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    British general election scenerio

    Damn. Your map's better than mine (not that my map is bad) good idea about the Celtic Party - the main thing ive been wondering about is what to do with/in the irish constituencies (since labour, conservatives and libs dems dont run in those seats) Seems we've both worked hard on uk scenerios, only for prime minister forever UK to be announced
  2. zulu elephant

    British general election scenerio

    Thankyou I hope it will live up to expectations
  3. zulu elephant

    British general election scenerio

    Not sure how it's gonna shake out with Candidates/Running mates but Im thinking... Labour: Tony Blair Gordon Brown Charles Clarke Robin Cook David Blunkett Jack Straw John Prescott Alan Milburn Conservatives: Michael Howard Oliver Letwin David Davis Michael Anrcam Liberal Democrats: Charles Kennedy Lembit Opik Menzies Campbell Probably gonna put the UK Independence Party in to balance the whole left-right thing out a bit
  4. zulu elephant


    I hope the primary election actually has a significant influence on the actual presidential election - otherwise, why not just a normal game twice?
  5. zulu elephant

    British general election scenerio

    Well, Scotland, Wales and the North of England tend to be Labour and the South tends to be Conservative but it is nowhere near that simple Anyway Ive made a good map using a good image from the net including Wales Scotland Northern Ireland The North West The North East Yorkshire and Humberside The East Midlands The West Midlands East Anglia The South West The South East and London as the constituencies (these are the constituencies in the European elections so Im maintaining an air of political realism) Hope to get the Scenerio out in the next few days/couple of weeks Any suggestions would be most welcome
  6. zulu elephant

    British general election scenerio

    Yeah, I could do that. I don't know if I could look myself in the eye if i created something half-ass and unrealistic though
  7. zulu elephant


    Thanks. I figured that would be it but the help file is far from clear.
  8. zulu elephant


    The help file isnt that clear about spinng the news (imho) If i spin a negative story about my candidate does it lessen the blow or am i giving advertising to the scandal/negative news story? If i spin a positive story about my opponent (say 'Bush rolls through florida), does that mean i am trying to convince the public that Bush's campaign trip to florida is crap or am i promoting it sorry for my ignorance but the help file only seems to mention spinning positive stories about yourself and negative stories about your opponent
  9. zulu elephant


    Do we have any idea at all what the primaries update is going to entail? Cant find anything on the site
  10. zulu elephant

    Senate and House races going on in background

    Perhaps this would make the game more of a 'politics simulator' rather than an election simulator Is this desirable?
  11. zulu elephant

    When is the update coming can we have a ruff idea

    edit: wrong thread
  12. Well, here's a challenge... Hundreds and hudreds of constituencies. The map would be an absolute knightmare to create 1 MP (one electoral college vote) for each constituency The only (only..ha) problem would be the fact that a plurality of votes for your party would be seen (by the computer) as a victory for you, whereas in real life, a party would need an absolute majority to be declared victorious.