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 3 Debating: 4 Homestate: New York
  5. YoungCTrep

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    How can i get Shadow President? I cant download it off the internet, and T UNDERDOGS.COM, IT WONT WORK
  6. Hardright cant I be your VP??
  7. The lection is only 20 days away...
  8. Why in the heck would Cheney's integrity be a 1???? Do you mean to say he has less integrity than Nixon and Clinton?? For Dems its a 1... For Reps is a 5.... For everyone not biased its a 3.... shouldnt kerry's intergity be a 2 because of vietnam??? exactly
  9. Vegata you are so annoying.... i am a moderate republican, my stances are closer to colin pwell than they are to george bush.... mod. on aff. act. believe in some gun cont. mod. on health care mod. on detah penalty
  10. Vegeta lay off, you are so annyoing.... Its a great idea, and can make the game more relisitic by a longshot
  11. Europe + USa, japan, china, turkey, middle east, africa
  12. plaease come up with some issues....im in dire need
  13. Well its not the best..... I basically took Tom's Europe map, and added circles for other places based on their location to Europe, the USA, Africa, China, Japan, etc. They are circles on the map like DC, because of couse you cant do an decent world map. It may not be attractive, but it's really interesting Ill do a WWII and WIII or even a UN election
  14. The map was the best IV'e seen so far...Best scenario ive play yet.... 5/5
  15. Unprocessed1@aol.com Cant Wait....im doing a WWII, and WWIII scenarios
  16. Download and find out... Miller is an Ind. and is tied in GA, and close in the South....may go back to it though.... My Powell scenario is much better though...its possible to win
  17. lol, thats silly, he created the game, but other people created the scenarios how is he "the man" he will be my hero when primaries are posted
  18. O really??? It would be almost impossible to sell this game to new players.... And trust me you will lose intrest its human nature.... Its like Madden...you play it everyday untill a few weeks after the super bowl, and then it collects dust...
  19. yeah, the more time passes by im getting fed up with waiting.... If this is released in the middle of october, people arent going to be interested in it....
  20. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/redxiiixi/de...0&.dnm=8c72.jpg Check it out.... It will be on the next updates, Its a Frist-Clark-Powell Election Powell is stronger than Perot, and i won wisconsin, Virginia and Alaska with him, nearly won a dozen more states, including Texas and NY Lost NY by 86 votes lol
  21. Has anyone tried my 2008 scenario?? Did anyone like it?
  22. Will we be able to make custom primaries? (ala 2008)
  23. The money for Bush and Kerry should be flipped around.... Bush has ALOT more than Kerry, since he had an extra month to gather money... Also the primary update should be coming shortly....
  24. the longer it is untill the primaries release, the less revelant they become... the elcetion is less than 2 months away
  25. would it be possible to do a fictional 1790's scenario, with Lois XVI, Napoleon, Roespeirre and Danton? That would be really fun
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