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    2018 Gubernatorial Elections

    I haven't, too much trouble to make an account. But feel free to do so as long as you do credit me.
  2. westwoodblvd

    2018 Gubernatorial Elections

    Hi everyone, I made a 2018 Gubernatorial Elections version based on the 2018 Senate Races. It's not perfect since I just made it for myself originally but I figured there might be someone here interested in it. Percentages are based on polling averages as they stand now. Where I figured they might have an impact on the outcome I added third party/independent candidates. Gubernatorial Elections 2018.zip
  3. westwoodblvd

    How do I make the game more difficult?

    How does the decided/leaning/undecided metric in the campaign editor work? Is it related to the percentages you set in the campaign editor? Because I tried to set like 95% of people already decided, it makes the game harder but in the end the margins can be just as unrealistic.
  4. westwoodblvd

    Beto O'Rourke

    I feel like Beto will end up like Jason Kander. Lots of buzz and charisma but in the end they dont win.
  5. westwoodblvd

    How do I make the game more difficult?

    Hello everybody, I gave this game a few rounds and not to sound cocky but I find it too easy. I've now figured out how to basically always win and that doesn't feel realistic to me anymore. Like in no possible scenario would a Democrat win Florida by 25 points, e.g. Is there a way to make it more difficult or to somehow make sure that the margins stay somewhat realistic? Thanks.