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  1. Down with the monarchy! I wish to see no more Kings and Queens in the world.
  2. Covid cases will spike due to cold weather forcing people to congregate and meet indoors.
  3. Will the Democrats win Arizona? Polls have remained much more blue than expected. The state seems to be really changing.
  4. Cool. I will be in Boston next week and will spread the word about City Councilor Michelle Wu.
  5. As much as Trump is abhorrent, incompetent and dangerous, he has not yet fundamentally crippled America as much as Bush II did.
  6. Joe Kennedy III should retire and help the American people with his $50 million share of inherited family wealth.
  7. I asked for a news source, not Donald Trump's youtube page.
  8. Trump's obesity is another bad example for the people. People would literally be stuck if there is a mass mobilization for a future war, not to mention the terrible medical/productivity costs of today's unhealthy population.
  9. Interesting analysis on how Minnesota is trending Republican. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-minnesota-could-be-the-next-midwestern-state-to-go-red/
  10. Why does that matter? Trump did not win 2016 with amazing polls. Democrats I know keep showing me Biden's national lead when I warn them about Trump. They did the same assurance dance with Hillary's lead in 2016.
  11. The simple bar is showing up once. Clinton showed up zero times in Wisconsin while Trump made multiple visits. She went on to lose the state by only 10 thousand votes. Trump and Republicans also made more campaign visits to Pennsylvania and invested resources. Clinton lost the state by 0.7%.
  12. Biden needs to MOVE. Trump and his people are physically doing what needs to be done to win an election. Democrats are still hiding in basements and behind computer screens. Trump is traveling to Wisconsin on Tuesday. I am getting flashbacks to when Hillary never stepped foot in Wisconsin and barely any of the Midwest. Biden should do a 50-state tour, quickly stopping in each. He does not need to mix with people or have rallies. He just needs to *move* and show up. Trump and Republicans are physically everywhere. They don't care about any pandemic and are fighting to win by
  13. A more radical, militant wing will emerge from a Trump defeat. Joe Biden will fail to hold the Democratic coalition together as the economy continues to crash and wars erupt overseas. Kamala Harris will become President due to an early Biden death/incapacity, triggering open revolt from white nationalists.
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