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  1. Patine

    New Historical President RP

    I think I once had a character in a short story I wrote back in high school with the name Aaron Black.
  2. Patine

    Forum Amendments for Article 2

    I still don't recognize these results and demand a new round of debate, proposal, and voting, for the reasons I stated above.
  3. Patine


    But, there are also branches and camps of Communism that are nationalistic by nature, strangely, like the ideologies of Enver Hoxha, Nicolae Ceucescu, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, and several other noteworthy leaders in the Communist/Marxist/far-right line of thought. Plus the Communisitc Iranian Tudeh Party, though never holding power in Iran, is another good example of Nationalist Communist, as were many (though not all) of the leaders of the former Soviet Republics in their transitional phase to new and proprietary political ideologies. Again, things are never quite so simple and cut-and-dry as often portrayed.
  4. Patine


    It's this kind of extreme extrapolation of everything from just a point of view to being perceived as the extreme version of that point of view to satisfy the unrealistic, overly-simplistic, stupid, and destructive binary thinking engaged in, and demanded of others, that's one of the key sliding points of civilization into the pits toward barbarism and collapse. Strict binary viewpoints and such pushing to extreme points-of-view on everything do not belong in any intelligent, civilized, advanced, and functional society - they are the domain of superstitious barbarians and savages - Visigoth, Huns, Neanderthals, and other such peoples who didn't last the test of time...
  5. Patine

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    This is, in fact, another example of my argument on another thread here of a single executive head being almost always unable to represent and unify the nation they're leader of, and why a collective executive head would be far preferable.
  6. Patine

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    To be fair, he verbally attacked whole large demographics wholesale in his own country that certainly add up to a majority of the population. But, I agree, no attacks at the nation as a solid whole.
  7. Patine


    Communism is an ideology enacted in phases. Open borders are only a policy if the Global Revolution has been achieved and all nations hostile to Communism no longer exist as such. Otherwise, border security of Communist nations is among the tightest in world history.
  8. "Winning an Internet argument is like winning the Special Olympics," Unknown. I've come to accept this. Have you?
  9. Patine

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    I'm not so worried about the meeting itself, to be honest, like I wasn't with Kim Jong-un. I mean First World leaders, including American Presidents, have met all sorts of monstrous, vile, sociopathic and despicable tyrants face-to-face for well over a century now, to be fair. It's been quite common, in fact. FDR shook hands with Hitler in 1936, and then met Stalin five or six times during WW2. The only thing of concern is what ends up being agreed to with any binding quality - not the meetings themselves.
  10. Patine


    ONLY after the Global Revolution has been successfully achieved. Not while nations hostile to Communism and Marxism still exist in the world.
  11. I strongly disagree there. In fact, I disagree with existence of a class of criminal called "terrorists." The specifications, parameters, and definitions of what makes one a "terrorist" over someone else who commits the same collection of crimes, but is not labeled a "terrorist" is so ill-defined, arbitrary, politicised, subject to ruthless abuse and often without recourse, appeal, or a fair trial, and is, in essence, much the same as the label of a "political criminal" in authoritarian regimes, and easily be used and abused by a government in much the same way. EVERYONE should only be punished for the actual crimes on the criminal code they have committed with the standard punishments for those crimes, regardless of motivation. This also means I'm against the label "hate crimes," as they often lead to which hunts.
  12. Patine


    The political spectrum is not like the weather. It doesn't actually change based on where in the world you are. A lot of American usage of these terms is usually based on willful lack of education and a pride in parochial ignorance, I find. It unfortunately has rubbed off negatively on the American intelligencia.
  13. Patine


    Far-left governments have EXTREMELY tightly controlled and monitored borders.
  14. Patine


    Again, moreso centre-left, not far-left.
  15. Patine


    That's not a far-left plank at all. Much moreso centre-left.