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  1. Talique

    Forum Historical Election Poll #2

    Poor John Adams would've been the 12 year VEEP.
  2. Talique

    Germany 2013

  3. Talique

    Abrams' SotU Response

    I think Stacey is an excellent choice. A progressive woman of color that really speaks to the Democratic base.
  4. Talique

    2016 US Election updated

    I definitely agree. The real issues facing Americans got very little attention, and our two major party nominees were abysmal.
  5. Talique


    So True
  6. Talique


    I support Medicare for All
  7. Talique

    2020 Scenario for download here

    He says he hasn't made a decision. I personally would like to see him run for another office in 2020 than President. He should run for Senate against John Cornyn.
  8. Talique

    2020 Scenario for download here

    Yes he would. Sherrod Brown is cool. He got reelected in a state Trump won by 10 points by 6 points and he ran a progressive and populist campaign. The total opposite of Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill who both ran unexciting and non-populist campaigns.