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  1. Endorsement event:In an exciting rally in Wisconsin, George Romney endorses Nelson Rockefeller for President and says he is a man of true virtue and all of his supporters should vote for him, nit the LINO Nixon. Nelson Rockefeller meets with his East Coast friends Prescott Bush, Margaret Chase Smith, and John Chafee at Kykuit and asks for all of their endorsements. He talks about his liberalism and East Coast roots. (These is my three events, roll each to see how they feel about my pitch and such)
  2. Martin O'Malley tours Iowa Martin O'Malley has a rally with an ice cream truck in Iowa Martin O'Malley goes to a horse farm and barnstorms
  3. Cory Booker drops out and endorses Andrew Cuomo for President
  4. Marshall Garcia of Change UK steps down, and I. Patine Smart has become the new leader of Change UK!
  5. Nelson Rockefeller meets with Governor of Michigan George Romney Looking for an endorsement. Rockefeller talks about his similar views with Romney, as he is a true Rockefeller Republican, unlike the LINO Nixon. He says he knows business, like Romney, because he was the owner of a business and has always been pro-business. He also talks about ending the endless war in Vietnam and the draft. He tells Romney that an endorsement could push him into Treasury, State, or even VP. Nelson Rockefeller meets with the Governor of Ohio James Rhodes. Rockefeller is also looking for an endor
  6. Senator Booker has a town hall in Urban South Carolina Booker has a rally in Urban South Carolina Booker announces and starts his "Tried, Tested, True" bus tour in Rural South Carolina
  7. I may start this soon, as people have actually joined
  8. Cory Booker has a rally in Urban South Carolina 2. Cory Booker has a another rally in Urban South Carolina 3. Cory Booker has a town hall in Urban South Carolina
  9. Nelson Rockefeller holds a rally in New Hampshire and talks about his experience as Governor of New York and his ability to beat Johnson. "We stand here today at a crossroads. We stand a crossroads where we need to beat President Johnson. We need to beat President Johnson to create more change in this great nation. Our great party is being torn apart by radicals like Senator Goldwater and such. Our country's soul is at a crossroads as well, with the war in Vietnam and the protests across this country. We need strong leadership, we need experience, and we need morals in the White House. I
  10. I will do a Part 2 of 1968 and what a Barry Goldwater Presidency would be like.
  11. I just had this idea for trying to figure out a way for Barry Goldwater to win in 1964. I don't really like Goldwater overall, but I just wanted to see if I could get him to win, as he had almost no chance to win. I do like LBJ in real life though. Here are my thoughts. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy is shot in Dallas and LBJ is sworn in as President. Public opinion turns against Johnson quickly, as Robert Kennedy airs his believe that Johnson played a part in his brother's death. Kennedy launches a primary campaign against Johnson and almost wins, but he is defeated because ma
  12. 1. Cory Booker has a rally in Urban South Carolina 2. Cory Booker has a another rally in Urban South Carolina 3. Cory Booker has a town hall in Urban South Carolina
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