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  1. Gandhi was assassinated by two radical Hindu Nationalists blessed by a radical Brahmin who all three belonged to a political movement the modern BJP schismed off from because they felt he was too moderate, too tolerant, too collaborationist, and gave too much ground to groups they viewed as enemies (such as the All-India Muslim League, led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, "the Father of Pakistan"). Just a note on how politics tends to view such people - for good or for ill...
  2. The old adage from the Middle Ages, used by English royalty, nobility, knights, and military chaplains of those days, "holding together," or "leading a Celtic army," comes to mind in terms of the lack of organization, defined parameters and goals, any sort of discipline and coherence of message, and headlessness of leadership, of many of these movements, I'm afraid.
  3. You mean like how Trump has failed miserably in that regard in his movement as well - with people FAR more toxic, extreme, and xenophobic than Trump publicly praising and associating themselves with him, and Trump just making mealy-mouthed half-acknowledgements of them that only become major fodder for the media?
  4. That would have been great and well in 2008 and socio-political environment at the time. But, it strikes me that a VERY large number of people who would logically for a Democratic candidate in the modern day don't want a President whose values are "decency," "dignity," "stability," and "being Presidential." A lot of them (and I've heard a lot more of this on other forums and Internet media than, say, here) want the very fabric of the governance, society, economic structure and stratification, methods of policing and judiciary, and even the way people relate to each other and refer to each - changed in absolutely drastic and revolutionary ways - in many cases and areas even far outdoing any reform rhetoric I ever spew for drastic upending of the current system. I somehow just don't think you realize this.
  5. Unfortunately, the "voice of reason," is dying in both major parties in the U.S., as extremists of different sorts are hijacking both of their leaderships. "Centrists," "Moderate," and "rational-thinkers," are dismissed as "fence-sitters," "having no meaningful viewpoint on any issue," or "might as be, or enable, the other party (of the one judging) by default." Even Biden is largely dismissed by a large number of Democrats as likely becoming a figurehead - so many are banking on his running mate as the REAL "candidate," if you will. The socio-political zeitgeist is frighteningly emotion- and fear-driven, and bad stereotypes, long-debunked myths, ruinous agendas and social practices, and a discouraging of real self-education and long-term thinking proliferate. The base mood and tenor seem eerily - and ominously - like the Weimar Republic...
  6. And that will be the long-belated sentence they so deserve for their many crimes, betrayals of the trust, violation of the laws that bind them, contempt of justice, abdication of their oaths of office and mandated duties and responsibilities, blatant corruption, and treason and sedition against their people and nation committed by great majorities of the elected office-holders of each.
  7. Wouldn't it be a poignant point, at least in my case, if I thought a major party candidate in the 2020 Election was actually a "horse worth backing," and gave any confidence or faith in the short-term political future in the U.S. Presidential office to call "my candidate absolute garbage," just because I excoriate a joke like Kanye West running. Joke's on you - if a very grim and gallows humour joke - at least in calling me out in this particular instance.
  8. Is this an allusion to Lincoln "sitting on his porch," while Douglas made a big travelling and speaking tour in 1860?
  9. When I can get a big block of time. There would be a LOT of them - to the point I said above it would be realistically more expedient to write a second and new constitution altogether.
  10. There is, however, a flip-side to this idea, with a very good set of case-and-point cautionaries already extant and fairly well-known about. The U.S. has not gotten quite this far, but it could possibly be on the horizon. The Persian Gulf Monarchies are VERY rich. They have glittering, ultra-modern cities with awe-inspiring experimental architecture and the world's only seven-star hotel (in Dubai). Citizens of these countries pay no taxes, AND get a check in the mail from oil wealth every year, and many of them own Italian exotic sports cars and high-grade yachts. However, a very unusually high percentage of the permanent residents in those nations are non-citizens who live there to work - at the jobs the citizens don't want to bother with, from base labour and services, to highly-trained and -educated specialists. But they will NEVER be citizens, because these nations do NOT naturalize foreigners for any reason - period, full stop. A woman from outside these countries who marries a citizen never becomes a citizen, even though her children by him do (this a legal protection for the citizens in terms of Islamic divorce laws). A man from outside these nations is LEGALLY FORBIDDEN to marry a woman who is a citizen, even if the man is a devout and practicing Sunni Sect Muslim (or Obadhi Sect, in Oman) and from a pre-dominantly Islamic nation, even a majority Arab nation outside those nations - it doesn't matter. The penalty for attempting an illegal wedding or elopement is DEATH. Many of these expatriate workers (moreso the unskilled labour and services ones - VERY RARELY the specialists) are exploited and taken advantage of ruthlessly, abusively, cruelly, and vulture-like - but the infrastructure and economies of these nations - as it stands - would collapse without them.
  11. I don't really think McMullen was much a real or effective spoiler in 2016. Kanye West will likely be even less so.
  12. @Actinguy's not going to like this. His favourite criminal warmongers would be so hamstrung...
  13. He's quoting the maximum mandatory retirement age in Canada for appointed judges and Senators, for your edification there, @vcczar
  14. I haven't checked the polling results, yet. And two people, even on a forum like this, isn't an overwhelming bloc of consensus. Plus, @jvikings1 isn't as nearly as old as @servo75 (or myself, but I haven't yet made any firm statements on the issue) - I believe, in fact, that @jvikings1 hasn't been over 20 very long at all, in fact.
  15. But, no doubt, causing the remaining U.S. to drop SIGNIFICANTLY below each of China and the EU...
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