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  1. I guess hell in a handbasket has a good chance to come about a lot earlier.
  2. Peale technically accomplished all but one of his goals in a half term and still got the boot.
  3. Can the court stop the coupe? @vcczar @Actinguy @Herbert Hoover? Or is everyone just at the mercy of it now?
  4. Gabbard responds to Clinton, calls for her to join the race.
  5. Making 'Trump' the issue in the election also does nothing to help defeat him, but so far everyone seems cool with that approach.
  6. President Charles Willson Peale gives what he calls a Farewell Address. Officially stating his intent to retire after this term.
  7. The PL Feds faction notes that they'd rather not have any taxes, it's important to increase financial stability and votes Aye in the house.
  8. PL Feds Faction vote aye in the house on this state as well.
  9. Thomas Bee didn't make one, was, silent. Hahahaha. @Conservative Elector 2 I think you can pick any one you want, at least far as I'm concerned. Trust your judgment.
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