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  1. Any chance youve had the opportunity to check that out? I miss President Infinity!!
  2. Thank you so much! I am not sure what I am looking for as far as what a path is but I appreciate all your help and I hope you figure out what it is! Thanks again
  3. How do I figure that out? Sorrrryyyy!!
  4. None of my other campaigns are United States - 2020 lukes v.zipthere but I exported this campaign from the regular PI and into Beta.
  5. Okay! Bear with me. I figured out how to import my user game but Its stuck on a loading message (Creating Game) for just over 2 hours.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have a user campaign on my regular President Infinity game, but today I downloaded the Beta version (newest) and I dont know how to import my user campaign into that game.
  7. Hey guys!! I cant find anyone posting about this and your help would be greatly appreciated! How do I import my campaign I created into Beta President Infinity. I cant seem to do it via Zip or Folder options but maybe I just cant find it.
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