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  1. Tough to tell at this point imo. Biden has a good lead but once the conventions are done we might start seeing things get more interesting.
  2. Well, given that the results stay pretty much the same, perhaps it's better to edit a scenario using polls for more specificity? And tinkering with the Undecided voters to make bonuses better. I'm not entirely sure. I won't be posting anymore here for now but I will continue to see if I can tinker with the newer version, and compare it to anything that might've been different when I get the old ones.
  3. July 8th, since I have more time on my hands I thought I should post some more things I have noticed, and tests I have ran. Here is a scenario where I have set Trump's positions to all Far-Right and I've messed with some of the Committed/Lean/Undecided numbers for him because I thought that it may change the outcome more and prevent the ties from happening the majority of the time. Altered Committed/Lean/Undecided Numbers: 30% Committed 60% Leaning 10% Undecided Trump vs. Biden only. General Election Polls are off. https://imgur.com/a/FKt3CSi It seems the game has given Biden 2 more wins compared to the original post screenshots. However whenever Biden wins, they are all identical. And I've seen it when Observing the actual game that it is 279-259.... (Wisconsin being the closest state which goes to Biden by razor thin margins). And when a tie occurs, it's because Trump has won Wisconsin by a razor thin margin.
  4. I see. It seems as if in previous versions though if I was a far right player I'd lose momentum a lot more quickly than one with normal positions. I've actually sent an email requesting an older version if possible. I just thought I should point out some of the problems me and a friend have tested and ran into with 3.1j.
  5. Perhaps I should've specified more. I'm saying that I moved all of trumps positions to Far Right. And the results stayed exactly the same compared with his normal, default positions. Still results mostly with ties, which it logically shouldn't be, as embracing a full Far Right platform is deeply unpopular in America overall. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for replying.
  6. Since I have the time on my hands and nothing else to do. I thought I would post more of these bugs, and oddities I have encountered throughout my playing of the game. Why is it that in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and perhaps several other states that I haven't bothered to look at.. always end with turnout in 0. And each candidates vote total in the state ends in 0. No matter how much I change the turnout if I edit it, it stays the same. The numbers will change a bit every different campaign, but they will ALWAYS have turnout that ends in 0, and candidates will have votes that end in 0. This is something that's very rare but possible, but something has to be wrong if it's doing this every time. Here are several screenshots of this occurring in a scenario. The first one has polls on. The other has polls on. 1. (Polls on, Trump vs. Biden) https://imgur.com/a/LQpv48W 2. (Polls off, Regions Only, Trump vs. Biden. Third Parties are obviously present.) https://imgur.com/a/Cvl7409 3. (Same election as number 2. Florida results showing similar behavior.) https://imgur.com/a/JKAb2Jd 4. (Same election as 2, 3, & 4, but Missouri, to show you what an actual election result should look like, most of the time.) https://imgur.com/a/rIv8S6X 5. (Same as the last 3. Minnesota doing the same thing) https://imgur.com/a/rIv8S6X I just wanted to make sure and point this out as well. I'll have more screenshots of oddities coming soon.
  7. I've posted quite a bit concerning bonuses not working... but as I've played over time I can't take it anymore. I understand the Developers are working hard but I've sent a support email to revert back to an older version because 3.1j, AND NOT THE BETA. Is broken. Allow me to explain... This is a scenario between Trump vs. Biden. I haven't touched barely anything of this custom scenario other than a couple of things. 1. Polls are off. 2. Trumps positions are moved to all Far-Right positions. Yes you read it. Far Right. Lunatic territory right there. Why is it that when doing a simulation, both using the actual simulation and just playing as an observer result in the same thing every time. REGARDLESS of what happens. Screenshots will be added. https://imgur.com/a/nAnBRpJ Notice how Biden wins 4 times with nearly identical percentages, and 6 ties. Does the game truly think that if Trump adopted a Far Right platform that he would still be able to be competitive against Biden? I mean sure, He'll win Alabama and Wyoming but to have a majority be EXACT TIES? Come on. But wait, there's more! https://imgur.com/a/vucGgi1 This scenario above is the normal 2020 scenario, again with polls off but nothing in the regions tab changed. All result in a Biden/Trump tie. Positions are unchanged btw. Why is there no variety? Back in what? 2.9.2 or something everything was PERFECT. A final example. https://imgur.com/a/nYFd05M What's with Bernie Sanders getting destroyed every time? I know he had a disadvantage in some polls but what's this? Near landslides and a tie??? Do third parties break the game somehow? I'm not much of a Bernie Bro but this is an insult. I should at least see a little bit of Bernie wins in there. This isn't 1984 or 1972 where Reagan and Nixon had a 100% chance of winning. Maybe in some peoples dreams but I can assure you that ain't happening nowadays. Even more odd, what's with the Green surge? Bernie's presence arguably would decrease green turnout because the Greens are full of Progressive voters. I doubt even the most Moderate Democrat like John Edwards would vote for a Green over Bernie, like it'll make a difference in Louisiana anyways. If you would like more examples of this I am happy to provide. I found that these three were the ones that stood out to me the most. I apologize if I've offended anyone with this post, but I'm just showing you what's happening in my game. I am aware of this happening to others as well as one of my friends who plays this game has helped me compare our scenarios doing the exact same thing. With that said, I hope I am able to revert back to 2.9 or so until the 3.0+ and the BETA is fixed.
  8. I'm doing a 2020 scenario as Kasich and despite playing the game for 2 years and knowing the gist of everything I can't seem to get past 10% in the National Polls. For some reason at the start endorsers start having negative points which makes me trying to get endorsements extremely difficult. I do a lot of fundraisers for ads...I even have more command points than Trump. Any tips or thoughts into what I might be doing wrong? I know he's an incumbent but man... Kasich should be doing somewhat better than this.
  9. So I've been playing my own 2020 scenario... I turn the polls off in the tab because I like to mess around. Yet, every campaign I do the result is roughly the same as where it started. Is there something I can tweak in the shifts, or is it a percentage problem? Surely there is something I can do to make the elections a bit more variable and not have be within the same results + or - 20 depending on what happens in general... Thanks!
  10. So ever since 3.1 or so, after I updated from 2.82 or so, pre 3.1... bonuses haven't done anything. I give Trump a + or - in certain states, stays exactly the same. I also have the polling in the polls tab set to off. So the game is only running on region percentages. Also in the 2020 scenario, the outcome more or less is always the same regardless of a candidate or percentage. I gave Trump a 100% bonus in Alabama just to test it, nothing. What changed? I liked being able to just add a 5% bonus for a candidates homestate or a custom one I would make, but now, nothing happens. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm looking for any recommendations of the hardest campaigns in the game. Just got done with a 1980 Hard play through as Jimmy Carter, no edits, for real playing, trying to beat Reagan. Honestly pretty intense and tough on election night and even more so, fun! Even though I lost, lol. Any of you experts out there able to win as Jimmy in 1980 with no exploits? And anymore hardcore campaigns you'd recommend? I'd prefer them to be older campaigns, and not 2020 or 2016. This election was a bit interesting, because Reagan chose John Anderson as his running mate... so John Andersons vote aren't really his, just consider them Write-Ins I suppose. That's also probably the reason I did better in the South than Carter did, and why Reagan did somewhat better in the North, and Illinois.
  12. Is ranked choice randomized in this game? Are the preferences of voters randomized or do certain party votes just go to the top 2 parties? Because I see essentially no variation or flips once a runoff is applied in it. If this is the case, is there a tab to tweak it? Thanks!
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