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  1. Patine

    2020 Election Scenario

    I think this trend may SERIOUSLY injure and handicap the Republican Party going forward after Trump...
  2. Patine

    2020 Election Scenario

    I don't imagine the "humming" will last if the backlash of the unnecessary and unprovoked trade wars of non-sensical ego hit American consumers in the next two years, which is VERY plausible...
  3. Patine

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    I believe, given the context of the day, the sources they drew on (the British House of Commons and the 13 Colonial Assemblies), and the fact political parties didn't yet exist at the time of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, that the non-partisan moderator is almost certain what the Founding Fathers originally had in mind, too. The U.S. House of Representatives could REALLY benefit from a neutral moderator, and the current role of the Speaker, as a redundant, superfluous, and unnecessary superlative of the House Majority Leader, is NOT needed or useful, in a practical sense, at all, and just seems to have become a prestige role as part of the Jacksonian spoils system that could easily (and beneficially) be done away with in that form.
  4. Patine

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    Which is a bleak prognosis indeed. Trump ONLY won in 2016 because his main opponent was just as much of a corrupt, lying, atrocious monster as he was. If far more decent, honourable, and with it potential opponents are now viewed as having NO chance in 2020, you know a tilt for the worse has happened in the electorate, and a lot of people have bought snake oil and swallowed it down despite evidence of it's venomous qualities being EVERYWHERE, in plain sight. Or, perhaps it's the "tradition" that strong opponents within a party do not make a primary challenge against an incumbent President, a very bad and self-destructive precedent indeed, that compounds the disastrous flaws already present in the two-party system that takes away real choice from the voter, and the Electoral College, that paternalistically belittles the voters and their competence, skews the demographic representation in a ghastly way, and has had ALL the stated for it's existence as of the 1787 Constitutional Convention been officially obsoleted - the last of which was the election of Trump himself, as one of the big reasons Alexander Hamilton believed the EC was needed was to prevent the election of a populist as President.
  5. Patine

    Rank the 2020 Candidates in primary strength

    LOL. Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton... I'm thinking of a song by Aayliah from the '90's:
  6. Patine

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    In Canadian politics, the three biggest political parties (the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats) have a tradition called the "sacrificial lamb candidates." That is, even in constituencies that are HEAVILY polling for another party, and the statistical chance of winning it is close to nil, the party will still field a candidate and a campaign office. The three biggest parties almost always have "full slates" of candidates each Federal election, and many Provincial elections.
  7. Patine

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    In fact, if, hypothetically, I were living and voting in his State Senate District, and I agreed, myself, with his analysis of both candidates, I might just make a Write-in Vote for @jvikings1…
  8. Patine

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    I was just saying I can empathize with the feeling. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem he even had a token Third Party/Independent candidate to make a protest vote on here.
  9. Patine

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    I can fully understand if all the viable candidates are horrible. I voted for the Natural Law Party here in Canada in 1997, because of horrible or greatly uncharismatic candidates. Also, if I had been able to vote in the U.S. in 2016 (the worst U.S. Presidential election in terms of BOTH major candidates being God-awful, horrid, corrupt, lying monsters since 1852), I would have voted for Rocky DeLaFuante, the least of all evil and the most tenable of all poisons. Even though I knew the Natural Law Party would not win a singe seat, or even get their deposit back in a single seat in Canada in 1997, and DeLaFuante didn't stand a hope in the Hell because the whole electoral is thoroughly rigged against him as much as in Russia or Zimbabwe, a protest vote still sends a message, without just abdicating one's right to vote in despair and resignation of monstrous, corrupt, and apathetic candidates freely winning elections.
  10. Patine

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    What a grim situation. Pelosi "the Legislative Sink" again. Here in Canada, the Speaker of the House of Commons, while always of the governing party, is usually not an important member of the party, or a high-ranking one, all-in-all, and many Canadians cannot even name the current Speaker, and they don't even come up significantly in the news (except on Parliament TV and other footage of Parliamentary sessions specifically) or when something else is relevant (such as when Leona Agglagakuk, the MP for Nunavut, became the first Inuit women to hold the position in 2008 or 2011, as I recall).
  11. Patine

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    "The Speaker of the House should speak for the people, not just for the industrialists and bankers, the aristocrats and big landlords, and the political favour traders," Keir Hardie, first leader of the Labour Party of the UK, in a speech during the session of choosing a Speaker of the House of Commons, 1900.
  12. Patine

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    http://www.weathergraphics.com/zod/const.htm General Zod for President.
  13. Patine

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    The word "legendary," in it's common, proper usage, strongly implies people who don't live today, haven't lived in living memory, and PROBABLY have never lived, but only exist as iconography of a concept or in romanticized or mythologized historiography.
  14. Today is the 120th anniversary of the Wilmington Insurrection, when hard-right White supremacists briefly took de facto control of the government of Wilmington, North Carolina in protest of the very fact of African-Americans have legally recognized citizenship, voting rights, individual rights, and theoretical equal protection under the law, a state of affairs the insurgents, led by the so-called "Secret Nine" found intolerable. Now, even though this was 120 years, before any human being living today in the world was born, could this kind of incident happen again. After the Charlottesburg riots and certain groups like the "alt-right" and other such movements having risen to greater prominence and boldness (which, even though Trump does not even seem to be a direct member, it is a definite case that alt-right leaders such as Bannon rallied up votes and support for him, regardless, and David Duke openly endorsed him - an endorsement he refused to refute, or even really acknowledge), I'm not so sure this type of event could not happen in the modern United States.
  15. This sounds kind of wonky! :S