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  1. The resistance game

    While I'm flattered you're willing to suddenly change the whole direction and a huge part of the premise of your project just to get me on board, that act alone also makes me dubious of your commitment to this project and thus it's probable longevity.
  2. Scaling Money

  3. The resistance game

    I'm going to be honest with you. If I am going to do, or be involved in, a project centred on a "resistance to tyranny" theme (of which I've dealt with quite a few in my unpublished fiction writing), I only really have an interest in dealing with a purely fictional tyrant as the focus of resistance, not a real world figure or some alternate history against a historical figure.
  4. Scaling Money

    There is a fundraising value that's separate from the value of the money itself, which is in the scenario.xml file, if I recall. There's also a separate ad.xml file, where the costs of the ad types can be edited. I believe those still require you to open up and edit the .xml files manually, as they, and a few other knick-knacks (like the currency symbol itself, or who appoints the leader in case of a lack of majority of the seats - the last one strictly for PMI, but as another good example) that still require manual editing in the .xml files and can't be edited in the in-game editor.
  5. New Historical President RP

    OOC: Wait a minute. How is there an industrial revolution being "proclaimed" when the spinning jenny, the foundation invention (along with the seed drill agricultural innovation) that was the foundation and cornerstone the RW Industrial Revolution was built along, won't be invented in ENGLAND for almost two years after the date of the meeting here?
  6. Forum Political Compass

    Whenever I hear "left-wing" and "right-wing" bandied about constantly nowadays, I can't help but envision the classic army boot camp drill sergeant yelling, "left, right, left, right." Essentially, so many people taking their political marching orders from loud voices and not of their own initiative or personally formed beliefs and - oh, God forbid, they realize the same political viewpoints, stances, and ideologies work the same or as well, or even at all, in all contexts or to all issues - because the ideological conformity and partisan loyalty demands the same ideals be applied to every issue and every problem and that those promoting other viewpoints MUST be sabotaged and spited, with a sports game mentality, even if the results are disastrous and gravely hurt the nation and people involved - being loyal to one's party and ideology is paramount, it seems - and NO GOOD has come of it, despite the self-delusion of so many today on that issue. This is why I detest the Manichaeist divide of "left-wing" and "right-wing" and will not sheepishly take a side - I will take my own counsel and support whomever in power I will give any support or praise to (if there is anyone at the time even worthy of such support), and will make no pledges to carry on such support over any period of time, and will vote strategically (pick-your-poison and least-of-all-evil scenarios in most cases, no doubt), and I do not see myself having loyalty to any political party that stands today that I'm aware of - pretty much in the world.
  7. Determining Attributes for Leaders

    Discretion, judgement, and context, is all I can really say for sure as overarching advice. Like @tjones324 question on money modifiers at about this time on this sub-forum, there's no hard-and-fast, solid rules for assigning them for all possible scenarios in all elections in all polities, years, and for all offices and legislative bodies. I know that's frustrating, but these qualities seem deliberately vague and are strongly subjective.
  8. Who is more trustworthy: Trump vs. Comey

    But what is YOUR opinion specifically on the impeachment process and open-ended Presidential and Gubernatorial pardons, and if they're appropriate to the executive head-of-state of a non-monarchial/theocratic/dictatorial nation, where said head-of-state is supposed to represent and be empowered by the people and remain, in legal status, a citizen of that nation, and not a special aristocratic or otherwise socially exalted class?
  9. Scaling Money

    I'm afraid to say here. there's no clear, universal formula. The year, polity, specific currency, amount of money that typically goes through the given races, and advertising and fundraising laws and opportunities in the polity in question combine to create a huge web of variables it would take a calculus professor to make a formula for. I hate to say it, but you'll have to estimate, and then fine tune it through trial and error.
  10. HD Issues

    @admin_270 I just got a new computer with two hard drives - a MUCH faster, but MUCH smaller capacity solid state HD meant for games requiring a lot of speed and processing power (obviously not TheorySpark games or my other beloved strategy games of Civ2 or the Ensemble Studios Age of Empires and Mythology - mostly just one or two games realistically for me), and a MUCH bigger HD in capacity with a standard one. Windows (including the default My Documents folder) are automatically on the smaller solid state HD. If I install CI, PI, and PMI on the standard, larger-capacity HD, will it still insist on storing fan made scenarios and setting in the default My Document (and those scenarios, collectively, take a LOT of memory, mostly due to the bitmaps), or is there a way to have them place fan made scenarios and settings in, and read them from, a location on the regular, bigger capacity HD?
  11. Who is more trustworthy: Trump vs. Comey

    I'm surprised you haven't responded at all to this, @NYrepublican.
  12. Bah! "Left-wing" and "right-wing" are just becoming arbitrary and generic labels attached to politicians and parties JUST to lure or scare off voters in and of themselves. I think SENSIBLE voters should look beyond them and listen to the actual exact content in entirety of the platform, and then make an informed vote that is best for the nation and people at that time, REGARDLESS of label political spectrum that's been arbitrarily attached (though, obviously, certain very extreme stances on the political spectrum are never going to a nation any good, realistically, in the long-, or even mid-term). Staunch party loyalties and political ideological purity should go out the window entirely (but try telling SO many people nowadays - including many on these forums - that bit of wisdom).
  13. Alberta - 1935

    First question, in B.C. and Quebec, unlike Federally and in the other Canadian Provinces (and the Yukon), the Liberal Parties in those two Provinces ARE the main centre-right parties, and are closer to the Australian Liberal Party in nature. The reason is because the Union Nationale in Quebec and the Social Credit Party in B.C., both holding decades-long right-wing governments, both quickly imploded in short periods of time, and in both cases the Provincial Liberals filled the gap. The B.C. Conservatives largely ATTEMPT to play on the Federal Conservatives, but they don't do so as well as the Saskatchewan Party or even, judging by it's growth before the merger, the Wildrose Alliance do by largely on and emulating the Federal Conservatives. Second, not all prominent PC's joined the UCP. Quite a few of them alienated by the sharp shift to the Right, led by former Mayor of Edmonton and briefly cabinet minister under Prentice's Government, Stephen Mandel (whom I made the mistake of voting for the first time he ran for Mayor here), have joined the Alberta Party, which had won a single seat in 2015, while a fair number of former PC, Wildrose Alliance, and Social Credit members formed the Reform Party of Alberta with a very different, but equally, right-wing, all things considered, vision. I have heard NO talk, whatsoever, of an NDP-Liberal merger or even electoral alliance, however.
  14. 1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    I know how constraining a tight limit on a speech can be, especially as I, myself, tend to use elaborate descriptives, rhetorical redundancies, self-made clarifications, and even, I will admit, a tendency toward a bit of ranting.
  15. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    The major polls said that Dewey would win in 1948, or, for that matter, that Clinton would win in 2016. I wouldn't quote them as absolute - likely perhaps - but not the seeming certainty you like to quote them as on these forums.