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  2. Whatever they actually are, the United States would have a much healthier and more functional political culture and partisan system and have the voters have real choice and far less wasted votes if they were all completely separate political parties, and not two forced coalitions, each of which gets one nominee for each elected office, making them often quite unrepresentative, in the end.
  3. According to a line by an aid to Amidalah and Obi-Wan near the end of the Phantom Menace, it seemed like, after his crushing defeat in the vote of no confidence, Valorum has not canonically running for re-election, but Bail Organa's name was dropped as an "heir apparent." Maybe Valorum should be off-by-default, due to that.
  4. @VeryLoudCartographer I must apologize if I've upstaged your thread here, a bit. This is just one of few topics of popular fiction I can actually a scenario for a TheorySpark game around with any strong knowledge or enthusiasm, and which hasn't been meaningfully attempted on this forum before. I meant no disrespect - quite the opposite, in fact.
  5. Although - and I hate to do this after so much work - both a New Republic, and Old Republic, scenario would probably work more accurately by PMI as opposed to PI, as, canonically, in the Star Wars franchise, each member world of the Republic elected a Senator, and then Senators, as well as being the highest lawmaking body in the Republic, chose the Supreme Chancellor (although that was the title of the Old Republic chief executive - I'm not sure what the New Republic's chief executive was canonically called, but Wookiepedia probably knows) from amongst themselves, which is much closer in nature to a Parliamentary system.
  6. This is a fair point of view. I will end (not a criticism of your views or the ideals of the 2nd Amendment when written, but the state of affairs as they've become) that the current ideal of the 2nd Amendment as a the "people's ability to hold the government to account" is somewhat compromised by the fact that the high militarized police forces, including the "secret police" - the NSA, CSC, DHS, and domestic operations of the CIA - and the U.S. military itself - whom one of it's purogatives is to "quell insurgency and rebellion," have a Hell of a lot of advantages across the line over other militaries and police forces. But one of the areas they're not overly exceptional in - about on par to the next 20 to 30 militaries down, at least, is their standard issue, hand-held firearms - the only thing in that mix guaranteed (or often even allowed) access to citizens by the 2nd Amendment. Do you see the problem here, as it has evolved since the days of the Founding Fathers?
  7. Now, this is not a protraction, but to clarify what I was asking. Your recent views of the death penalty and non-interventionism, and your long-standing views of abortions, are based around an inherent respect for life. Thus, how is supporting the Right to Bear Arms as non-negotiable not compromising that viewpoint? Again, clarifying my question, not attacking you for answer.
  8. If I may ask, in all fairness - and I'm looking for a reasoning of thought here, not trying to pick a fight, and I promise I won't make a protracted issue of it - is your strong and vocal support for a Constitutional right allowing to citizens to own, with few meaningful restrictions, instruments designed to separate other citizens' lives from them - which they proceed to do - quite commonly of late, and a right that has no stated doctrine, law, or parable anywhere in the Bible. As I said, I promise no protracted issue on this - I just want to understand your viewpoint here.
  9. And I apologize for a mistake to @VeryLoudCartographer for saying (presumptuously) that their work was the New Republic of the Disney movies, and the not the one formed right after the Battle of Endor. I wasn't trying to slight or minimize their work at all, but possibly expand upon it.
  10. The Prequels are an underappreciated masterpiece in retrospect. The products that Disney put out after they bought out Lucasfilm make them even more appreciated - at least to me - by a significant margin. The storyline of the Prequels was amazingly time and poignant for the times it was put out, and also harkened to other troubled times in RL history, but most people just couldn't see it, unable to see beyond the goofiness and Jar Jar Binks, certain actors' overly self-indulgent acting styles, and complaints of "too much CG."
  11. And, @jvikings1 and @ThePotatoWalrus, as well. Libertarian of any stripe that can be truly be called within it's ideological bailiwick has a very concerning issue for me - although a long term. Having grown up in the '80's, there was a specific subset of Dystopian science fiction very much distinct from the others due to the Dystopian form of government presented that only seemed to have a strong heyday in fictional franchises in that decade - the Corporate Dictatorship. That is, a society run by big corporations almost directly, usually with any semblance of government left being a spineless, thoroughly corrupted "yesman" institution that just rubberstamps the will of the captains of industries without too much fuss. By the ideologically focus and viewpoint of Libertarianism, and the personal views of their 20th and 21st Century proponents, although NOT the form of government I detailed above, it strikes me that a true Libertarian government, while perhaps being resistant from being hijacked by Communist or Fascist elements, could end up instead being a far easier stepping stone for such a Corporate Dictatorship to get roots and take over, instead.
  12. I think the break-down of Old Republic parties (don't know about names yet) could be pretty simple. -Vallorum and the crumbling, ineffectual, corrupt, establishment incumbent party. -Palpatine and his cronies. -The "sincere and real" opposition, led by Padme Amidala, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Garm Iblis, the Senator from Calamari (I can't remember his name), etc., who would later form the core the Rebel Alliance would be built around. -The "shill and decoy" opposition, with a very different platform entirely, made up of the Trade Federation and those other organs of Galactic Commerce, the Geonosians, and the worlds that would later declare themselves the "Seperatists," represented in the Senate by that Trade Federation representative who was speaking on their behalf while Nute Gunray was conducting the blockade, and then invasion. Thoughts?
  13. Insufficient research, there. You act as if they have no air force or air defense branch. They do, and a very modern one. And since Serbia, of all countries, has discovered the "hack," if you will, to detect stealth aircraft on 1970's-made radar, stealth aircraft are only now "invulnerable" if there is no actual active interceptors and air defense (like was the case in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, but would not be here). Also, Switzerland has the "defensive death trap," of hidden gun emplacements, bridges ready to blow, camo missile emplacements that can fool satellites and drone recon planes, etc. And their army is NOT just infantry, but has modern armoured and utility as advanced as any U.S. military ones. Your concept of a "guerilla fighting force of mountain infantry with tonnes of rifles," is highly incorrect.
  14. I'd rather see the Old Republic, but then again I loved the Prequels and was not at all a fan of the Disney Sequels, so there's that. And Senator, then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of Naboo, would be great to have in the mix, which only the Old Republic could have. But, that being said, the format and structure it's built around is quite innovative and well-done.
  15. Switzerland's national defense expenditure is actually quite profound and significant. But, unlike many nations with a significant national budget and realistically expected military technology and standards level, when Switzerland says National Defense, they mean "National Defense," as I said upthread, and quoted here: "Plus, I greatly admire their military policy, and how they enact their military service and recruitment - they actually have a Constitutional clause AND binding contract with each military serviceperson that no Swiss military forces will be deployment to combat service outside Switzerland, and Swiss military personnel will never die, on duty and in uniform, outside defending home soil, with the exception of rare, outlying cases like a security detail taking a bullet to defend a diplomatic missions abroad from an assassination attempt, and such. But, Switzerland is, by far, the most well-defended nation in the world PER SQUARE KILOMETRE, bar none." A very admirable trait for a modern nation, in my opinion.
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