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  1. Because, of course, everyone knows your campaign's chances of successes are unerringly determined by the campaign colours you choose...
  2. I currently have an Alberta 1935 scenario in the works (along with a few scenarios from other topics), but progress is slow as I'm quite busy in RL.
  3. Patine

    UK Predictions

    Well, the Tories winning isn't the end of the world. Hell, neither is Trump winning re-election. They aren't the absolute apocalypse, doomsday scenarios you make them out to be. However, winning a majority government on 8.8% of the popular vote, even by FPTP, is very Orwellian and over-the-top of a claim indeed.
  4. Also, keep in mind that, while useful for moral support and canvasing and foot soldiers and such, the Freedom Conservative Party, as of the dropping of the Federal Election's writs, has no seats in the Alberta Legislature, much as the Alberta Party and Alberta Liberals currently don't. I'm uncertain of whether or not you looked at the post-Alberta 2015 Provincial Elections seats won, which is entirely UCP Government and NDP Opposition, and no one else, as of this session of the Legislature (the first time in Alberta history only two partisan labels alone have been represented, and the first one without at least one Alberta Liberal as a member, in Alberta history since Provincehood in 1905, in fact).
  5. I will say nothing (for a change).
  6. Yes, I noticed a post-Referendum post-Parizeau PQ vibe to Feldebrandt's views of dealing with the Federal Government, now that you mention it.
  7. Oh, @Reagan04, as I'm not sure, did you notice my clarification on the origin of the Freedom Conservative Party? Though you are correct about their platform there, except for the notable (but not completely unanimous) membership by Alberta secessionists, while Bernier is at least mostly a Federalist, if he believes it possible.
  8. Patine

    UK Predictions

    I was unaware of that particular fact. If I had known that, my response would have been different.
  9. Patine

    UK Predictions

    Can you just get a sense of perspective and proportion, please?! Your "Chicken Little" complex does grow wearisome.
  10. Patine

    UK Predictions

    The EU Parliament has a different electoral system than the House of Commons. You can't expect the same results in terms of translating into seats.
  11. Biden - 45 Sanders - 65 Warren - 55 Buttigieg - 30 Harris - 25 Yang - 60 Gabbard -30 Trump - 25 Pence - 20 Cruz - 20 Kasich - 30 Weld - 30 B. Obama - 45 GW Bush - 10 H. Clinton - 25 Romney - 30 J. McCain -20 There you go.
  12. Whether it's party loyalty or negative partisanship, firm party bloc are toxic to the political environment, and, at the end of the day, to the nation and people and their interests. Partisan politics in the U.S. are becoming dangerously polarized in a way that rational thinking, logical and pragmatic viewpoints, long-term planning, and any civil discourse are being sabotaged from BOTH sides. This situation is very worrisome and precarious, and will likely not end well. In fact, both the majority of Republicans coalescing behind a President who does NOT personally follow or embody any of the ideological beliefs of ANY of the camps of the party - Social Conservatives, Neoconservatives, Libertarians, Free-Trade Enterprise types, War-Hawks, etc. - and probably has the party, his oath of office, and even his own nation as a lower personal priority to his own ego and self-promotion, or the Democratic myopic view of "defeat Trump at all costs, it doesn't matter who the candidate is, or what political damage need be done, only beating Trump matters at this time, and don't you dare bring up concerns about the final candidate, or fear beyond inauguration day, that's not the issue at the moment - foresight and concern outside beating Trump is not welcome here," attitude, are BOTH seriously destructive mentalities, but even they are just symptoms, not the cause, of a larger problem. The United States is being torn apart from within. It's integrity, as "one nation united under God," - to quote one of those ubiquitous national mottos - is in SERIOUS jeopardy. This is a far worse political threat, right now, to the United States, as a nation, than Russia, China, North Korea, or "Islamist Extremism." The lessons of the 1850's United States, or the Weimar Republic, are being utterly ignored, probably with the complacent belief that "such things just could not happen in the United States today."
  13. To be pedantic @Reagan04, the Freedom Conservative Party was formerly the Alberta First Party, not the Alberta Party, which is a separate party trying to take the more centrist position in Alberta politics the Alberta Liberals used, but have become uncompetitive because of the Federal Liberals, led by a former Mayor of Edmonton and Cabinet Minister of Jim Prentice's short-lived government. The Alberta First Party are farther to the right of the UCP, and they evolved into the Freedom Conservative Party. Just clarifying here.
  14. I suppose it is the only alternative here. Although it was likely too much to expect he would look at his posts more carefully, and how they read to others, and admit ANYTHING at all might be amiss, in any form or any way, with his conduct and how he presents his point-of-view, I will have to just block him without even that level of resolution.
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