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  1. Who is more trustworthy: Trump vs. Comey

    I'm surprised you haven't responded at all to this, @NYrepublican.
  2. Bah! "Left-wing" and "right-wing" are just becoming arbitrary and generic labels attached to politicians and parties JUST to lure or scare off voters in and of themselves. I think SENSIBLE voters should look beyond them and listen to the actual exact content in entirety of the platform, and then make an informed vote that is best for the nation and people at that time, REGARDLESS of label political spectrum that's been arbitrarily attached (though, obviously, certain very extreme stances on the political spectrum are never going to a nation any good, realistically, in the long-, or even mid-term). Staunch party loyalties and political ideological purity should go out the window entirely (but try telling SO many people nowadays - including many on these forums - that bit of wisdom).
  3. Alberta - 1935

    @JDrakeify @willpaddyg @daons @LegolasRedbard @Prussian1871 @wolves @SirLagsalott @michaelsdiamonds @victorraiders @Patine @Falcon @jnewt @President Garrett Walker @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @SeanFKennedy @vcczar @jvikings1 @harveyrayson2 @lizarraba @TheMiddlePolitical @CalebsParadox @MrPrez @msc123123 @NYrepublican @RI Democrat @servo75 @Presidentinsertname @ThePotatoWalrus @Sunnymentoaddict @TheLiberalKitten @Quebecois @avatarmushi @Sami @WVProgressive @Kingthero So, I've decided to start my Canadian scenario set with the Alberta 1935 election - statistically the biggest political upset in a single election in North American history. The various parties are as follows: -United Farmers of Alberta under Premier Richard Reid (incumbent) -Alberta Social Credit Party under Reverend William "Bible Bill" Aberhart -Alberta Liberal Party under William Howson -Conservative Party of Alberta under David Duggan -Communist Party of Alberta under Jan Lakeman -Dominion Labour Party under Fred White -Independents (No leader, but the most prominent candidate being John Mackintosh) -Independent-Liberal (sole candidate Lucien Boudreau) -United Front (sole candidate L Robbins) -Independent-Conservative (sole candidate A S McRae) -Independent-Labour (sole candidate Robert Parkyn) -Reconstruction (sole candidate Elsie Wright) Issues: Agriculture Banking Control Economy Education Federal Relations Industry Infrastructure Media Control MLA Recall Natural Resources Prosperity Certificates Religion Taxes Unions U.S. Relations Utilities Women's Rights Working Conditions More coming up shortly.
  4. Alberta - 1935

    First question, in B.C. and Quebec, unlike Federally and in the other Canadian Provinces (and the Yukon), the Liberal Parties in those two Provinces ARE the main centre-right parties, and are closer to the Australian Liberal Party in nature. The reason is because the Union Nationale in Quebec and the Social Credit Party in B.C., both holding decades-long right-wing governments, both quickly imploded in short periods of time, and in both cases the Provincial Liberals filled the gap. The B.C. Conservatives largely ATTEMPT to play on the Federal Conservatives, but they don't do so as well as the Saskatchewan Party or even, judging by it's growth before the merger, the Wildrose Alliance do by largely on and emulating the Federal Conservatives. Second, not all prominent PC's joined the UCP. Quite a few of them alienated by the sharp shift to the Right, led by former Mayor of Edmonton and briefly cabinet minister under Prentice's Government, Stephen Mandel (whom I made the mistake of voting for the first time he ran for Mayor here), have joined the Alberta Party, which had won a single seat in 2015, while a fair number of former PC, Wildrose Alliance, and Social Credit members formed the Reform Party of Alberta with a very different, but equally, right-wing, all things considered, vision. I have heard NO talk, whatsoever, of an NDP-Liberal merger or even electoral alliance, however.
  5. 1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    I know how constraining a tight limit on a speech can be, especially as I, myself, tend to use elaborate descriptives, rhetorical redundancies, self-made clarifications, and even, I will admit, a tendency toward a bit of ranting.
  6. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    The major polls said that Dewey would win in 1948, or, for that matter, that Clinton would win in 2016. I wouldn't quote them as absolute - likely perhaps - but not the seeming certainty you like to quote them as on these forums.
  7. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    Optimistic outlook or wishful thinking, @Reagan04?
  8. Minnesota Governor 2018

    I made an embarassing mistake here, everyone. Due to the similarity of subject matter and the close timing in announcements of their projects and both being very new users, the criticism above was meant to be about @King_Tilden, whom I mistakenly also applied to @Berg2036, whom I inadvertently conflated with @King_Tilden. So, please, disregard my above statements (at least in regards to @Berg2036).
  9. Minnesota Governor 2018

    Be wary of giving him any assistance or help, anyone. You may well end up disappointed and feeling you've wasted your time, like I did.
  10. UK 1979 - 2015

    @LegolasRedbard Did Teddy Taylor keep or lose his seat in your run of the 1979 election here, out of curiosity?
  11. RIP Barbara Bush

