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  1. I also think would be kind of cool (since money wasn't a problem for anyone this time around), is to have daily On-line donations. The money can go up and down as your candidate rises and YEEEEEHHHHHHHAAAAAWWWWLLLs all the way down. And a way you can make CPs more valuable, you have to option like Polling, where you commit a CP as long as you want to solicit On-line donations. The CP could be considered the Web Master of shorts. Also I think might be cool is if at the end of the primary you get the option to opt out of public financing for the general Election. So you can either keep whatever you got in the bank and whatever you can raise from going forward... or you can get 76 or so million. But alas, much like everyone here, this could be an update. It's hard (and stupid) to give ideas about an update you haven't played with yet...
  2. How about instead of City Markets overlap, have a Cable TV option. So instead of 50 states, you could have like 10 Cable "regions". Where you can run a Pro NRA ad on the Southern Cable market, and a Pro-Health Care ad in the Northwest. Have it effect less pre State but have it effect the entire region. Then you can specify individual States that need...shoring up.
  3. I think it would be kind of cool if you lose the nomination (like John McCain), when it statistically happens, you have the option to either play the winner of the Party or Play your character as a Independent third party. And to add a level of difficulty, if you run as an Independent, you're only on the ballots in the States where you have foot soldiers. That way it's a bit more realistic as a third party spoiler.
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