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  1. Doubtful. Kasich did not endorse Trump in 2016 and skipped the Republican National Convention hosted in Ohio. No one cared. Trump beat Clinton by over 8% in Ohio.
  2. Is the position full-time, and what is the salary?
  3. Next debate will likely be only 8 candidates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Democratic_Party_presidential_debates_and_forums#Fifth_debate_(November_20,_2019)
  4. Hillary Clinton should also have a double-chin in her image.
  5. This guy was once considered electable:
  6. Why are Democrats gambling America's future on three 70-something-year-olds? (Bernie, Biden, Warren)
  7. Recommend becoming a member of your local/state Democratic Party and actively volunteering to build up infrastructure. Join the campaigns of local races if any are the ballot in your jurisdiction this November.
  8. Elizabeth Warren will do better than Hillary Clinton if the average voter is smart...
  9. I have reduced my red meat consumption the past few years and aim to be a vegan so that I do not further pollute/kill the Earth.
  10. Now that Warren has entered frontrunner tier, the rest of candidates and the media will start attacking her and dragging down her numbers.
  11. Yang needs three more qualifying polls: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Democratic_Party_presidential_debates_and_forums#Fifth_debate_(November_2019)
  12. Yang now 4th place in poll of national voters.
  13. Nobody has been attacking Warren. That will change very soon as the other candidates get scared of her rise. They have been waiting for Biden and Sanders to fall first.
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