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    Typical Liberal... all about power
  2. Hunky_Monkey


    Everyone... sign up at the new forum Sask posted above... http://www.politics80.ipbfree.com/ Good job, Sask! So, register... that's an ORDER!
  3. Hunky_Monkey


    I'm depressed now lol I'd even miss you, Christian Seriously, though, we need to start a new one. progressivedem... what was the old site you had up and running when the political chat was closed here before?
  4. Hunky_Monkey


    I think I'd miss people here I'd even miss mantis and Boar Who is organizing a replacement forum?
  5. Not sure who... but I don't think it will be Clinton or McCain. I think Romney has a shot. And Obama does too. One thing about Obama... he's makes you feel good. That special quality that people like Robert Kennedy had.
  6. Economic Left/Right: -4.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.00
  7. Hey, Habs... did you get that photo pack done?
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