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  1. Still waiting for Dean’s comeback!
  2. “President Dodson has seen more cactus than poors” the quirky yet funny quotes continue, I also love that you probably picked the weirdest picture of Rachel Maddow in the entire internet to use,
  3. @Hestia11 I am truly sorry, I totally forgot that yesterday was Father’s Day, Going to write my speech real soon, in a few hours, again sorry, my bad,
  4. That looks so cool @GBarros, I wish I could help, but I’m not very good at making scenarios,
  5. I'm going to cross my fingers, and leave California right after the primary results
  6. Lmao these little side conversations are so funny and random, I love how Frank Underwood keeps belittling Doug, basically continuously reminding Doug how stupid he is,
  7. I’ll take My good friend Bobby K.
  8. This is the funniest campaign yet! And that includes the Bill Weld President one!
  9. Waiting for the networking! So hyped
  10. Grr how did we allow so many of the delegates to go to the dirty progressives?!
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