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  1. Patine


    How many of them have been put under house arrest, sent to labour camps, made to "disappear," executed, or forced into exile on police actions that utterly ignored the pressing of charges, consultation with a lawyer (or anyone, really), or other due process, just for peacefully disagreeing with the Trump Administration? How many Democratic, Third Party, or Independent candidates (or anti-Trump Republican candidates) are being beaten, arbitrarily arrested, or yanked off the ballot on flimsy premises while campaigning for the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections? How many journalists are being arrested, having their media outlets shutdown, made to "disappear," or forced into exile, again, without charges or due process, rather than just being dismissed as "fake news?" I think a lot of Americans don't even know what a dictatorship is, despite the fact that REAL dictatorships are ALWAYS on the news and in political discussion.
  2. Patine


    Well, then Mr. Bakunin, I'll just stay away from most big global financial districts for a little while there...
  3. Patine


    I notice absolute monarchy, theocratic monarchy, feudalism, tribalism, and corporate dictatorship are not present on that big list (the last referring to what you see in many of those dystopian '80's science fiction movies, TV shows, comics, graphic novels, books, video games, etc., where the given polity is run almost directly or undisguised by mega-corporations - in fact, one of the authors of a novel in that subgenre is credited with the first usage, and the coining of, the word "megacorp" - with either a rubberstamp or yesman public civic government, or, sometimes, just none at all).
  4. Patine


    THE dictatorship? A unique, singular article without specification? Have things become THAT melodramatic, or is the tunnel-vision, extreme short-term (both past and future), parochial, simplistic terminology in absolute applications, binary-thinking, etc., etc., etc., pop-culture zeitgeist become THAT bad?
  5. Patine


    I can't help but notice there's only "nation" and "world" under Diplomatic. What about parochial separatists, Indigenous People's rights groups, and regional self-interest groups within a nation, or those who support region federations of nations (like the EU), or clusters of separate nations based on similar ethnic or racial qualities - Pan-African, Pan-Arab, Pan-Turkic, Pan-Hispanic, etc., - as well as Neo-Anarchists and Ultra-Libertarians who believe both national and world authority should go to Hell and only extremely loose and bare-bones necessary apparatuses of social cooperation (the commune or collectivity for Neo-Anarchists, and the comiatatus or night watchman state for Ultra-Libertarians) should be present, but no actual national or international authorities as we know them, but such people can, in no way, be called strongly aligned to the WHOLE WORLD or Internationalism as a whole, OR one single sovereign nation as it exists today? Where do these kinds of people, who are more numerous than you might actually think, in totality, fit?
  6. Patine

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Perhaps the other parties should get together and make an amendment on multipartisan (which would be the proper for such cooperation if a multiparty system had emerged pretty much from the start - I notice the word "bipartisan" still used for that purpose at several points in this thread for that form of cooperation, which wouldn't have logically emerged as the parlance term if a multiparty system had been in place the whole - pedantic note there) to bar someone whose seriously mentally ill from high office. In fact, I sincerely believe such a bar from offices like the U.S. Presidency should exist in RL, despite many defending the Constitutional right of someone to hold such an office without being disqualified, or even potentially receiving a psychiatric analysis, because of the lack of such a disqualifier in the original Constitution, written in a day that predated even Freud by over a half-of-a-century and where their only understanding of mental illness came down to "eccentric," "touched," "possessed," "senile," and, "raving lunatic," and they certainly couldn't treat it or have tests to know it was in the onset. Plus, having personally dealt with mentally ill people, and considering known obviously mentally leaders in other countries of recent years - Niyazov, Gaddaffi, Mputo, and the Kim Family, I have no idea whatsoever why anyone would even remotely defend having such a person potentially become U.S. President, and even have right to be protected from psychiatric testing if their mental health was feared for legitimately.
  7. Patine

