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    United States - 2000 - Official Campaign Beta Released

    I too have seen the Libertarians build up momentum in a few states and take all the undecideds for a win, but other times they end up with 1 or 2 percent just like normal. It seems that if you are the only one with momentum in a state, all the undecideds come your way. This does make it a lot of fun in the primaries because it gives you a fighting chance against Bush if you campaign just right. I found an error last time playing (on hard). I had just won the endorsement of Dan Quayle when a window popped up informing me the Quayle wished to withdraw from the race -- then another popped up saying the same thing. I got this news story, and later when choosing a vice-president Dan Quayle was listed twice. Here's the 6:30 win: And the final victory