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  1. Patine

    Which is better Android or IOS?

    Cell phones are evil! An invention created as a beneficial innovation with good intentions that is now systematically destroying much of our social infrastructure and behaviour. But, you didn't include an option for "no cell phone, never a cell phone - a laptop and landline only."
  2. Patine

    How to get the "I" party symbol

    Oh, if you're referring to the party symbol itself (for some reason, I had thought you were referring to some candidate portrait I was unfamiliar with) - I actually have a collection of those letter "I" Independent party symbols with the "I" filled in numerous different choices of colours instead of just grey that I've been using over the years for scenarios with multiple Independents or Independent blocs, if you're interested...
  3. Patine

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    Assuming that WW2-era Churchill was a 5, what number would you give Macmillan personally?
  4. Patine

    How to get the "I" party symbol

    Why don't you just borrow it directly from the 2016 scenario?
  5. Patine

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    I can actually staunchly agree with you here, @Reagan04.
  6. Patine

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    I think this RP is doomed before take-off...
  7. Patine

    Politician Respect Poll

    These "wolves in sheep's clothing" (I prefer not to use "Satanist," myself, as that has other connotations), corrupting and twisting Christian scriptures, even preaching anathema to it, for ulterior, evil, and greed-dominated ends - such as the so-called "Dominionist," "Theonymist," "Charismatic Evangelical," "Fundamentalist," etc. movements, have an almost direct analog who do exactly the same thing in Islam - the Wahabi, Deodandi, hard Shi'a, and other such groups - and both are vile stains upon the religions they claim to follow and represent, leading so many astray. The REAL tragedy is that because these groups are so vocal, flamboyant, and ubiquitous, that many people, especially those who are not part of said religion, or those who are, but are quite moderate, come to believe that that is truly how that religion's doctrine is really meant to be - alienating many who might join said religion if it was presented to them in the proper spirit and message, and attracting all the wrong people to join for all the wrong reasons...
  8. Patine

    Politician Respect Poll

    Trump wanted to declare a big trade war against the EU, which includes Austria! Plus, I don't believe @vcczar refers to the simple modicum of respect usually expected in civil company. I think he was referring moreso to respectability, integrity, and credibility in how they perform and conduct themselves in their position, and publically as a whole, but not necessarily agreeing with them ideologically or sharing partisan lines as a definite essential.
  9. Patine


    Oh, sorry. I misread that. I had just gotten up. Now it makes sense.
  10. Patine


    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying there. Maybe it's the grammar (did you pull a @Presidentinsertname?), but your statement doesn't seem to clearly make sense, and seems a bit self-contradictory.
  11. Patine

    Politician Respect Poll

    Only @ThePotatoWalrus respects Trump. SAD! :P
  12. Patine

    Politician Respect Poll

    Note, that several of the above (Cory Booker, Susan Collins, Terry McAuliffe, and Charlie Baker) I don't really know enough about to make an educated statement on them, and left them blank for that reason, not an intrinsic lack of respect either.
  13. Patine

    PEI 2015

    I remember those discussions, actually. I think the REALLY tricky ones would be Nunavut and the NWT, due to the official lack of visible, organized, and campaigned-on political parties, and the "consensus" selection of the Premier and the three or four cabinet ministers...
  14. Patine

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    Hard to say. Good footage of his speeches that give real insight into that are hard to find. Also, his record is quite mixed. Decolonization (with mixed ultimate results) and keeping Britain out of Vietnam versus his infamous "ninja cabinet shuffle," among others. He seems confident and competent (in a seasoned bureaucrat sort of way), but not very charismatic. I don't know if these observations help at all...
  15. Patine

    Poll for new campaign!

    But, everyone eligible to vote and be elected to those two monarchial positions (and the same is true of modern Malaysia) were themselves hereditary title-holders whose inherited title gave them the right to be one of a small number of electors and a possible candidate...