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  1. I too am doubtful of the need for a tariff in the infancy of our new nation. T'will be shameful if such an economic ploy does not trickle down well enough to boost our own benefits with so many enemies out and against us already... However, t'would also be shameful to not trust our chief commander straight out of the proverbial gates as well. Aye! from this faction.
  2. Alexander Hamilton cannot wait to begin delivering your mail!
  3. I don't mind activating statesmen regardless of age but am not opposed to any kind of restriction either. I do like the idea of having to choose a cabinet up front and dealing with the potential consequences. Sometimes I feel like my wife and kids are my career.....so........many.......humans in this house!!! 😭
  4. Two?........IP? 2 freakin' IP!!! That's INSANE!! ....but not impossible. One from statesman Root and one from faction please.
  5. When I first read this I quickly saw if I'm willing to propose war against congress.... I hope that's not the case. I stand with the President!
  6. I. AM. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!! Let's go to war!
  7. I'll spend 1 for Kern and Mellon should've practiced more.
  8. John Kern congressional support please. Andy Mellon speech for popularity.
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