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  1. SilentLiberty

    Top 5 ? Poll

    I don't think history reflects Grant as a piss-poor President. Not great sure, and then good is an opinion on his actual policies, but he isn't really comparable to Taylor.
  2. SilentLiberty

    Hypothetical polls #2

    Sometimes you should just maybe hold your breath. Also you could very likely google the incident just based off the video title and find a text article yourself. So full of insults all the time just relax.
  3. SilentLiberty

    The Bumper Cars Primaries

    Eventually all the candidates are going to start having to go after each other, right now they are taking soft blows at each other. Like Harris saying Biden would be a good running mate, as vice president, again. Soon they'll have to take the kid gloves off. Even Beto recently 'rebooted' his campaign for more attention.
  4. SilentLiberty

    Truce and Terms

    Yes, kind of like how, saying that without any data to back it up is more an opinion.
  5. SilentLiberty

    Truce and Terms

    It was a pretty funny remark.
  6. SilentLiberty

    Potential Democratic Candidates Poll

    He's listed as an independent currently, and I don't think he will run but he has been floated around before, and he makes those 'dad jokes' on twitter about running and being 'in the middle' even though he's also said that he won't run during a town hall...but then why have a town hall? I also included him because he'd likely have an easier time in the Democratic primary as a center candidate as opposed to running as an independent, now I'm not saying he'd get any support when I say easier time, I just mean he'd probably get less flack for it.
  7. SilentLiberty

    Potential Democratic Candidates Poll

    Gotcha on the misclick. Yeah that's more or less why I'm undecided too, and I do think new ideas have a place so if it takes a new voice to push it forward so be it, but there is just soooo many people running as it is. I'm torn hah.
  8. SilentLiberty

    Potential Democratic Candidates Poll

    Will an already pretty crowded field, and the debates coming up quick, could someone else announce? Will someone else announce?
  9. SilentLiberty

    Marianne Williamson now has 65,000 unique donors

    Trump absolutely is clever and bold. He's also extremely charismatic. A Trump rally is literally unlike any other political rally. It's an event. Trump and the people at those rallies absolutely love and feed off of each other. That is another big part in why he got elected. His physical campaigning is probably his biggest strength imo.
  10. SilentLiberty

    Senator March Madness Finale

    I actually do think there are people within the Democratic party who are voicing concerns about Sanders' age. I do also think that those some people mention it about Biden as well. Perhaps not as extreme as McCain in 08, but McCain was also the nominee, neither of those men are the nominee yet to be fair.
  11. SilentLiberty

    Senator March Madness Finale

    It was @Rodja I believe, just voicing support for Massachusetts after having already voting for it in the poll itself. At least that's what I believe you mean, and whom you meant?
  12. SilentLiberty

    Senator March Madness Finale

    I for one, love that in the end it had to go to a number generator. Thanks for doing these, they're fun.
  13. SilentLiberty

    Senator March Madness Finale

    This is another problem we face as a society. We throw the word Nazi around as an insult to anyone we disagree with that the actual vileness of the word has worn off.
  14. SilentLiberty

    Senator March Madness Finale

    They actually make up about 14% now I believe. My distaste for the stat in meme form is I've seen it used in racist ways, it's not normally meant in a 'what can we do to solve this problem' but rather 'lol black people' which does no help to anyone, in fact it further sows division. This^^^ is also super important.
  15. SilentLiberty

    Senator March Madness Finale

    It's suppose to mean that even though African Americans are 13 percent of the population they commit 52 percent of the crimes. It's a pretty popular meme stat in more right wing groups. I'm unsure if it's even the exact numbers but that's more or less the stat they use. I'm not going to say it's racist in and of itself, but it leans that way pretty heavily imo. Not only that there is no actuate way to measure crime statistics anyway. Probably best to just ignore it.