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  1. President_Gas

    Third parties not in all states

    Not sure how feasible this would be in terms of game design but I got my sample ballot yesterday and not seeing Naders name in it made me wonder about this in game terms.
  2. President_Gas

    West Coast/ East Coast

    I was just wondering if east coast results had any impact on west coast voter turnout in the game?
  3. President_Gas


    I like this but do we also get a screen similar to when there is a tie...i.e. The Supreme Court is made up of more Republican appointees...Recounts are halted ... George W. Bush is the next President of the United States.
  4. President_Gas

    Bring Back Townhall meetings

    I like that idea. Both the Pres and the VP should be able to hold them. Also maybe a loyalty oath option for these public events should be considered.
  5. President_Gas

    Maine & Nebraska

    I was watching CNN today and they were talking about the President campaigning in Maine. They mentioned he could pick up 1 electoral vote there because Maine was one of two states (Nebraska being the other) where the electoral votes could be split by congresional district. In game terms this could add a little extra spice in a close election.
  6. President_Gas

    Rising Stars 2020

    I just wanted to say thank you to whoever created this scenario. I enjoyed it a lot even tho I don't think the alternative parties will ever be that powerful in my lifetime. A lot of fun and as a fan of Obama it's nice to play as him. A neat challenging scenario. Kudos.
  7. President_Gas

    The Conventions

    Will the next version of President Forever have the conventions as a game concept? I'm thinking perhaps Issue Knowledge and Charisma could translate into effective convention performance and give a bounce of some sort nationwide momentum bonus.
  8. President_Gas

    Democratic Split 2012

    Thanks! That did the trick.
  9. I like this scenario but it doesn't seem to have debates! Is there a way to fix this?