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  1. Jayavarman

    Your News Sources

    The New York Times The Wall Street Journal
  2. Jayavarman

    How to play PI until it's fixed

    No insult received. "sneak-peek" version = beta test
  3. Jayavarman

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

  4. Jayavarman

    Caleb's Personal 2020 Prediction

    Dark horse candidate could win the primary and then the general election. Carter, B. Clinton, Obama were all relatively unknown 2 years before they became President. I am watching Pete Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard.
  5. Jayavarman

    It’s Official

    Recommend reading this book about Nixon that concentrates on just 1913-1962 so you see how he grew up and what made him: https://smile.amazon.com/Nixon-I-Education-Politician-1913-1962-ebook/dp/B00HL709WY/
  6. Jayavarman

    It’s Official

    Nixon was a sitting Vice President / former Senator and only lost the 1960 Presidential Election by 0.17% of the popular vote; quite possibly had the 1960 Presidency stolen from him if the voting irregularities in Illinois and Texas were indeed malicious. Nixon spent the following years before 1968 supporting Republicans across the nation for various offices. This loyal support and work enabled him to again decisively win nationwide Republican primary votes and endorsements from the start.
  7. Jayavarman

    It’s Official

    Beto is literally a loser. Biden is 76-years-old and ran for President twice before losing badly each time. Silly worship of these very flawed guys.
  8. Jayavarman

    Working on 2020

    Thank you.
  9. Jayavarman

    What are YOUR predictions for the 2020 Democratic nominee?

    I am tracking Pete Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard as interesting dark horse candidates.
  10. Jayavarman

    It’s Official

    After a certain age, older folks cannot drive a car or fly a plane. People also tend to die when they get older. Age is a valid consideration.
  11. Jayavarman

    Unlikely Hypothetical 36-candidate Democratic Primary

    The initial crowd will likely thin quickly when their exploratory committees can't build the proper fundraising and staff. The Republicans also had a wild primary last year: Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, etc.
  12. Jayavarman

    It’s Official

    I have provided specific names.
  13. Jayavarman

    Late December Trump Poll

    Trump has already backtracked on Syrian withdrawal as of today. The troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere will be replaced/augmented with private military contractors, i.e. new versions of Blackwater.
  14. Jayavarman

    It’s Official

    Where's this young crop all at once. I say no to Warren, Clinton, Trump, Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, etc.