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  1. Northern Democrats were holding their Round 1 vote - no majority. Stephen A. Douglas and his 1 Delegate go to... Access error that I unfortunately didn't get a screenshot of, but figured I'd post here in case anyone else has been able to replicate it (and of course, I don't have a save I can go back to - was trying to just quickly get through an election as Sam Houston)
  2. Also, I'm having to dump organizational strength everywhere, because it's costing me over $30,000/turn, whereas the other parties are still keeping theirs from what I see.
  3. Greatly enjoying the scenario however. I did find that rallies that were *too* successful actually hurt me because of how much money they cost, and surrogates are a no-go, because they cost $10,000/turn, which destroyed my funds.
  4. A couple of bugs as Jefferson Davis: 1) Davis endorsed Buchanan, even though Davis was still a candidate. 2) After beating Douglas in a contested convention (210 votes to 192 FWIW), the Veep Choice button was gone from the selection screen, so I had to go with my first choice (chose Douglas, though when I saw our poor relationship, I wanted to select someone else, but couldn't, due to missing button).
  5. I'm guessing this challenge is designed to be without primaries?
  6. My first President Infinity win (I usually play until the primaries, but this time decided to go ahead. Last full game since Howard Baker). A tip from jvikings1 to pressure candidates to endorse me once they showed signs of slipping stopped the second place candidate endorsements, and I won the nomination easily once that started happening. Clinton looked like she was going to lose the nomination at one point - that's how badly things were going for her, but she stabilized once candidates started dropping out and endorsing her. There was never a serious chance of Cruz losing the electoral college, even though a couple times early in the campaign the popular vote was a virtual tie. Nevada and Wisconsin were two of the most back and forth states, ironically. On election night, though, it was Ohio that kept flipping the most, but we won that and even managed to steal Michigan, thanks to the UAW's endorsement. Our closest loss was North Carolina - 45,000 votes and a 1% difference. Otherwise, Cruz pretty much, well... cruised. Tickets were Cruz/Fiorina and Clinton/O'Malley. I'm not sure why Clinton chose O'Malley. Fiorina on my part was a ploy to try and siphon some of the female vote from Clinton, and try for a somewhat more moderate Republican to balance Cruz's Tea Party craziness. Cruz/Fiorina - 49.9% of the vote - 416 electoral votes - 75.1 million Clinton/O'Malley - 36% of the vote - 109 electoral votes (Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, D.C., Hawaii) - 54.2 million Bloomberg/Don't remember - 8.4% - 13 electoral votes (Virginia by approx. 80k votes over me) - 12.675 million Stein/Don't remember - 3.1% - 4.69 million Johnson/Don't remember - 2.5% - 3.8 million
  7. So I try to save my game, and it saves the filename, but it throws the error and the filesize is 0 KB. It's after I've secured the nomination (thanks, jvikings!) and was looking at the general election map while still in the primaries.
  8. So I've noticed in my games. I'll try another one and monitor it more closely. I believe the last one, everyone was at -100 to -72, and then like 2-3 turns later, people started dropping out and endorsing Biden.
  9. Yep, and it requires me to spend considerable amounts of PIPs to even have a remote chance.
  10. Aaand it happened again. Clinton has two debate meltdowns, so I move into the lead with Sanders, and guess what? Everyone starts endorsing Biden, who is in 2nd place. I think I'm going to shelve this game until further notice. Too bad, as it's one of my favorites.
  11. I know this is dreamworld stuff, but I'd love to see a setup where you could start with the first election, and then progress through US history, where the candidates' and parties' power and influence vary by what happened in the previous election(s). A connected campaign, as it were. The modders do great work with the separate historical campaign mods, but it'd be cool to see an actual grand campaign that's also dynamic and organic within its own universe. If that makes sense.
  12. So two separate campaigns - a 2016 with Mike Huckabee and a 2008 with Wesley Clark. 2016, I win Iowa, then get hammered until Washington state, win most of the Super Tuesday states, and am clearly the front-runner. Suddenly, everyone starts dropping out and endorsing Bush, who is #2 behind me. The tidal wave of endorsements locks up the nomination for him, as it's too late to bounce back from the suddenly huge leads he has in every state. 2008, I win Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, and again kill it on Super Tuesday. Again, I'm very much the front-runner. Same pattern repeats - everyone starts dropping out and endorsing Obama, who is #2 behind me. The endorsements again cause a huge tidal wave of states to all flip deep into his favor, and I go from looking like I'll secure the nomination with little trouble, to now we're pretty much guaranteed to have no nominee until the convention. If this isn't a bug, I'd like to know the mechanics behind what's causing this to happen. I don't recall seeing this phenomenon before in previous versions. The Bush one I can understand - we were close enough that the flips clinched the nomination for him (even though I probably could have won the nomination myself without that rush of drop/endorse). The Obama one makes no sense at all to me, however. Edit: In case it's not clear from the text, this is for President Infinity. Apologies - it wouldn't let me change the topic.
  13. Just to add, it auto-created Prof. Arthur Schlesinger (sp) for Robert Kennedy, and then it tries re-creating him even though he's already made.
  14. Anthony, This may have been fixed in one of the later patches, but just in case it hasn't... I was playing 2016 campaign with all candidates turned on, playing as Bernie Sanders, and every couple of turns it fires for Mrs. Jane Driscoll I think it was, to be created as a surrogate, even though I hadn't told the game to. It's a small issue, given that I just cancel it out whenever it pops up, but still something that should be fixed. If it has been fixed, I apologize - just checked my email and remembered there's version 2.0.0, which I just downloaded. Edit: I am also seeing this in 2.0.0 with the 1968 Beta Campaign with Robert Kennedy - the surrogate is being auto-created.
  15. The debate score was -28 in the recap. Obviously I didn't place in the Top 8 so it didn't show up on the actual debate screen proper. It's possible that everyone attacked Warren (forgot to screencap it and wasn't checking that closely I'm afraid). It just stunned me is all because like I said, I've never seen something of that magnitude happen, ever.
  16. So I'm playing Elizabeth Warren in 2016 default campaign, everybody toggled on because that's how I roll. It's about a month before Iowa and I've staked out a 3% lead there and working on turning things around in New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina to get the hot flavor going. ..And then I'm hit with a 28 Power Debate Meltdown (Full disclosure: Debate Prep had fallen to 2, and Warren's charisma is oddly a 2 as well in the profile). I've never, ever seen a 28 power negative hit in all my years of playing different versions of President Forever. It was amazing, really, to see the campaign I'd worked so hard to build up come crashing down with one single act. It also set her background fundraising to $0 and her CP from 6 to 4, which was already used up building up my army and organization elsewhere. There's no coming back from this. Not even when Command Strength finally ticks up to 3 so I'm at 5 CP. It's still in the 20s. I was wondering - was it just a really, really bad, terribly unlucky roll of the dice? I'd seen other Debate Meltdowns, but they were of the single digit variety. Never the 28.
  17. Tried to download the Chancellor Forever demo and it stopped after 472 KB. The German version downloaded okay, but I much prefer English version
  18. Jestor

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    I really think there should be a Dynasty type of forum where people related their games as they're playing them, etc, like what you see with most of the sports text-based sims out there and for all sorts of games on the FOFC boards.
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