    The Appropriate Attitude of a Modern Leader

    I prefer music with evocative poetic metaphor, myself.
  8. Today, among other things (MANY other things - certainly more than should be tolerated), there is a real issue with the attitude on leadership and their position and office by many modern leaders. There is the egotism and riding high on the praise (often unwarranted) and cult of personality of Trump, Duerte, and Erdogan, the smugness of Netanyahu, the coyness and derision of Putin, the self-righteousness of Modi, the complacence of Merkel and Abe, the smarminess of Trudeau and (formerly) Berlusconi, the aristocratic airs of May (and pretty much everyone whose ever been a leader of the British Conservative Party, except maybe Major), the backward, reactionary thinking formerly of Ahern, and other glaring examples of this time of attitude of leadership. In a nation which is NOT by definition an absolute monarchy, a feudal state, a theocracy, a fascist state, a tribal structure or tribal confederation, or other such government where the people LEGALLY, ON PAPER, and IN STATED LAW have no power or rights, and the nation de jure belongs to and is completely beholden to the will of the ruling class - especially modern nations with generous constitutions, leaders should NOT hold this attitude, and this attitude should be considered UTTERLY inappropriate. Leadership in these nations should NOT be considered a right, and entitlement, a guarantee, or a reward or privilege in and of itself. Such leaders should NOT be elevated above the common citizen or considered automatically of greater merit or having a higher threshold of judicial process to declare them legally wanting, or have special protections and immunities for committing actual CRIMES by nature of their office that common citizens do not. These leaders should, in fact, be considered, and consider themselves, "servants of the people," as Plato wrote in his book "the Republic," in fact, and should make personal sacrifices for the good of their constituents whenever possible, and NEVER DEMAND the reverse. They should be HUMBLE (and yes, I use that word). As a famous line from a very famous song by U2 goes, "if you wanna kiss the sky, you gotta learn how to kneel."
  9. Patine

    Political Would you rather? Part 3

    I am incapable of answering this question, as I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and I would feel no benefit would come of arbitrarily declaring such membership, as I cannot legally vote for any candidate of, stand for, contribute funds or election volunteering to, or belong to party committees or other organs of either party, and their policy me only affects via certain trade and foreign policies and specific collateral effects of certain domestic policies.
  10. Patine

    Beto O'Rourke

  11. Patine

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    Because Donald Trump has built a cult of personality around his form of conduct, his vitriolic attacks on opponents, his emotionally-(not logically or rationally-) driven populist appeal, his empty and vapid catch phrases which people still like chanting, his blaming of whole demographics for the nations problems, which always simplified things for the masses, even if it's highly unrealistic and never leads to a good when a populist does it, his "throwing of legislative bones" to social conservatives even though he is, in no way, shape, or form personally a social conservative, he laws he allows to be passed don't hurt him at all, so they're great vulture like opportunism, and that iconic New York rambling way he talks makes him seem more "approachable" to many, even he's just as much a detached, ivory tower, plutocratic oligarch with no real personal congress in day-to-day life with the "hoipoloi" just as much as people like Soros and the Koch Brothers - and none of this, or the other hoodwinks he's pulled to get that approval rating, are good thinks or signs of a real leaders. A good con artists, showman, and snake oil salesman, yes, but NOT a good leader or a good person.
  12. Patine

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    But, with the way the EC works (especially with the outgoing House of Representatives deciding if no absolute majority of EV's is gained), the two-party system is cemented and reinforced by necessity. I'm of the firm belief that, if the two-party system wasn't essential to be able to viably elect a President via the EC's current system, and thus bottle-necked, contrived, indirect, rotating-state-bias primaries were being used to force unsatisfying nominations, but an election system like in France were in place, the Democratic and Republican would lose political cohesion, because they're strongest reason to keep it would not exist, and they'd collapse into their component already visible sharp ideological camps, which would become separate parties, which would, politically speaking, be a more natural and comfortable state for them to be in.
  13. Patine

    Syrian propoganda screw-up

    "Much to learn have you still..." Fortunately, you're still young.
  14. Patine

    Syrian propoganda screw-up

  15. Patine

    Syrian propoganda screw-up

    Using either "Israel" or "the Arabs" as single opinion, ideological blocs means the situation is already at a serious, lagging setback to begin with. We aren't dealing with ant colonies here, and people should stop of thinking of it that way.