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  1. I'm trying to, but my laptop keeps breaking. Also, how did you find this old, inactive post on the forum?
  2. OOC: I feel this format is alot better tbh.
  3. Robert English replied to this statement with "I agree racism and sexism should be denounced. Too bad we tackled those rights quite a while ago." And from there ridiculed his opponent, claiming he is not updated on the situations at hand and is therefore a risky move to vote for him next election.
  4. A statement from Robert English on the subject: "I believe that senate bill 04, however flawed, should be passed due to its freedom characteristics and qualities, I think I speak on most libertarians behalf that we support this bill. "I believe the government should, if anything, be less involved. We should keep aid for the elderly but aside from aiding care for the elderly back off."
  5. I am very late to this lol.
  6. OOC: I assume its tomorrow then? Unless your posting it late tonight.
  7. I just find it silly that Garfield was not lower.
  8. The Libertarian movement of New York has been a big plan since the existance of the libertarians. We have slowly gained more and more ground. Last gubernatorial we got about 5% because my boy Larry Sharpe visited every single county.
  9. (I'm back and more autistic than ever!!! 😛) A former senator and a Natesh favorite will try to jump in and bring up the libertarian party. Name: Robert English Party: Libertarian Gender: Male Race: Caucasian Religion: Protestant (Lutheran) Christian Home State: Wyoming Original Profession: Lawyer Political Profession (if applicable): 8 years as Senator View on the Lens Plan (The plan where States are implementing programs basically upholding the moral qualities of children through government-mandated decisions): This is a detrimental choice for our nation to keep it brief View on teaching Evolution in schools: This should be required as it keeps freedom and liberty in believing in Creation or Evolution. View on the Military: Keep it cost efficient and helping of the people, however we cannot fully disband our military as there may be a new threat. View on Drugs: Drug offenders with no victims should not be prosecuted because they have drugs. If they robbed for the drugs or the such they should be prosecuted. View on Healthcare: We cannot spend too much on healthcare, but the government should aid on this as much as they can. Three "Other" Views the candidate wants to focus on: Reforming the congressional system to serve the people more than the congressmen and congresswomen themselves Keeping jobs in America thru smarter trade with wealthier nations Make certain that all races, genders or religions are treated equally and none are considered "better" or more "pure".
  10. Apologies for all the inactivity (although do i really need to apologize? yalls should be happy I was gone lol)
  11. The Libertarians respond for the Republicans, in a more... non aggressive tone with a form of "Says the party all about agriculture and the environment." to rally supporters in the most libertarian and Republican areas.
  12. OOC: Overcoming the socialists in the senate AND house.. I am happy.
  13. The 1996's and beyond have been an honest hellhole for America.
  14. Finally, you sound like you are part of our generation.
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