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  1. I’d say yes. Aspects of the economy are in recovery, which bodes well for November. Barring the continuation of riots for months and/or a resurgence of Covid his odds are 50/50 in my opinion. Economy is king.
  2. Eisenhower wins the best. He built the damn highways. Bush II is the worst. Iraq, Patriot Act, general foreign policy.
  3. Zenobiyl

    Amash drops out

    Democrats: Even when we win, we’ll turn it into a loss.
  4. @Wiw It would also be more fitting to replace “democrat” with “politician”. Shady fucks exist in both parties.
  5. Fair enough. Suppose it doesn’t matter anyways since Biden doesn’t need Ohio
  6. This happens when a party has no voters. The trick is to rally and get people to vote for you.
  7. I’m worried about the fact that our only two choices are people with sexual assault allegations.
  8. Exactly. He could even lose Arizona and still win comfortably. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are the prize of this election, and polling has Biden winning them.
  9. Yeah. His failed trade war with China is eerily similar to Hoover’s Smoot-Harley tariff.
  10. I would hold my breath on Georgia, Ohio, Texas, or even Florida flipping blue. Biden is the favorite to win even without them, but those 4 states are gonna be very tough to win against an incumbent republican.
  11. Why isn’t Utah dark red? That state is supposed to be the most conservative in the nation.
  12. Let’s just scrap democracy and hand over he government to an AI. Machine Learning can evolve to walk, so it can evolve to run the world perfectly.
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