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  1. It can be private or public. Sometimes it is better to posture one way private and another public. Welcome to the government 😂
  2. @Shamilton, James Madison would bring quite the dignity to secretary of state and it would be quite the bipartisan move!
  3. Checking in to check the notify me of replies box! And counting votes of fellow competitors...
  4. Statesman have to be born and cabinet up front, my opinion.
  5. I would like to play the first game again knowing what I know now. I also know a person who would like to join the game. I say we restart Sept 1st!
  6. I will make this easy. Just to see the war I will be swayed to vote aye.
  7. I think this great war is going to continue to not be so great...
  8. Let's have fun with this last bit since @Shamilton is about guaranteed to win. I vote NAY to war!
  9. No one has tried to buy my votes yet? I am perplexed!
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