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  1. I'd take it as, since Jesus was a human incarnation of God's son (in the Christian culture I was raised with, there is some debate on if he is God or God's son) to pay for the sins of us, I'd say it would be the same as the demographic he was born in (Western Middle East) as he was meant to be the same as the human, it would be odd for him to look different from the people around him (African, pure Asian, complete white, latina, etc.) However I do question the relevancy of this, as Jesus is God's son, he should represent all, no matter what he looked like. That's what makes the debate about God much better than this, race isn't involved because nobody knows what God looks like, it's all up for interpretation as there's no position to identify him with in terms of race.
  2. Stop being the entirety of the pain
  3. The pain never stops.
  4. well, that bit about nobody moving further right since trump took office is wrong, ME! thanks for giving me a new sleep paralysis demon
  5. wow big shocker most of this server is very left i totally didn't see that coming!
  6. He shouldn't, but assuming he will be alive for it he probably would. Sooo yeah.
  7. She is also a fan-favorite for Joe Biden's brain, and she still has been supported by the DNC despite her many flaws and her overall stupidity.
  8. Sadly it's becoming more likely that Biden will choose none of these 5 and instead pick Gretchen Whitmer or someone as much of a nutjob as her.
  9. I personally think neither can shut their mouth, the only reason this election is an actual contest is because both talk out their ass for a living.
  10. Heh. Funny joke right? Honestly if some holy intervention or shit like that happens, then he has a shot. But until God or Allah or whoever/whatever the hell a theist can believe in intervenes and makes him shut up, Trump is kinda bent over right now to Senor Dementia.
  11. Biden is the only real chance Trump has. And trump has that chance. If he can just shut the hell up and do his presidential job, while biden continues to talk out of his ass, he may have a shot.
  12. off topic but why am i getting notifications for this?
  13. i think thats kinda normal, but idk considering I just make some shitty scenarios here and there and then play it like twice
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