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  1. technichally it wouldnt work since ME-02 would still go red, but this map doesnt take that into account
  2. did this once and made every state blue.
  3. (I'm still kinda busy, but I can release some quick events to keep this moving) Gary Johnson and Justin Amash travel to Idaho, where they speak about protecting civil liberties, and privacy Justin Amash travels to Denver, to talk about the need to legalize recreational drugs, and free criminals who were locked up for Drug offenses Justin Amash appears on Fox News, to talk about the need for a Libertarian Party, and why to Vote Gold
  4. Gary Johnson campaigns in Denver, talking about Marijuana legalization at a Federal Level Justin Amash campaigns in rural Oregon, talking about a free market Justin Amash, Rand Paul and Thomas Massie barnstorm in Kentucky, talking about protecting civil liberties and the Constitution
  5. Gary Johnson campaigns in Texas with Ron Paul, talking about the need for privacy protections and anti-surveillance measures. Justin Amash attends a Q and A at Michigan University, where he emphasizes that the Libertarian Party is not only a right-wing party, but the party of freedom and liberty. He goes on to say that moderate and left-Libertarians are welcome in the Party as well. He then goes on to talk about issues that will impact young people, like the rising debt and endless wars. Justin Amash rallies in rural California, talking about the Independence Push. "We are one America. Together we have made it through a civil war, two world wars, depressions, natural disasters, terror attacks and so much more. We are stronger united and together. When California confronted wildfires, the whole of America stepped in to help. I want the people of California to know that the Libertarian Party will always fight for you. You have a place in our America."
  6. Event 1: Ron Paul and Thomas Massie join up to do a campaign rally in Rural Kentucky. Both endorse the Libertarian Party (is this ok?) Event 2: A large campaign event for the Libertarians occurs in Alaska. Among the politicians are Jim McDermott, a former candidate for House who got more than 10% as a Libertarian, and Joe Miller, former Senate candidate who got second place as a Libertarian. Lisa Murkowski also makes a surprise appearance, and although she doesn't officially endorse the Libertarian Party she does stress the importance of preserving personal freedoms. Event 3: Gary Johnson and Justin Amash join up to tour the Great Plains states. They hit the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, and talk about paying down the national debt, ending foreign wars and protecting constitutional rights.
  7. Event 1: Justin Amash rejects the coalition offer from the Never Trumper Coalition "For to long, the two major parties have stripped away personal freedoms, started war after war, allowed the debt to skyrocket, and tore away our Constitution. The Never Trumpers are just a continuation of the failed policies that have plagued our nation for so long. We are the true voice of freedom, and justice in America. To any American who feels like modern day America is working for the party bosses, and not the people, has a home in our Party." Event 2: Gary Johnson campaigns for the Libertarians in New Mexico, and in other Mountain-West states on Personal Liberties Event 3: Justin Amash appears on Fox News shows to promote the Libertarian Party and encourage voters "
  8. My party leader will be Justin Amash, with Gary Johnson as number two
  9. i managed to force a contested convention, then got the endorsement of literally everyone
  10. I won the Republican Nomination only winning New Jersey
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