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  1. The scenarios I asked for are not on the page for P4E+Primaries. If they were, I would not have asked for them. If I knew I would be treated like this, I never would have bought the game in the first place. If I get banned like you guys want me too, why would I still want to play the scenarios? So, go ahead, get me banned, and you will see how much I care about this product anymore.
  2. This doesn't make any sense, so I hope your just joking. Isn't there another way?
  3. I did, but like I said in the other thread, the primaries are now missing from the scenario.
  4. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but not only am I not a spammer, I am also not the user with 72 after his name. I was a member here long before that guy, so don't insult me. I am just trying to be a member like everyone else. I also look forward to new scenarios being released because its a great game, so the more scenarios the better.
  5. It must have been sent to the wrong address because I still haven't gotten it. james_bond73@hotmail.com Thank you
  6. Yes, this is the only one I'm requesting. Can't wait to try it. james_bond73@hotmail.com thanks
  7. I don't know that much about the show, but out of curiosity, I was wondering why Ralph Nader is in the scenario?
  8. No, I thought he was saying platinum was the password. Sorry
  9. NO, that's not the password to get rid of the red dots either.
  10. New Democrat

    Canada 2007

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the red dots in this scenario? The password doesn't seem to work.
  11. I don't have the blinking problem, just the red dots but nobody seems to know what the password is to get rid of them do just work around the problem, I mean how bad is blinking anyway?
  12. Ah...the red dots in my scenario aren't blinking, there just red. Maybe someone else has this problem too that can help better than me.
  13. I see two little red dots on my scenario also but there not really blinking. Are you sure your using the right scenario?
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