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  1. hey ronnie, i found my northern ireland 2005 scenario, so if you want to use anything from it let me know. as far as northern ireland is concerned i think: Ian Paisley - Sovereignty David Trimble - Conservative Gerry Adams - Prog or Labour but these guys are all really hard to put in one group or another. they could probably all fit into the conservative party, but i think this is a good compromise
  2. yeah sorry ralph. im pretty sure it didnt have a virus cuz i scanned it with loads of different programs, but its still not good to think that im sending you a virus, so i apologise. but on to the good news! i found the scenario and its totally virus free, and i will soon be shipping it off to 80soft for all your electoral needs!
  3. the scenario was called Northern Ireland - 2005 or Northern Ireland Assembly - 2005. i think i would have sent it about 3 or 4 weeks ago. dont worry if you didnt get it, i had some problems emailing it and it might not have worked. one thing that could have ahppened was that i tried to email it to you over hotmail, but it wouldnt let me because it said it contained a virus. dont worry, i scanned it with several programs and it had no viruses, but i tried to send it a different way anyway.
  4. here is the map for the iraq scenario im working on party logos etc will follow soon
  5. i sent my northern ireland scenario to 80soft, but it hasnt been posted yet (or at least i think i sent it). thing is my computer crashed and i lots a load of stuff, including that scenario. i think i sent the northern ireland scenario to a couple of people and i was wondering if they could send it back, as i lost my original.
  6. this will come out very soon. i left it for a while to work on other stuff, but its basically finished.
  7. dunno if anyone else is doing or going to do an iraq scenario, but i think i'll give it a shot. should have at least a map and some party logos by the end of today
  8. that would be a good idea! im working on a map right now, so when ive got that done i'll post it and you can see what you think.
  9. i think someone mentioned a LOTR scenario, but i wasnt sure if anyone had started one. i was gonna give it a go myself, but if anyone was working on one and had any objections, i'll back off
  10. sounds like a great scenario, and i sent you a message about the map. if you need any info on irish politics, then i could probably help you out. i mostly know the northern irish side, but many of the issues cross over. just wondering about the parties. would it not be better to have conservative instead of republican, as most countries would probably identify more with the term. also, at least in the british sense, a democratic party and a labour party would probably overlap (not sure about australia). perhaps a democrat/labour alliance, with another more liberal party (liberal democrats/greens etc). anyway, its your scenario and im sure youve got it worked out anyway feel free to anything from my scenarios, and good luck!
  11. calm down, people will start shouting at you for demanding the update. patience, it will arrive and we will all join together, putting aside ideological differences.
  12. i once lost as a democrat when nader took 3 states. i cant remember the election or the candidates, just that splash of green on the map on election night.
  13. to be honest i think i got lucky with my ads. i dont 'play clean' like some people, i like to get as many scandals in as possible, and run the odd attack ad. but i dont do that "all ads in all the states" thing, seems like cheating. so because of the scandals im constantly researching, my ads suffer and their power is low. but this time i got lucky and had some high powered ads to run. way i did it was to take everything out of my electoral strategy that i was leading by 10% or more. when new polls come out, change your strategy to suit. had the election basically won with about 2 weeks to go, so after that i was able to concerntrate on winning extra states, or 'ego states' as i like to call them
  14. i had this scenario for ages but never played it, so i thought id give it a go. when it came to the election night, i was i was winning and losing states that i shouldnt have. the population for each state was set the same as the electoral votes, and i was winning say 2 votes to 1, but losing the percentage and the electoral votes for the state. anyone else experienced this, or is it some freak accident?!
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