    RIP. You've got to respect her promoting literacy as her First Lady cause. That is a VERY noble cause...
  12. I don't mean to try to derail you here, but there's been a LOT of alternate history full U.S. runs on this forum. Why not something that breaks the mold a bit? I think there are enough fan made scenarios at present to do a run of alternate U.K. scenarios as far back as the 1950's, if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    This may sound cynical and jaded, but I've been around awhile and have to point this out - this council head being eager to appoint you before a write-in campaign can get started on commenting on your "youth and great future" as selling qualities sounds like she might just believe you very pliable and easily taken and manipulated, and wants to groom you into a, how do you say, loyal follower of her and her local political camp, an opportunity the average entry age and amount of life experience of someone beginning a political career, even at the local level, rarely allows. I'm not necessarily saying you are uniformed or gullible, but someone seasoned enough to be a council head and with enough sway to dismiss an election contest, even with only a write-in opponent, might view you differently. Just a word of warning. Politics is not a game of friendly, sportsmanlike comradery...
  14. Why isn't this still in the game?

    I think he might be referring to the "glitch" in P4E 2008 that, if the party convention was not set to happen within the dates the election scenario took place in, the party made no nomination into the GE and all primary candidates who hadn't dropped out carried on to run separate campaigns in the GE. This had been used as an exploit by fan designers in the day to do the "jungle primary" system of some State gubernatorial elections (albeit clumsily), the Whig campaign of 1836, and a few other fan made ideas.
  15. Online Privacy regulations

    You've said absolutely nothing here and contributed nothing to the conversation. That's a vacuous non-answer, like PR spokesmen for governments and big corporations often like to make.
  16. Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    When you have no opponents in an election for a given seat or office and win by default, we call that winning by acclamation here in Canada, a term I've also seen used in the same light in the U.K. (probably the direct source we get it from).
  17. Online Privacy regulations

    Regardless of what they called themselves, public or private, they are still legally responsible for betraying the trust of their millions of users and should be held accountable and, if need be, given legal consequences so this doesn't happen again. Being a "private" organization shouldn't give them impunity to violate their claims of user privacy to their consumers. You're thinking in the mold of the "robber baron" era, and those were a dark, despicable time of business law for EVERYONE but the "barons" themselves and their corrupt political cronies who supported their near unlimited economic power. If Facebook makes claims of protection of their users' information's privacy and violates them, even through incompetence (which seems to be what Zuckerberg's claiming), they have betrayed their consumers after making false claims of user privacy (false advertising) and should receive consequences and have regulations to prevent this again. Any claim they should avoid this because they're a "private" institution or corporation is feeding into the whole sociopathic, inhuman, and downright evil dominating theme of capitalism/corporatism today where making money justifies betrayal, lies, deception, corruption, death, destruction, and driving other human beings into utterly miserable living conditions, as long as a profit is made - a vile and high evil in the world today I will ALWAYS denounce and never support in any form to any degree.
  18. Minnesota Senate 2008 (President Infinity)

    I just checked now, and, after I specifically tracked down, downloaded, and cropped the Minnesota State party images he'd asked for just for this scenario, and emailed them to him, he went and used the generic Federal party images from basic TheorySpark stock. No wonder he'd twice ignored my question if he'd gotten them and added. I'll have to remember never to volunteer any effort or help for him again.
  19. Syria

    A question for you in this light. Do you think the U.S. government committed atrocities and war crimes by using chemical weapons against civilian targets in Vietnam, or your own French government committed atrocities and war crimes by supporting, aiding, abetting, funding, equipping, and protecting the escape of, at the end, the instigators of the Rwandan genocide? Please answer honestly.
  20. Syria

    I'm REALLY glad you're not a diplomat or general right now!
  21. Syria

    Exactly as I just said above. Thank-you for that common sense concurrence, @jvikings1
  22. Online Privacy regulations

    That viewpoint and mentality sounds remarkably similar, though in a different context and application, to certain vile "victim blaming" tactics used in courts by a number of criminals (or, more accurately, their lawyers) who've committed sexual assault.
  23. Online Privacy regulations

    So people who lie, deceive, cheat, and misinform in business should have no punishments or regulations, as long as a contract is signed, regardless of the dubious, dishonorable, and outright dishonest tactics and deliberately deceptive wording used to get it to be signed - the full burden should be solely on those exploited and played for fools?
  24. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    You don't understand. I say, get rid of the Electoral College and FPTP and let the floodgates of political ideology flow like in a Continental European country. How can two parties - which have both become complacent, entrenched, too comfortable, corrupt, and have constantly both screwed over the American people time and again, and are now both tightening their ideological platforms - REALLY represent 300 million people without endless elections where the majority of voters are asked to pick their poison and strategically vote rather than vote for someone they're TRULY enthusiastic about?
  25. New Historical President RP

    Ah, yes. Strong State level command, training, and funding of the U.S. military over a unified, strongly Federally controlled and organized one. One of the reasons (but not the only one) why the War of 1812 was such a disaster, disgrace, and embarrassment for the U.S. Army...