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  1. He challenged that same man to an IQ test too, so weird. That's something I'd expect from Trump
  2. Right, I agree, I think this was a big day for him. A good motivation and moral booster, everyone needs those and he got those today I feel.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-12-05/democrats-2020-race-california-poll%3f_amp=true https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/05/politics/pete-buttigieg-obama-endorsements/index.html Shaping up to be a four horse race, seemingly, as some here have predicted. Also of note Fmr. Sec. John Kerry endorsed Biden today.
  4. That's kind of sad, a funny sad.
  5. Hahaha! Tiffany is going through law school and wants nothing to do with the family it seems like so hat's off to her.
  6. But he said 95% twice without actually posting a source. Trying hard to make the Democrats seem like the good guys here but both sides suck. Maybe saying "most democrats" would be different, but to throw a number around so surely is wrong.
  7. I think you're hatred of Trump is quite silly for one. Also slate.com already is accusing Republicans of that, I don't think they should weaponize it, I think it'd be wrong but that doesn't change the fact that they may.
  8. It's hard too see clearly when one is so filled with hate. Trump's shitty, but should we really be like this every day? I literally only cared about the comment about Barron, because he didn't do anything other than be born to that family. I felt the same way with Obama's daughters. It's wrong to attack them. Donald Trump Jr is totally fair game, Hunter Biden too, but if you're a kid in the White House, can't vote, hardly in the public eye, it's rude to go against them. And @vcczar tries to say 95% of Democrats think it was inappropriate she said that, well then 5% is extremely vocal on other social media calling her a hero.
  9. Removes references of God for what reason? It's never specified what God, just that we have these rights from a higher power, not from any man or government. Hence "In God We Trust". However I believe that the various faiths of the world exist to give people hope, hope that there is something more to life and that when we die we go to heaven. Death is scary, and religion is a way to make it less so.
  10. Hating Trump has blinded a lot of people.
  11. Barron Trump should be defended. Just like any of first children. You harp on a lot of silly things too. That's life.
  12. Quite the opposite. She shouldn't have said it, even if you think it wasn't a "bad thing to do" or wasn't an insult or what have you, it was inappropriate and just completely overshadowed the impeachment hearings as a whole. It created a soundbite that Republicans will absolutely weaponize against Democrats. https://youtu.be/bigPuyFYPJk She did later apologize to her credit. Still sloppy.
  13. Tone of voice matters, as does facial expressions. There was absolutely no reason for her to make that comment, nor even bring Barron into it. Never a reason to bring children into politics, and it's wrong regardless of who does it.
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