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  1. As McIntosh, I won the primary and defeated Maxson by one vote in New Hampshire giving me an electoral college victory.
  2. I've been messing around with a U.S. Senate race for my first campaign. So far I've added Thom Tillis and the democratic(expected) front-runner State Senator Jeff Jackson. I got it so that it feels competitive but I feel like Tillis is still too strong. Any advice or constructive criticism would be quite helpful. North Carolina - 2020 - Senatorial.zip
  3. Here are a few potential Republicans from NC. Speaker of the House Mark Walker. He is rising quickly and was already considered a possible candidate for speaker of the house in 2018( if the Rs kept the house) Senator Pat McCrory(R) NC - has stated he was interested. could win an open seat in 2022. Governor Dan Forrest(R) NC - If he beats Cooper in 2020 and wins re-election he would be term-limited.
  4. scifiguy


    I noticed that there was no NC map in the resources so I tried making one. Any constructive criticism? I'm quite new at this. NC.bmp
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