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  1. There are two of those Senators I need to read their Wikipedia articles before I make my vote.
  2. I work for the Alberta Provincial Government, not the Canadian Federal Government. Like the U.S., we do have a federal, not unitary system of government relationship between national and regional governments. Secondly, I have no interest in professional sports (but not for the deep-seated, envious, feelings of inaquedecy phyisically and financially listed in the the option above, just complete apathy), and I believe a national anthem is just a song arbritrarily chosen at some time by some government comemerating some event in a nation's history, and is not even nearly as symbolic as a flag, coat-of-arms or great seal, national animal, etc., so I'm more apathetic to that as well. Plus, it's a peaceful protest, invoking freedom of speech and conscience, and doesn't truly hurt anyone, so I have objections, but, on the other hand, I don't believe this protest, in and of itself, will do anything meaningful in combating racism in the U.S., to be honest.
  3. If, hypothetically speaking, a popular (to a degree) grassroots movement rose in the U.S. at some point in the near future that expanded further on the States Rights ideals and complained about further Federal authority over the State governments beyond what they perceived as reasonable grounds (and assuming Federal power over State had increased at least as much proportionately to recent decades), and this movement wanted a "Velvet Dissolution" (to use the "Velvet" descriptor of the peaceful, amicable "Velvet Divorce" of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1992) of the Union into 55 sovereign nations (the Commonwealths and Incorporated Territories receiving independence by default), with DC being returned to Maryland, as the only solution to resolve the issue, how would you feel in terms of support or not, hypothetically speaking?
  4. SPO stands for (translated from German) Social Democratic Party of Austria, and in previous decades they were strongly socialistically aligned, but now are just a slightly left-of-centre, moderate party with a name they no longer really live up to in the modern day.
  5. I think @Reagan04 only says he'd make a "better" President than Obama because the stress of the job might deteriorate his already questionable health to the point of a tragic, untimely death in office, and a certain someone else would take the reigns of power whom @Reagan04 finds much more desirable in the White House.
  6. Kind of the same thing, but on the opposite side of the current zeitgeist political spectrum, as Ted Cruz. Do you dislike him? The man who shut down the government to prove a point and as part of a political publicity stunt, essentially (an act he suffered no meaningful sacrifice or loss in his own personal life for - only poor people, the severely handicapped, veterans, and wage-paid federal government employees suffered harshly during the short period, so he can't even take the moral high ground of self-sacrifice or martyrdom for his beliefs).
  7. Now, that's productive, well-worded dialogue and discourse that in no way descends to the mudslinging and low-grade schoolyard name-calling that has became one of the biggest banes across the board of modern politics and caused so many currently active politicians and political commentators to lack all respectability and dignity. Without a doubt. :S
  8. Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey temporal preservation physics theory, my dear lad.
  9. What is with you and an Orwellian, V-for-Vendetta-style, Machiavellian, evil, scheming, dictator in a constitutional electoral system Al Gore, if I may ask?
  10. You forgot the Pirate Party....
  11. You seem to favour Eurosceptic, and parochial nationalist parties in general (unless they're Islamist) by default. But, though I admit there strong flaws in the EU and UN as stands, don't you see that, in the world as it stands, which is certainly not the world of 100 years ago where insular, isolationist politics actually did work at times, we now live in an age so interconnected and interdependent across the globe and where the "butterfly effect" globally is very real and a bad crop in Colombia skyrockets coffee worldwide (not to mention other commodities being drastically affected from small, Third World origins), that nations retreating to hide behind their borders and cut down on any sort of global coordination or cooperation at all that's not simply and easily sabotaged by individual participants by simple whims or unrealistic demands, is not going to be workable in the long-term in the world we live in today. Even the nation in the world that maintains the greatest amount of isolation, North Korea, is failing in that regard as well, and not JUST because of nuclear tests and threats by Kim Jong-un but are suffering much more profound issues due to the logistics and problems of their isolation. That's just a fact everyone in this world with any vision or sense, even parochialists and nationalists must deal with. Some sort of workable forum for international cooperation with some mechanism of enforcement of necessary provisions made in good faith by those nations party to it must be found, or the long-term consequences will be bleak and dire indeed for EVERYONE.
  12. Well, both would lead the U.S. gladly to disastrous foreign wars anyways, so...
  13. Parochial nationalism versus flawed forced integration. Either way, a losing scenario.
  14. Ah, the Weimar Republic started the trend. Fascists, hard Communists, Monarchists, regional parrochialists, and a few Christian fundamentalists together outpolled all the sensible parties and candidates combined.
  15. I might have an interest in potentially tackling several Newfoundland and Nova Scotia elections on my queue of future scenarios, though, I will admit, New Brunswick and PEI are far less interesting to me.