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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: They're minions, henchmen, cronies, and dupes. They're registered separately from surrogates. I am the mastermind! Soon, absolute power will be mine! Bwahahahahaha!
  2. Also, the situation in France becomes VERY important, and highly contributes to the many woes that start hitting the timeline and hypothetical future setting, especially within Europe, and lending a major hand in the demise of the EU... As I've said, I'm taking a number of "dramatic liberties" with the plot to make it interesting, and not sticking to the most staunchly plausible scenario (but not outright impossible)...
  3. @vcczar Did you catch my question on two Governor endorsers, there?
  4. Out of curiosity, what do (or will) you list as the party affiliation and who (and which party) they leans to in support as an endorser for Governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota in 2000 and 2004 and Governor Wally Hickel of Alaska in 1992?
  5. 1968: Back to Congress

    In fact, before and after his 1968 Presidential run, Wallace himself was officially a Southern Democrat by label, on the ballot, and by organizational association.
  6. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    Another problem is that $10 billion in the bank today will be lucky it's worth $20 million in 30 years. Rapid inflation, and the lack of a meaningful, intrinsic, real value to money anymore is another significant issue plaguing our world - but for those who actually have wealth and power and the ability to deal with, it's yet another of those elephants in the room that are destroying and ruining the world that they just don't want to touch or acknowledge at all.
  7. England 1640

    If I'm not mistaken, the colonial holdings of England at that time came down to Newfoundland, several New England Colonies, Virginia, possibly New Jersey (I can't remember on that one), Bermuda, Barbados, and the East India Company (under Crown charter, not colonial rule) - so much smaller that it was it's height in 1914 with a quarter of the world's land area and a quarter of the world's population.
  8. England 1640

    Right now, although I have a list of everyone who was elected, I'm trying to dig up information about their unsuccessful opponents in each constituency, or, at the very least what parties unsuccessfully ran against them. A number of parties are predictable in where they ran (the Polish Party, the Danish Party, the German Hanoverian Party, and the two separate workers party that merged in 1874 to form the Social Democratic Party of Germany), but ones with a broader electoral scope may not have run in every constituency they didn't win in.
  9. England 1640

    I may actually take it up at some point, though the large number of contested ridings, the fact that many MP's didn't declare a party allegiance (as loosely as parties existed back then) until after they were elected, and, where an election was contested, all candidates were completely running and funding their own campaigns entirely - there were no party campaign infrastructures, machines, or funding, no party platforms or official party leaders even. Plus, the value of money back then was problematic. One of those huge country manors you see in pictures of rural England with almost 100 rooms and a huge piece of good, arable land attached could sell for £20 000 by 1640 money - that's less than the monthly rent for a flat in some parts of London today in modern British money...
  10. Yes. It becomes a pivotal member of a loose military and political alliance called the Mediterranean Alliance by 2048.
  11. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    It depends how you measure success. I'd say myself many of the most truly successful and meritorious people on the globe right now you've likely never heard of. But I'd bet your view of "success" is not that holistic as mine but is instead more clichéd and market mainstream pablum.
  12. You see, starting in the 2030's (and certainly the 2040's), the global order changes drastically, and leads to a major realignment. With the collapse of the EU completely, the political fracturing of the U.S. into several successor nations, the return of a "New Communism" by the sale of the nostalgia of a "mythical, fair-tale, era of prosperity, pride, power, and strength" in many (but not all) of the former Soviet and Warsaw Pact nations (especially the loss of United Russia's grip on power after Putin's surprise resignation from politics an internal power struggle between five top would-be successors (including Chechen strongman Ramzon as one of them) cripples the parties power), and the rise of this new Caliphate in the post-oil Middle East, and many other events besides. But I do have an idea of where Israel would be headed in that regard.
  13. If you're referring to my plans in my hypothetical future timeline about the phasing out of fossil fuel economic dependence, the repair of the damage already done is quite possible, but I don't think that would warrant continued, willful dependence on such energy sources if new, inexpensive, and much more practical ones (and not just the simple wind and solar power whose power input is insufficient to power the whole world's energy needs, or the very dangerous and feared nuclear power, but some real more innovative energy solutions do crop up in my timeline by the late 2020's).
  14. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    Money is not an absolute or reliable gauge of success or personal merit, or even hard work.