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    Winning as the Tories?

    Well, judging by the polls this weekend it seems fairly realistic. Labour landslide looks on the cards. But I finally managed to win a game by switching the leader from Michael Howard to a custom created one who had more integrity and stamina. Did very well too. 331 seat majority and 36% of the vote. Won the Midlands, SW, SE, East Anglia and London. Came bloody close in Yorkshire and Scotland too.
  2. thespecialist09

    Norfolk North/Norwich North

    The candidates for Norwich North are in the game twice as the candidates for Norfolk North also. Norman Lamb (Lib Dem) is the MP for Norfolk North I believe. Or was, until I just kicked him out with a landslide Tory victory.
  3. thespecialist09

    Monster Raving Looneys

    Ah right, Cat Mandu! Even better.
  4. thespecialist09

    Monster Raving Looneys

    Any chance of trying to win a seat with Screaming Lord Sutch??
  5. thespecialist09

    Winning as the Tories?

    I've gone through the game 3 times now (moderate difficulty) and I can't seem to poll higher that 20-some percent with the Tories (Michael Howard in charge). The frustrating part is that I always seem to be doing alright (polling even with Labour) at around the 2 week part, but it somehow seems to fall apart by election day. This last time around I was 2 pts ahead of Labour with 14 days til the election and I ended up losing by about 10 pts. I had a devastating -9 effect integrity scandal that I had trouble getting rid of but....12 pts!?? I've been campaigning on Tax & Spend, Leadership and Fox Hunting. Not sure that I understand the effect of 'target seats'....maybe thats it. Starting to annoy me how I can be 5 pts ahead in the polls in the SW the night before the election but always lose it to the Lib Dems. Can't make a dent in the North, Wales etc. Polling in the teens. East Anglia and the Midlands are close, but its very difficult even if I concentrate campaigning down south. Help plz.