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  1. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    The Libertarians respond for the Republicans, in a more... non aggressive tone with a form of "Says the party all about agriculture and the environment." to rally supporters in the most libertarian and Republican areas.
  2. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Overcoming the socialists in the senate AND house.. I am happy.
  3. NYConservative

    George H. W. Bush has died.

    The 1996's and beyond have been an honest hellhole for America.
  4. NYConservative

    House of Cards

    Finally, you sound like you are part of our generation.
  5. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    Didnt insert my values into it, if you actually looked at what you typed up when you posted your characters you would see what I mean.
  6. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    Sure... read back a few pages and see how we do this, and also 1984 is about 20 years from now in the RP, so I really wouldn't wait that long if I wanted to build up by then, there are 4 parties, Conservative (ran by Reagan04 pretty much by founded by some european GOP guy whos inactive now), Liberal (Hestia11) Socialist Laborer (MBDemSoc and WVProgressive) and Libertarian (me) General positions for them: Conservative: about center-right to right. Liberal: left. not even center left. Soc. Lab: Socialist, aka far far left, close to communist. Libertarian: Varies... its somewhere between radical right and centrist.
  7. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    "As the socialists have mentioned us, we would like to mention that we are trying our hardest to work with every party, Conservative, Liberal, Soc. Lab, and so on and so forth. We consistently attempt to pass any form of compromise or bipartisan bills that we find, as long as they don't deny our views for liberty. We are welcome to any parties suggestions, bill revisions and the such." - Adam Natesh, Libertarian Party Leader and Senator, Former Presidential Candidate. In other libertarian stuff: The Libertarians will not endorse any party and focus on the senate, congress and house races.
  8. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    that wasnt meant sarcastically, thanks for not running.
  9. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    Made a map of the 1960 election in the main 50 states, never knew we'd actually make a rumble as Libertarians, thanks for being lazy @Reagan04(not meant sarcastically)
  10. NYConservative

    New Historical President RP

    I don't see how Humphrey jumped ahead and won, or how the Libertarians got 20.9% of the vote, i'd think it be something like 0.1%, but yeah, pretty on point.
  11. NYConservative

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    Only due to personal beliefs I took trump over all of these people.
  12. NYConservative

    Momentum is OP

    Oof, I deleted it after trying it, I'll remake it over the coming days and compress it to give you it.
  13. NYConservative

    Momentum is OP

    It literally gave +300000000000 momentum.
  14. NYConservative

    Momentum is OP

    Ok, Here's details: 131 issues. 131 endorsers (none were generalized) +2 momentum bonuses to Test Party 1 across all endorsers -2 momentum to Test Party 2 across all endorsers. (found out by having the original be 219 issues and 219 endorsers, i overloaded the system of both my PC and the game so I had to reboot my pc, very fun experience) Total Results (keep note: momentum did decrease overtime, as natural.) +262 Momentum for Test Party 1 at March 15th, 2018 (the time of the endorsement) -262 Momentum for Test Party 2 at March 15th, 2018. All regions (states) population were set directly at 50% Test Party 1, 50% Test Party 2. Player Parties: Test party 1, test party 2. No 3rd, 4th 5th or beyond parties. No electoral votes. By election day: 51.4% Test Party 1, 49.6% Test Party 2. Forced Turnout: 100.0% Population (auto set 2016 US Population) Foot Notes: If you want more details, I will give more. Also, since you mentioned the cap I quickly did up a +30000000000 endorser, as the only endorser, and Test Party 1 got that endorser in that other scenario, and it gave a "+30000000000" momentum boost, So your cap is also not working, at least not in the 1. 2.7.2 version, and 2.8.2 test version.
  15. NYConservative

    Taylor Swift 2020?

    Suprisingly, the South really isn't huge on Country- in fact, no place is except for the small towns etc, like where I am.