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  1. conservdem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    baseballstud4381@yahoo.com A copy would be great.
  2. conservdem

    Major Update to 2008 election

    Please send the latest scenario to baseballstud4381@yahoo.com Thanks.
  3. conservdem

    Developer's Log #15

    I usually don't post here but I'm very excited about the game. Lay off Anthony, and nobody has any right to criticize anything. This is his product and nobody is entitled to the game.
  4. conservdem

    West Wing 2006 Scenario

    andy@oasys-llc.com this would be great!
  5. conservdem

    Other Election Sims

    never mind, i got it. Here is another site I found. It is a government sim, but we are holding elections soon.
  6. conservdem

    Other Election Sims

    how do you get the one from underdogs to work? It is a zip file and I cannot play it.
  7. conservdem

    Other Election Sims

    I am already apart of government simulations. The best by far is AGS, american government simulation. But does anybody know of any election simulate\or simular to RTP?
  8. conservdem

    Other Election Sims

    does anybody know of an online election sim? besides kernscorp.com, that is all that i know.