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  1. if bernie drops, his base would probably consolidate around gravel
  2. or thank him for inventing the internet LMAO
  3. you just came points within reach in Tennessee! that's a shocker
  4. you also shocked in NC with a pretty good performance
  5. I think this is gonna be a definite Terry vs. Warren race.
  6. ooc: Gravel doing well only hurts bernie. Warren seems to be doing good.. Terry is doing really good
  7. Gravel is definitely doing well tonight so far in the wake of Yang leaving. This might change the whole dem race.
  8. congressional districts. he won more in congressional districts. some delegates are allocated on a congressional level while others are allocated on a state level.
  9. ooc: Gravel doing surprisingly good for warren's home state
  10. Romney holds a nationally aired solemn speech in his home state of Utah in Salt Lake City: "The majority of both the house and the senate agree that the President has disregarded the rule of law in the oval office. While it doesn't meet the 67 votes needed to convict him, it is clear as day that the President is not fit to serve for another four years. In these trying times, one thing is abundantly. Our President is lacking in the moral integrity and the fact that the majority of the U.S. Senate finds him guilty of abusing power is a shame to the moral standards we set for the oval office. Together, though, we can restore that moral integrity. Together, we can bring the country back together and honor the words of our founding fathers laid bare to us in the framework of the United States constitution. This isn't going to be accomplished in a single day, this isn't going to be accomplished in a week. This is going to take a serious amount of time and effort devoted to rebuilding our country. I think I speak for all Americans when I voice my disappointment in the President's actions. But we should not despair. We should not ignore the guiding words of Benjamin Franklin. "A Republic, if you can keep it". For all the beauty in this country, perhaps one of the most beautiful things, is that the United States of America introduced the radical idea of self-government. What happened today illustrates to us as Americans, is that we need to take an active role in the political process. We need to hold our elected officials accountable, in order to sustain this Republic. We cannot afford to fail to heed these wise words from our fore fathers. We must work to preserve the integrity of our country and expect our President to do the same. Today is a sad day. I think that, regardless of who you are or where you stand, that this is a troubling thought as an American. It isn't too late to put this chapter in American history behind us. Our country has been through a lot, and each time we come out stronger. And so I feel out of this too, we shall also grow stronger. " Gov. Charlie Baker holds a press conference in Boston: "It is a sad day to see a majority of our United States Senate agree that the President of the United States commit an abuse of power. It did fall short of a 67 vote majority but it is clear that our President holds a disregard for the rule of law. I find it disappointing that our President, no less, contradicts the very values we try to instill into our own children. As Sen. Romney said earlier today, it is indeed a sad day. We can come out of this stronger though, I believe we can still choose to bring this country back together in these divisive times. To me, this illustrates a lack in leadership and trust in our own President and that's something that should upset any American to their core. This is beyond politics, this is beyond party lines, this is about moral integrity. Simply put, the President has failed the American people." Romney holds a $1 million dollar fundraiser in California. Romney holds a rally in Fresno, California: "Regardless of who you are, I think one thing is clear. It is time to move on past President Trump. This is a dark time in American history. But we cannot deny the truth that a majority of the United States Senate voted to convict a sitting President of abusing his power in the White House. It's going to take a lot of time. It's going to take a lot of effort, but we can rebuild this country. It starts with every single one of us who is here today. We need to hold our elected official accountable and I wholeheartedly agree with that regardless of whose side you're on. The stakes of this election are much higher today than they were when I first started running. And regardless of the President, I don't view these elections as horse races. I view elections as a way for the American public to grant themselves a voice. I'm running for President so I can represent those who share my view that we can work to rebuild our country. I'm running for President so I can work for those who are tired of the lack in progress we have made in tearing each other apart instead of working together. I'm running for President so we can restore moral integrity to our oval office. One thing, I think we should bear in mind in these dark times, is never to lose hope in the spirit of America. We've been through tough times, but together we can make it through." Romney runs a $1 million dollar ad in Southern California: "A majority of the United States House of Representatives voted with several other Republicans to impeach the President A majority of the United States Senate voted with several other Republicans to convict the President, falling short needed to convict by just 13 votes. Sen. Romney is running for President to restore honor and integrity to the white house. Together, we can close this chapter in American History and restore normal to our country." ooc: @SilentLiberty as you're mentioned here
