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  1. NYConservative

    2018 Gubernatorial Elections

    Did you post that on campaigns.270soft.com? If not either create an author account and post it, because this is great.
  2. NYConservative

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    I can't speak for the CalebsParadox/Ido matchup, but NYrepublican gets on at around 11 while im asleep and asks if I can do it now, while I've been scheduling dates for quite a while now that he has never been compatible with...
  3. NYConservative


    Guess I'm not, because every single thing is not even a 5% difference. MODERATES FOR LIFE! Lol
  4. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    Mhm, but it will comeback, trust me. New one, after the election, to lead the party in a better, more libertarian manner.
  5. NYConservative


    Since apparently both Gyazo and Onedrive arent working, ill just describe em. Economic Axis: Centrist Diplomatic Axis: Balanced Civil Axis: Moderate Societal Axis: Neutral Seems I should just make a PI character of myself and put all related issues as "Center".
  6. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: ima just say that Woodburrow and Curtis had a mental illness and a new Libertarian candidate stepped up to lead the party in a more, libertarian view.
  7. NYConservative

    Need a working Greene County map (NY)

    In any case, that soon is when?
  8. NYConservative

    The Appropriate Attitude of a Modern Leader

    Applause to this man, @Patine
  9. NYConservative

    How do I make the game more difficult?

    Download vcczar's 2020 and run as Kokesh (Libertarian Party), now there's a challenge.
  10. NYConservative

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    In my not-so-professional opinion, I think it's because the game isn't designed to only have around 500-1000 voters in the entire country, forget about just 10 voters.
  11. What happened to the Multiplayer Campaign Reboot?

  12. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Known, I'm just making a controversial move, not really trying to win.
  13. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    The Libertarian members, mainly Mr. Curtis slam the Liberals on the fact they allow nearly everyone, dangerous or not, into the US, and onto the Military, the Libertarians have put foward military visions of defense into perspective for this "great" split, narcissistic Liberal party to look at. So in reality, the Liberals have just given another petty attack on forming parties, filled with lies and narcissistic, irrational and nonsensical views.
  14. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    The Libertarians point at that this "nonsense attack" has shown more sense than this entire statement, while showing the desperation attempts the Conservatives are making at an attack. The Libertarians show the facts that denationalization issues is the Libertarian specialty, and prove over and over again the libertarians have picked a stronger anti-denationalization standpoint than the Conservatives weak, minor agenda for denationalization. Furthermore, the Libertarian military stances are not only connected to our moderate base, but have no substances of aggression and mainly defense, and having the smarts of looking foward in the case of a China attack on either Russia or the US, which are both very likely, while we needle the fact that Mrs. Trebuano and Fmr. President Hillsbury both were weak on the Military stance during their administration. In response to their lack of knowledge of the budget, a surplus won't mean much when, bar the socialist idea, we run out of money from that surplus from Mrs. Trebuano's egotistic idea of a budget, and a large government would help this issue tremendously, and not only put us in a larger surplus,but #1 on the national rankings. We question if this hast, nonsensical rebuttal was made in an attempt to throw the Libertarians off, or the Conservatives on? At any point during this campaign, it has been proven time and time again to the libertarian base that we are for their values, and not such extremist attempts to make sense.
  15. NYConservative

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    You have made a lot of references to the underworld there sir.