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  1. New Presidential Ranking

    I believe he openly admitted in the opening sentence to a bias.
  2. New Presidential Ranking

    @vcczar If I may inquire, what lasting positive influence does Polk give on government, THE WORLD, and Americans' daily lives to put him in the second slot with Wilson?
  3. Question for Everyone.

    I'm referring to formerly Mexican politicians in the pre-Mexican War State of Alto California, NOT the Bear Flag Republic, which had never had an election. Hence the term "Californio," which referred to Mexicans from that former Mexican State as well as (and still does, in this regard) Baja California, but never used as an official denonym for someone from the erstwhile Republic of California, if such a denonym was ever officially coined in three weeks.
  4. Question for Everyone.

    Thomas Paine is STILL the only one that comes to mind for me that would qualify, UNLESS you count the many U.S. Founding Fathers who previously served on pre-Revolutionary War elected colonial assemblies for the colonies that became U.S. States, but at the time were British-created and -politically dependent entities and said Founding Fathers were, at that time, British subjects operating under British law and authority. Also, I BELIEVE a number of the pre-Mexican War Californio politicians later were elected the Legislature of the State of California or local governments in California after 1850, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Hulk hogan 2018?

    Very briefly, but not professionally, not famous for his role, and his certainly wasn't his principle calling.
  6. Hypothetical Election Poll

    As hard as it may be for you to believe, Trump is not everyone's first choice, not even every self-identified Republican's. He's not even that much of a Republican, ideologically. As I've pointed out a few times here, he was, until recently, a member of the Reform Party, but seemed to shed that label for a Republican label-of-convenience because a Third Party or Independent has the deck stacked against them in U.S. elections (probably the same reason Bernie Sanders abandoned his "Independent Socialist" that may have worked in Vermont for a Democratic label-of-convenience nationally, also in 2016). By the strict definition of the GOP political slur, Trump is a quintessential RINO.
  7. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    At the moment, while I wait for certain post-Soviet State maps (subtle hint) and am in the process of translating painstakingly some files from German that may be useful in my Reichstag 1871 scenario, I'm going to do some of the historical Canadian Federal, Provincial, and Territorial elections I had planned, as they will be incredibly easy, as I have all the maps I would need (except PEI and the modern NWT) and very detailed and accurate information, relatively speaking, in English.
  8. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Wanting to end sexual harassment should NOT be a left-wing only stance, and the fact it's considered so is a truly grim and telling aspect of modern society and viewpoints.
  9. Hulk hogan 2018?

    *rolls eyes* Yet another celebrity candidate. The title of U.S. President will have to be changed to "Chief Clown" before too long if THIS keeps up...
  10. Question for Everyone.

    The House of Lords is not an elected body and thus wouldn't count for the purposes of your own question.
  11. Best/Worst President Since WWII

    I love how so many people on the Internet use a single, often conspiracy-centred, dubious, and highly-biased article on these sorts of topics where hard and absolute facts are scarce, and call it "proof" of something, hands down.
  12. Canadian Provincial Scenarios

    Although not perfectly accurate, I had lumped them, for convenience, into informal "ideological blocs" based on each candidate's discussion of their platform on an article of the election in the CBC Newsworld archives.
  13. Question for Everyone.

    Thomas Paine was both a member of one of the VERY early U.S. Congresses and the French Revolutionary National Convention, but at different times.
  14. If Hamilton and Burr could have settled their disagreements without pistols coming out, the world would have likely been very different.
  15. Kucinich Factor?

    Actually, I believe I have - that I've said I've stopped watching American new for years now and watch Canadian and a few overseas news outlets mostly. I don't specifically call out MSNBC and CNN, because I'm usually ADDING Fox and Breitbart to a post where someone else has already called out the former two, but alone, failing to acknowledge (by omission of comment) news outlets like the latter being just as biased.