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  1. Dean 04. Clark as VP secured the Clinton Dems while Dean's populist appeal secured the industrial midwest.
  2. Is it even possible to win as corbyn in 2019 on hard? Has anyone accomplished this?
  3. Played on hard and started from January. Racked up some endorsements and early state momentum. Got some strange results
  4. tzmb


    The beta version isn't playable. I can't get past the first turn. Is this is supposed to be a mobile port? The aesthetic and design leads me to believe that this is a condensed version of the game that's designed for apple and android and using this on pc is leading to issues?
  5. Functionally, it won't let me get past the first term. Aesthetically and and gamewise, I don't see the need for a switch in aesthetics. It kind of feels more like a mobile game now along the lines of 270. it feels like a regression overall.
  6. in his defense, the game is from 2009 and I haven't heard about it til today. being that no one has brought it up in a while besides recently and that it's from 2009 then you can't really blame him for forgetting about it.
  7. I would say a landslide is more or less anything over 350 evs in the electoral college
  8. he campaigned to the left of gore but wasn't much of a populist or really the outsider he tried to claim... so warren
  9. I think Trump wins rather easily this time and Dems win again in 2024. That's usually how it goes these days.
  10. *Angela Merkel campaigns in Hamburg on the minimum wage* *Thomas Strobl campaigns in Thuringa on capital punishment* *Armin Laschet Campaigns in Berlin and slams AfD on social issues*
  11. Monika Grutters campaigns in Berlin touting CDU's tax policy Julia Klockner campaigns in Rhineland-Palatinate touting CDU's trade policy Armin Laschet campaigns in dusseldorf emphasizing Christian values
  12. RP and IRL Bernie's campaigns both died on the same day. Fascinating.
  13. Beto won by literally 237 votes holy shit lol
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