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  1. True. The Prairie Provinces will likely turn out a great majority to the Conservatives, and B.C. will likely be NDP on the coast (with maybe a Green or two), and mostly Conservatives in the Interior. Yukon, and POSSIBLY one or both of the other Northern Territories may likely give Liberal MP's to their overrepresented (population-wise) single ridings each.
  2. It looked like a coalition would be needed before today.... But, the NDP would be almost certain to back Trudeau over Scheer if there were no majority. See my Clegg analog, above, if Singh inexplicably backed Scheer.
  3. He's predicted to win, at this point, a little over 40% of the vote.
  4. U.S. major news networks are sensationalist and looking for ratings. Thus, Zimbabwean, Russian, Myanmaran, Venezuelan, Iranian, and Turkish, and, though for different reasons, but in a related theme, British, French, Israeli, Indian, and Hong Kong elections are much more sought after fodder for such coverage.
  5. The results in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Gaspe region of Quebec have come in, due to time zone, but the very small number of seats there makes a judgement dubious, at best. Liberals: 26 Conservatives: 5 NDP: 1 Green: 1
  6. Except for the fact that a Minority Government seems very likely this election, and the New Democrats are the most likely ones who could be talked into a coalition, and it would almost certainly, at the end of the day, all things said, be with the Liberals over the Conservatives (I'd be gobsmacked, in fact, if it were reversed - and Singh's polls would probably plummet like Clegg's in the UK in 2015 if he did such a thing.).
  7. I voted for the New Democratic Party, currently under Jagmeet Singh.
  8. Two-round Parliamentary FPTP is France's system. There's only one of round of voting here. Which reminds me - the one you're missing is @Edouard
  9. There's also at least three parties that failed to register that I may include as off-by-default, as well.
  10. It's reminiscent, thematically, to a scene in "The Iron Lady," with Helen Mirin. I couldn't stand Thatcher, either.
  11. I may make a fan-made variant with EVERY party that ran represented, and a few other changes (like swapping out those hideous region flags that come with all the official scenarios, and extra endorsers, and such).
  12. Why would anyone with any sense in their head and any moral centre whatsoever look up to Hillary Clinton. It would like looking to Donald Trump. It's the point where one should stop, think, and re-evaluate their priorities (something that political machines highly discourage people from doing).
  13. @admin_270 @lizphairphreak @vcczar @Rodja @Reagan04 @pilight My opinion is that any comparison between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in any meaningful, plausible, and sensible way that is not utterly contrived is thoroughly ridiculous and highly stereotyped and out of touch, and that this whole idea was inspired by comments by @ThePotatoWalrus all the more shows the obvious flaws in that line of thinking.
  14. Well, he's such a flip-flopper and lacks any true conviction or consistency in his message, and is so aristocratic and out-of-touch, I'm not sure anything he has said is relevant, or anything he would or could say can be trusted. That's one of my biggest beefs with him.
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