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  1. hey just happend to get on the forum today for the first time in like a year. anyways for the people that want my old kennedy lives scenario, its in the downloads area on the 80 soft site. but it's only for the original version. NOT primaries. anyways, wow. these forums are completly different now. what ever happend to all the political discussion threads and whatnot?
  2. me too. linkinpark3154@aol.com
  3. my computer was kinda messed up recently. but i think its all fixed up now. ill email it out as soon as possible. within a day or so prolly.
  4. I'll proabably put in a few alternate candidates too...so if you wanted it to be more realistic you could pick one of them..
  5. Yeah so i made this scenario called RFK lives like january of 2005 but then i stopped playing president forever, but i have gotten back into it recently and fixed it up...so ill send it in within a few days. I can email it to anyone who wants it tommrow morning though.. Picture is..... Here...
  6. linkinpark3154


    hey i got a new computer and need to redownload president forever....so how do i do that?
  7. just played as donald trump in 2008 and won the presidency...only had 23 electoral votes, but it was enough to congress and they picked me??
  8. linkinpark3154


    just was busy doin stuff and just forgot about comming to the board.
  9. linkinpark3154


    Hey all, im like finally back that is if anyone remembers me. So whats been goin on with the game and the board over like the last 5 months
  10. yea i was going to make a starwars one, and i started too, but i realli had no idea how to do the map so i stopped workin on it.
  11. i havent been on the board much latley but i thought id come and say scurry up with this.....I WANNA PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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