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  1. I apologise! My one defence is that this is free to play. I hope I haven’t broken any rules. I done this based off seeing another polsim do it previously.
  2. Hi there, I realise I am completely new here, and I hope this isn't against the rules! I hope I can take some time to garner some interest in a British political simulation. The game is called Rule Britannia ----- LINK HERE!! The game is forum based, and we are just restarting after a hiatus. We would love to see some new faces join in and I am sure many of you would be interested from this forum. New players are more than welcome and we will be happy to help yo learn the ropes of the game. Rule Britannia is a simulation of the British Political system. Players role play as Members of Parliament, legislating law, working with the Civil Service, helping citizens, responding to news and global events, being a member of the Government - and even being the Prime Minister! Essentially living the life of a British politician. Hope to see you soon!
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