  11. Sen. Romney holds a rally in Burlington, Vermont: "I'm glad to see such a crowd in Burlington today. I'm excited for Super Tuesday and I'm confident we can win in Vermont. Day after day, the President ( @SilentLiberty ) has stoked division. You're either with him or you're not. Let me tell you, I think pride in your country should always come before anything else. And what we see, is a lack of legislation being enacted and a congress in gridlock. We can work to create legislation that cuts taxes. We can work to lift off the burden of big government off the backs of small businessowners. We can work to do all of these things. I did managed to enact all of these as Governor of Massachusetts, while we had a Democratic legislature. That's what I believe we need in a President, an ability to sway others and bring other people in, not pushing them out. What we're offering is the restoration of the American ideal and the idea that we can work together to improve the lives of working people. Politics has become more and more about personal vendettas and getting back at people and we have lost sight of the purpose of public service, that being is to serve others. I'm not running for President to brag about it to a couple of rich guys in Mar-a-lago. I'm running for President so I can serve you and work with my colleagues for policies that benefit the average american." Sen. Romney runs an Ad in Northern California for $500k (from silicon valley up north): "Values" "Patriotism, unity, faith these values guide us as Americans. We instill these values into our children. We expect them to do the same. But can we expect our President to live up to these values as a country? A President who has abandoned the constitutional rule of law, a President who demeans our allies on the global stage. A President who brags about assaulting women. America is supposed to be a world leader in promoting our sense of values. Ask yourself this on super tuesday "Can President Trump lead the fight for these values?"
  12. Romney holds an $800k fundraiser in New York. The event is a dinner where Sen. Collins and Gov. Sununu speak before a few remarks from Sen. Romney.
  13. Romney holds a rally in San Jose, California: "I sure enjoy the crowd here tonight. An aide told me that a poll recently shows us within striking distance here! We are on the cusp of taking the state that holds the largest swath of delegates in the Republican primary. This message is resonating loud and clear. It is becoming increasingly and strikingly clear that President Trump ( @SilentLiberty ) is unfit to lead the Republican Party to victory in this coming election. This movement is resonating and I promise you, we will work together to elect Republicans in California again. It's clear that we need new leadership in order to do so. Since the President has been elected he has failed to reach outside his comfort zone and he has failed to expand the Republican Party, and it's clear he will continue to do so as long as he is our party's President. Let's be very clear, the stakes are high on Super Tuesday. We can choose to nominate President Trump again and risk moving back and forth from one extreme to the other or we can work together to bring in moderate and independent voters into our coalition in order to elect Republican leaders and enact conservative legislation. We've tried the President's approach of "all or nothing" and it hasn't worked. Since he's been elected, we've lost control of the house, we've lost many great Republican Representatives in this great state, and we've seen nothing but gridlock in Washington. We need new leadership and I'm asking for you to vote for me to bring real change to this country. Romney holds a barnstorm in Stow, Massachusetts with Gov. Baker: Gov. Baker introduces the Senator "Good evening, good evening. I hope you're doing well tonight. I particularly want to thank Gov. Baker for his support for candidacy. It's crystal clear, from the results in New Hampshire, to recent polling, that the American people are sick and tired of our politics being so divisive and hostile. I think, it goes without saying, that the majority of this country would rather see positive changes in their day-to-day lives rather than see politicians at each other's throats constantly. It's time to return our government back to work and focus on improving the day-to-day lives of everyday Americans rather than curating soundbites. Our President should serve as an example for the country. A President should be able to talk to people they don't agree with and manage to pass legislation that helps people in their day-to-day lives. When I was governor of this state, I managed to balance the budget and cut taxes with a Democratic state legislature. There's no reason our current President can't do this, he just simply chooses not to. And to me, that's disqualifying leadership. This is possible, very much so, and we're seeing this more and more with each and every day. I think we have the power as a movement to give a voice back to the silent majority of people in this country who are fed up with all the nonsense and want a return to normal"
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