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  1. I'd love to play test again if you'd have me.
  2. You have nothing, literally nothing, in your life that makes you feel joy or happiness or a sense of security? Family? Friends? A new movie you really enjoyed? A new song you can't stop listening to? Pets? Anything at all? C'mon. Life is hard but if you shift your perspective to some of the positives you might just feel a little better.
  3. I just want to say I enjoy question 2 quite a bit.
  4. I'm in between strict precautions and not being too strict. I always socially distance and wash my hands. Sometimes I forget the mask and I haven't really sanitized like my car or the front door or anything. I have been more or less limiting my time outside at like businesses or parks or what have you.
  5. Also worth noting for the "I do not have a favorite" because he's comparable to having a favorite serial killer or mass murderer...well I think the average person is more likely to have a favorite serial killer than military general anyway. Not because they praise or like the serial killers but because TV via crime docs, crime shows, even news, really have a thing for violence and quite frankly promote them pretty heavily. I'd guess the average person would be able to tell you more names from a serial killer list than the names listed here for U.S. generals. Would guess too they likely wouldn't even know all the names on this list.
  6. You're not wrong. Though I think me putting him in my top 5 isn't exactly praise. Historically I think he's very interesting. I think the time period of which he was most active is also interesting. If he were active today would I hold far different opinions? Yes. However he's a historical figure not a present day one.
  7. Grant, Ike, Patton, Jackson, Washington.
  8. For endorsers, once they reach 95 you have to get them to endorse you by using PIP or CP. The game will automatically give endorsers points up to 95. They may have decided but they have to actually endorse before not being in available. To be my understanding Spin works just like it would in real life. You're bringing more attention to a story. Spinning the narrative.
  9. Wasn't very Libertarian of him at all.
  10. There is no "None" option for number 4
  11. Right. What about the flip side, what about a Trump-Abrams administration? Mm now we're really talkin' hahah
  12. The VEEP dream team. Biden-Pence 2020.
  13. I think Bottoms would be the best pick though.
  14. Tammy Duckworth is my response for number 1
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