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  1. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    That must be why I've never heard of him. I don't watch U.S. cable news networks.
  2. Patine

    Hypothetical President Brawl

    But don't you understand. If it is WWE-style, then all of this is moot. The results have already been predetermined by people like Vince McMahon.
  3. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    The three I said he couldn't be compared to, and was a different break from the establishment from - Kucinich, Paul, and Sanders, were never nominated, so, in that case, the primaries were the main relevant part of comparison. Who?
  4. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Although, I believe Trump was VERY different in bucking the establishment than his actual message, and thus is also not like the three I used as examples above. I believe he had two notable advantages - self-funding, like Perot in the '90's, who was the most seriously-speculated on Third Party candidate for U.S. President since George Wallace in 1968, and celebrity status akin to what won, on State Governor levels, Arnold Schwarzenegger in California in 2003 and Jesse Ventura in Minnesota in 1998.
  5. Patine

    Democratic Primary Poll (February 2018)

    This I fully agree with. And, in 2016, the Primary and forced two-party system institutionally failed all progressives, social democrats, true social liberal reformers, sensible moderates, hard social conservatives, AND libertarians in the same election. It appalls and shocks me that this electoral system still enjoys so much support after that.
  6. Patine

    Hypothetical President Brawl

    I don't thing fight cards for age 40+ men actually sell very well... I don't agree with several ageist comments made recently on this forum for POLITICS, but this would be a DIFFERENT issue here. I'm just saying.
  7. Patine

    What is your political affiliation?

    The Star Wars Prequels Palpatine's tactics are coming to mind again, here...
  8. Patine

    Special things about USA colors

    Of the several Quebecois Francophones I've personally known, only one has been a devout Roman Catholic, and she was very old! In fact, I know a Quebecois Lesbian, who currently lives in the Maritimes and is in a same-sex marriage with an Anglophone, and she calls Quebec amazingly homophobic. Considering your self-described lifestyle, do find any trace of that claim?
  9. Patine

    Special things about USA colors

    The British using these three colours as national colours dates back to 1707 (the Act of Union and the Union Jack - although a similar flag existed, but was not official with the declaration of Union of the Crowns in 1603), so technically, as iconic national colours they're originally British, then American, French, and, Dutch, then Pan-Slavic, then the other nations who use them.
  10. Patine

    What is your political affiliation?

    In this particular case, you're probably more informed than I am. But a few past cases have appalled, or at least highly disappointed, on the basis of integrity.
  11. Patine

    What is your political affiliation?

    Well, the U.S. Supreme Court itself has proven it can make rulings that seem highly questionable, and perhaps even comprised or under corrupt influences, so I'm not sure it's fully trustworthy either.
  12. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Yes, you've linked this. I've begun taking it into account already, actually. I just haven't made any big, public updates on the matter lately. I still greatly appreciate the aid. Certain character archetypes are still a difficulty to portray in a satisfactory way, however.
  13. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Although, a lot of my unpublished (as yet) fiction has a strong political element, and much of my science fiction is extrapolated in a near- to mid-future view from, and including, and Earth (including the setting of my hypothetical 2048 future scenarios), which often includes a United States (or traceable successor state), and I've considered some very interesting political scenarios, across the board, but "larger-than-life celebrity populists" I actually find one of the most challenging to realistically and satifactorally portray.
  14. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    Have you ever read the storyline from DC Comics back in the late '80's/early '90's (you'd probably need a collector's compilation re-issuing, in your case, but I'm pretty sure they've been put out) where Lex Luther engineers getting elected U.S. President?
  15. Patine

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    It's unfortunate, but, of course, American leaders are NOT really chosen by the voters - a few candidates that are vetted and approved by the two main party bureaucracies and the corrupt establishment with the stamp of approval of the plutocratic oligarchy they serve offer the voters a select list of 'viable" and "contending" candidates, who are never among those, anymore, with real integrity, a desire to tackle the REAL problems of the nation, a desire to end military imperialism that ONLY serves to enrich resource, contracting, and armaments corporations, or to fix the corrupt system that chose them, except for a few "glimmer of hope" candidates who are allowed to run for legitimacy, but never nominated, like Kucinich, Paul, and Sanders, and then selected by an antiquated, broken, easily-corruptible, and near-impossible-to-legally-change election engine designed to force a two-party system by artificial necessity. Of course, this is coupled by a government made of members who completely ignore their titles of "public servant" and any obligation, as a government, to be truly accountable, responsible, or transparent to it's voters. Thus, your statement, while disappointing, is no surprise.