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  1. This latest bit has me wondering if there is anyone in Biden's family who is going to ask the question of whether Joe is up to the task of the Presidency at this stage.
  2. My username comes from the fact that where I live (northeastern North Carolina); the TV stations serving that area are in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (the biggest cities being Norfolk and Virginia Beach)
  3. Taking into account the fact incumbent Governor Matt Bevin hasn't conceded; assuming the call holds up for Andy Beshear (currently a margin of just over 5000 votes separate the two), there would be two factors in the Democrat's favor: The family ties (Andy's father, Steve, being Matt Bevin's predecessor as Kentucky Governor and to my knowledge had been relatively popular as Governor) Bevin had a big target on his back with regards to clashing with the teachers' unions (similar to the frequent clashes in Wisconsin between the teacher's unions there and then-Governor Scott Walker) On the other hand; it seems at least in Kentucky the GOP did pretty well in the down-ballot races, most prominently with Daniel Cameron being elected as Andy Beshear's successor as Attorney General (making him the first black Attorney General in the state's history as well as the first Republican since 1944 to hold that office).
  4. Or also a similar strategy used by then-Tennessee Senator Al Gore in 1988 when Gore effectively ignored Iowa and New Hampshire to effectively "bet the farm" on a good showing on the mostly-Southern Super Tuesday contests (which, unlike Giuliani's Florida Strategy, was at least a partial success with Gore winning 5 primaries and the Nevada caucus, though it was largely a three-way split between Gore, Jesse Jackson and Michael Dukakis and Gore failed to win anywhere else before being knocked out after New York)
  5. Don't know what he will do; but if I was a candidate for any office (especially President) in a position where I had to undergo heart surgery, especially at 78 (and considering both Bernie and Joe Biden - himself the subject of a lot of speculation about his health - would both, if elected, turn 80 fairly early on in their term) I personally would hang it up.
  6. Between those incidents and now the situation with his eye filling with blood; I would think Biden's family/campaign staffers would be pleading with him to undergo a full medical check ASAP.
  7. Um, gotta throw in some questions/comments (besides having difficulty picturing Robert Byrd crossing party lines to endorse any Republican presidential candidate. Could see Jesse Helms if for no other reasons than he was from her home state and of course Elizabeth Dole was Helms' successor in the Senate IRL) Additionally, Thurmond had by the 1970s (partially) abandoned his past support of segregation (though not to the full extent of completely renouncing those views {contrasting with, say, George Wallace}). Finally, unless you know something I don't; I've never heard of any allegations of racism with Howard Baker.
  8. Stumbled across President Elect on the Internet Archive a couple of years ago; and that's what got me curious over whether there was anything similar that was more recent; which is how I found out about this game. As for the Election Day game, I may check that one out later but it sounds interesting.
  9. Can only imagine how long it would take for the network decision desks to come up with a final projection (thinking if something like this happened for real {or similar to the 2012 incident in the GOP primaries where Iowa was first called for Mitt Romney by a margin of 8 votes before a recount led to Rick Santorum winning by a still-razor thin 34 votes}; the winner's identity wouldn't be known until sunrise in the Hawkeye state at the earliest if not a couple of days later). "NBC News projects Beto O'Rourke as the winner in Iowa...but our graphics team is so confused by how close the battle is between Beto and Pete Buttigieg that we've made about our 12th adjustment of a winner". 😉
  10. FDR vs. TR Jr. - mentally having the "Family Feud" theme going in my head right now. 🤣
  11. Since he's pretty much been the front-runner since entering the race; I think unless either a disaster strikes or funds dry up Biden makes it at least past Iowa. That said, Biden's presidential campaign history has not been very good (KO'd due to the plagiarism scandal during the '88 campaign {and likely would have been best case scenario forced to withdraw had he stayed in following his suffering a brain aneurysm - with I believe Biden even speculating that he might have died had he not been forced out of the race} and finished 5th in Iowa in 2008 before deciding to fold up his tent)
  12. Had recently been watching the 1968 election night coverage (the last time to date such a scenario was a remote possibility in real life due to George Wallace's third-party campaign); and seeing that reminded me that the determination of the House would be based on the majority control of a specific state delegation. So here's what the breakdown would look like (only one state; Pennsylvania, has an even split in terms of Republicans and Democrats in the House) and sure enough Trump would be re-elected by the House by a margin of 26 state delegations to 23 for Mayor Pete. Trump (GOP majority): AL; AK; AR; FL; GA; ID; IN; KS; KY; LA; MS; MO; MT; NE; NC; ND; OH; OK; SC; SD; TN; TX; UT; WV; WI; WY Buttigieg (Democrat majority): AZ; CA; CO; CT; DE; HI; IL; IA; ME; MD; MA; MI; MN; NV; NH; NJ; NM; NY; OR; RI; VT; VA; WA Was surprised at a few things from what I saw (Arizona having a Democratic majority; California with only 6 Republican House members; Michigan would have been an even split before Justin Amash left the GOP) https://www.270towin.com/maps/9ND6j
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