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  1. If you want to maintain a high number of posts per day, you could always start quoting huge sections of the 'SUN' newspaper instead. Not that you'd be the first
  2. If the player wins the nomination he/she would choose the running mate as in real life. If not then the player could make an offer to the candidate which could then be refused or excepted depending on platform, state, electibility et.c. How it would all work in practice is a difficult question. You would have the option of clicking a 'negotiate' button. The other candidate may then decide to enter negotiaitions with you. Offers nad counter offers would go backwards and forwards ovger policy. It wouldn't be so different from negotiating in Civilization III or Rome Total War. for example: Cl
  3. It should also be someone who can win (in the hope that they can become running mate. Shouldn't it be possible to make deals with other candidates with regard to becoming the running mate and negotiating over policy. E.g. in 2004, Clark could have done a deal with Kerry that he (Clark) would drop out in exchange for the vice-presidencey, and their platform would shift to the left on a couple of issues.
  4. Yes. I agree that we have to keep our feet on the ground, but four variables at a state level won't be that complicated when there are already 18 issues with a different centre in each state. I think K-uglen's idea would work into things extremely well. For example, religious/secular would be more important in more recent scenarios in the wake of the rise of 'the religious right'. This could be brocken down in the same way as issue profiles.
  5. Make north vs. south a factor. 3 different options: 1. You could give a bonus to southern candidates in southern states and the opposite for the north. This would encourage players to 'balance the ticket'. From a gaming point of view it would be a little difficult though as some states are neither north nor south. 2. One way of doing it would be to give each state a file in which was determind it's relationship with other sates. e.g. Ohio-Indiana 5 -Michigan 5 -Arizona 1 -Minnesota 3 and so on... So a candidate from Ohio wou
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