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  1. Oh, I have to check that one out when I'm done with my US campaign then! Though at first glance, it looks very old and I don't know how well the game system would translate toGermany - not just because we don't use first past the post, but there is also less focus on one candidate and more on the party - so there wouldn't be one person holding rallies all over the country (at least not to the same extent), instead all the local representatives and party people would hold local rallies. Also if you wanted to simulate the MMP system with all its intricacies correctly, you would have to simulate every county, not just every state.
  2. Oh yes, I do speak German as well! I don't think there is a game like this for German or Austrian politics, so we have to be thankful that at least there is this game for the USA.
  3. Wow, thanks for that long answer about endorsements, I didn't really have a look into them before but they seem quite helpful. The only weird thing about them is that it looks like everyone is ready to endorse me if I put some points into them - I have 95 with almost all Democratic Senators and Governors, but also with a lot of Republicans even though they do not prefer my policy positions. I don't know if it was useful if I let Republicans endorse me, especially in the primaries, that seems to send the wrong message to my (potential) supporters. Also, after reading the help file, I think I finally understood what the GOTV thing means - it helps you win over all the people that arestill undecided on election day. I still don't think it is necessary though - my campaign is in May now and ever since Super Tuesday, I've had a national momentum of +12 since thenewsstory about me winning most states on Super Tuesday gave me lots and lots of momentum, made me win some more states, which in turn gave me even more momentum...
  4. Thanks a lot for those answers, they definitively help a lot! The only thing that still doesn't make a lot of sense to me is the whole organization/foot soldier thing - I actually didn't even discover that does exist until a few months into my primary campaign and have been doing fairly well (I think) without them. I'm playing with Klobuchar in 2016, started in July 2015. It is November now and I am at 20% nationally while leading in Ioawa, South Carolina and a few Super Tuesday states. All I did was barnstorming/rallying/ads, though I also got quite a lot of momentum from news stories and spinning them, and endorsements also gave me quite a bit of momentum. I haven't created any offices or foot soldiers at all, while my opponents have, and so far it didn't seem to hurt me at all.
  5. I just bought President Infinity and I'm having lots of fun so far. I do have some questions about game mechanics though and I couldn't find a tutorial or something that really helped me for them, so I thought I'd ask them here. 1. What exactly do organization and footsoldiers do? It seems they give you some kind of GOTV power that is also tied to momentum, but I don't quite get what that means. 2. I'm currently in the primary stage and each week, some states behave weirdly -usually some of Wyoming, Nevada, North Dakota and Maine. In those states, 3 candidates are shown to win exactly 33% each, which is completely out of line with their performance in other states, and on the bottom it seems like another canditate who dropped out of the race gets 1 delegate, while everyone else (including those that have 33%) get none. Is this a bug or some feature I don't understand? 3. When I want to barnstorm in a state, I check on platform beforehand to see for which issues I get a bonus. Behind the issue name on the platform screen, there are tow numbers - one outside of brackets and one in brackets. The tooltip makes it seem like the first number is a bonus for my position being close to the one of the state, but what does the second number mean? 4. What exactly does momentum do? Does it increase my polling numbers directly or does it increase my favourability? On that topic, I assume there are some virtual voters in each state and each votes vor the candidate that has the highest favourability with that voter? 5. Why would I ever make a radio ad over a newspaper one? To me it seems like the former always has the same power, but is more expensive. I would be very grateful if someone could help me find answers to the questions, so far I'm really enjoying the game but sometimes it feels like I'm just doing stuff without really understanding what I'm doing.
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