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  1. chrism_scotland

    West Wing - 2006 { P4E + P }

    Hey can I get a copy of this scenario? chrism_scotland(at)yahoo.co.uk
  2. chrism_scotland

    West Wing 2010

    Tillman, or rather the actor who played him was actually POTUS in C&C Red Alert 2.
  3. chrism_scotland

    Republican Primaries

    Come on wheres Arnie???? LOL
  4. chrism_scotland

    West Wing 2006 Scenario

    Can i get this excellent looking scenario. chrism_scotland2002@yahoo.co.uk
  5. chrism_scotland

    I found the first bug!!!

    Copied to Directory but it says its not a valid win32 program
  6. chrism_scotland

    Monster Raving Looneys

    Don't know if the parties in scotland are actually parties or just independent candidates upset at the merge of Scottish Army Regiments.
  7. chrism_scotland

    Monster Raving Looneys

    Talking of missing parties the most glaring omission is probably Robert Kilroy-Silk's new party Veritas????
  8. chrism_scotland

    West Wing Election 2006

    Hi not sure who made it or if theres more than one but can I get a copy of the west wing 2006 scenario/scenarios. E-mail: chrism_scotland2002@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Chris
  9. chrism_scotland

    west wing 2006

    Hi, firstly would like to say looking forward to this scenario as I am an avid fan of The West Wing although in the UK we are a little behind. According to some of the West Wing Fan sites: This is the Candidates for President Democrats Vice President Bob Russell (With Donna Moss & Will Bailey) Former Vice President John Hoynes [Texas] Senate Minority Leader Trippelhorn Congressman Matthew Santos [Texas] (With Josh Lyman) Republicans Sen. Arnold Vinick [Calif.] Fmr. Speaker/Acting Pres. Glen Allen Walken [Missouri] Perhaps Fmr Governor Robert Ritche (Rep Cand 2002 Election) Chris
  10. chrism_scotland

    update+pirmaries vs prime minster forever

    The upcoming (2005) election might not be terribly exciting but its the historical/future scenarios which would be good, just like all the P4E scenarios. Chris
  11. chrism_scotland

    update+pirmaries vs prime minster forever

    Speaking as a Brit. I'd prefer to get the British Version of PM Forever. I like the scenario of the UK Election for President Forever but I'd rather have an actual UK Election game, as we don't get games like this over here. As much as I love all the scenario's for President Forever I'd like a British i.e. Home Election game. Especially with the General Election early next year. Chris
  12. chrism_scotland

    The Federal European Republic

    Could you send the scenario to chrism_scotland2002@yahoo.co.uk Thanks a lot, sounds excellent. Chris
  13. chrism_scotland

    Help - Buying

    Hi, thanks everyone for your help. Managed to get it through Paypal, excellent game. Better than similar titles. Chris
  14. chrism_scotland

    Help - Buying

    It kinda helps but I'm not entirely sure. I'd rather have been able to use my debit card as it is much easier. I have a VISA Electron too, can I use it as a VISA Credit Card? Chris
  15. chrism_scotland

    Help - Buying

    I would like to purchase President Forever and the PM versions however I am from the UK and I don't have a credit card, only a debit card (Switch/Maestro) How can I get it. Chris